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The Irishman

The Irishman is a 2021 Hollywood English language crime drama film directed by Martin Scorsese. It is produced by Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, Emma Tillinger Koskoff, Irwin Winkler, Gerald Chamales, Gastón Pavlovich, Randall Emmett, Gabriele Israilovici under the banners of TriBeCa Productions, Sikelia Productions, Winkler Films. The film star Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Ray Romano, Bobby Cannavale, Anna Paquin, Stephen Graham, and, Harvey Keitel are in title roles. The music was composed by Vishal-Shekhar.

The Irishman had its world debut at the 57th New York Film Festival, and it was released in restricted theaters on November 1, 2019, followed by digital streaming on Netflix on November 27, 2019. It was also nominated for five prizes at the 77th Golden Globe Awards, including Best Motion Picture – Drama, and ten nominations at the 73rd British Academy Film Awards, including Best Film.

The Irishman (2021) Full Movie Analysis: Release Date, Storyline, Plot, Cast, Actors Salary, Actors Net Worth, Budget, Box Office Collection, Day wise Collection, Trailer, Songs, Awards, Review, Ratings & More

Genre Crime/Drama
Directed byMartin Scorsese
Star CastRobert De Niro
Al Pacino
Joe Pesci
Ray Romano
Bobby Cannavale
Anna Paquin
Stephen Graham
Harvey Keitel
Produced byMartin Scorsese
Robert De Niro
Jane Rosenthal
Emma Tillinger Koskoff
Irwin Winkler
Gerald Chamales
Gastón Pavlovich
Randall Emmett
Gabriele Israilovici
TriBeCa Productions
Sikelia Productions
Winkler Films
CinematographyRodrigo Prieto
Edited byThelma Schoonmaker
Music byRobbie Robertson
Distributed byNetflix
CountryUnited States
Release dateSeptember 27, 2019 (NYFF)
November 1, 2019 (United States)
November 27, 2019 (Netflix)
Running time209 minutes
Budget$150–200 million
Box officeest. $ 8 million

The Irishman Movie Storyline

Frank Sheeran, an old Irish-American World War II veteran, describes his stint as a Mafia hitman in a care facility. Sheeran serves as an unionized transport truck driver in 1950s Philadelphia, and he begins to sell part of the goods of his deliveries to local criminal Skinny Razor, a part of the Philadelphia crime family led by Angelo Bruno. After Sheeran’s employer charges him of stealing, union lawyer Bill Bufalino has the charges dropped after Sheeran declines to tell the court who his clients are. Russell Bufalino, the leader of the Northeastern Pennsylvania mafia family, is introduced to Sheeran by Bill.

Sheeran starts doing tasks for Russell and other people of the South Philadelphia mafia, such as “painting homes,” a cover for contract killing. Soon after, Russell connects Sheeran to Jimmy Hoffa, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters’ president, who has links to the Northeastern Pennsylvania criminal family and is dealing with another young Teamster Anthony “Tony Pro” Provenzano, as well as escalating federal pressure. Sheeran and his family get close to Hoffa, notably his daughter Peggy, and Sheeran becomes Hoffa’s top bodyguard.

The Irishman Movie Budget

The Irishman is made on the budget of $ 150-200 million all inclusive.

CostCost Amount
Production CostNA
Prints and AdvertisementNA
Total Cost$ 150-200 million Approx.

The Irishman Movie Box Office Collection

In its first weekend, it made a strong $350,000. The picture generated an estimated $440,000 in its second weekend after expanding to 22 cinemas, for a ten-day total of around $940,000. In its third week, it earned an estimated $1.25 million from 175 theaters, and $1.2 million from 200 in its fourth. Although its Netflix premiere on November 27, the film extended to 500 theaters in its sixth weekend, “near to the highest number with most prominent theater chains unwilling to let their consumers watch it in cinemas despite the accolades and enthusiasm,” and grossed an estimated $1 million. It then decided to make an estimated $450,000 from 320 theaters in its sixth weekend, likely becoming Netflix’s most effective theatrical release to date with a running total of $6.7 million, and then $100,000 from 70 theaters in its seventh weekend, likely becoming Netflix’s most successful theatrical release to date with a running total of $6.7 million.

WeekNet Collection
Week 1 Collection$ 350k
Week 2 Collection$ 440k
Week 3 CollectionNA
Week 4 Collection NA
Total 1 Month CollectionNA
Overall CollectionAmount
US Nett$ 6.8 million
US Gross$ 7 million
Overseas$ 1 million
Worldwide Collection$ 8 million
Verdict Average

The picture was relegated to little theatrical performance during its eighth and ninth weekends. The Irishman earned $7 million in North America and $968,683 in other markets for a total of $8 million worldwide. The Irishman movie has done overall box office collection of estimated $ 8 million.

The Irishman Cast, Crew, Role, Salary,Remuneration & Net Worth

Here are the complete details of actors and actresses names in the movie.

1. Robert De Niro as Frank Sheeran

Robert De Niro as Frank Sheeran
Info Frank Sheeran
Real Name Robert De Niro 
Salary Per Movie$3 million
Net Worth$35 million

2.Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa

Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa
Info Jimmy Hoffa
Real Name Al Pacino 
Salary Per Movie $16 million
Net Worth $120 million

3. Joe Pesci as Russell Bufalino

Joe Pesci as Russell Bufalino
Info Russell Bufalino
Real Name Joe Pesci 
Salary Per MovieNot Known
Net Worth $3 million

4. Ray Romano as Bill Bufalino

Ray Romano as Bill Bufalino
Info Bill Bufalino
Real Name Ray Romano
Salary Per Movie $800,000
Net Worth $200 million

5. Bobby Cannavale as Skinny Razor

 Bobby Cannavale as Skinny Razor
Info Skinny Razor
Real Name Bobby Cannavale
Salary Per Movie $108,888.89
Net Worth $10 million

6. Anna Paquin as Older Peggy Sheeran

Anna Paquin as Older Peggy Sheeran
Info Older Peggy Sheeran
Real NameAnna Paquin
Salary Per Movie $2 million
Net Worth $15 million

7. Stephen Graham as Anthony “Tony Pro” Provenzano

Stephen Graham as Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano
Info Anthony “Tony Pro” Provenzano
Real NameStephen Graham
Salary Per Movie $1 million
Net Worth $5 million

8. Harvey Keitel as Angelo Bruno

Harvey Keitel as Angelo Bruno
Info  Angelo Bruno
Real Name Harvey Keitel
Salary Per Movie $1,100,000
Net Worth $12 million

9. Stephanie Kurtzuba as Irene Sheeran

Stephanie Kurtzuba as Irene Sheeran
Info Irene Sheeran
Real Name Stephanie Kurtzuba 
Salary Per MovieNot Known
Net Worth $1.5 million

10. Kathrine Narducci as Carrie Bufalino

Kathrine Narducci as Carrie Bufalino
Info Carrie Bufalino
Real Name Kathrine Narducci 
Salary Per Movie $2 million
Net Worth $5 million

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The IrishmanMovie Review

Executive producer Bob Shaw and casting directors Sandy Powell and Chris Peterson guarantee that each segment has a precise feeling of time and location as the plot shuffles the decades like a deck of cards kudos to master editor Thelma Schoonmaker for making the changes look very natural. The Irishman is seldom fragmented or conceptually broken, despite its flash-forward tricksiness. It creates a colorful sense of depth that only begins to dissipate in the last act as the tempo slows.

The much-debated regenerating face benefits are, for the most part, quite undetectable. It speaks a lot that I found De Niro’s eerie big eyes more disconcerting than any of Effects wizardry on his appearance, and that I was only aware of the technical trickery in instances when a character’s bodily motions were noticeably out of tune with his age.

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