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Mank is a 2021 Hollywood English language drama black and white film directed by David Finche. It is produced by Ceán Chaffin, Eric Roth, Douglas Urbanski under the banners of Netflix International Pictures, Flying Studio, Panic Pictures, Blue Light Raj Films. The film star Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins, Arliss Howard, Tom Pelphrey, Charles Dance are in title roles. The music was composed by Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross.

Mank (2021) Full Movie Analysis: Release Date, Storyline, Plot, Cast, Actors Salary, Actors Net Worth, Budget, Box Office Collection, Day wise Collection, Trailer, Songs, Awards, Review, Ratings & More

GenreDrama/Black and white
Directed byDavid Fincher
Star CastGary Oldman
Amanda Seyfried
Lily Collins
Arliss Howard
Tom Pelphrey
Charles Dance
Produced byCeán Chaffin
Eric Roth
Douglas Urbanski
Netflix International Pictures
Flying Studio
Panic Pictures
Blue Light
CinematographyArtur Zurawski
Edited byKirk Baxter
Music byTrent Reznor
Atticus Ross
Distributed byNetflix
CountryUnited States
Release dateNovember 13, 2020 (United States)
Running time131 minutes
Budget$ 25 million
Box officeest. $ 1 million

Mank Movie Storyline

RKO gives Orson Welles unlimited creative control over his next project in 1940. Welles enlists the help of Herman J. Mankiewicz, who is recuperating from a broken leg incurred in a vehicle accident in Victorville, California, for the script. Rita Alexander, Herman’s assistant, listens to the screenplay and detects parallels between the main character and William Randolph Hearst. Herman’s intricate, nonlinear script concerns producer John Houseman, while Herman’s brother Joseph is anxious that it would enrage the powerful Hearst.

Herman visits an MGM site in 1930, when he and Marion Davies, the female lead, know one other. She introduces him to her patron and boyfriend, William Randolph Hearst, who takes a shine to Herman. Herman and Sara attend Louis B. Mayer’s birthday celebration at Hearst Castle in 1933, which is attended by many Hollywood bigwigs. They talk about Nazi Germany’s ascent to power and the forthcoming governor race, namely candidate Upton Sinclair. Herman and Marion go for a walk and connect over their shared interests in politics and the film business.

Mank Movie Budget

Mank is made on the budget of $ 25 million all inclusive.

CostCost Amount
Production CostNA
Prints and AdvertisementNA
Total Cost$ 25 million Approx.

Mank Movie Box Office Collection

On November 13, 2020, Mank had a limited theatrical release in the United States before being available to watch on Netflix globally on December 4, 2020.

According to some accounts, the picture opened in 75 cinemas over the weekend and performed “comparable business” to other recent independent movies The Climb and Ammonite, which both averaged about $300 per location. On its first day of distribution on Netflix, the film barely managed to get in the top ten.

WeekNet Collection
Week 1 CollectionNA
Week 2 CollectionNA
Week 3 CollectionNA
Week 4 Collection NA
Total 1 Month CollectionNA
Overall CollectionAmount
US GrossNA
Worldwide CollectionNA
Verdict Average

Mank movie has done overall box office collection of estimated $ 1 million.

Mank Cast, Crew, Role, Salary,Remuneration & Net Worth

Here are the complete details of actors and actresses names in the movie.

1. Gary Oldman as Herman J. Mankiewicz

Gary Oldman as Herman J. Mankiewicz
Info Herman J. Mankiewicz
Real Name Gary Oldman 
Salary Per Movie$701,388.89
Net Worth$40 million

2.Amanda Seyfried as Marion Davies

Amanda Seyfried as Marion Davies
Info Marion Davies
Real Name Amanda Seyfried 
Salary Per Movie $ 133,333.33
Net Worth $12 million

3. Lily Collins as Rita Alexander

Lily Collins as Rita Alexander
Info Rita Alexand
Real Name Lily Collins
Salary Per Movie $300,000
Net Worth $3 million

4. Arliss Howard as Louis B. Mayer

Arliss Howard as Louis
Info Louis B. Mayer
Real Name Arliss Howard
Salary Per Movie $285,600
Net Worth $16 million

5. Tom Pelphrey as Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Tom Pelphrey as Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Info Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Real Name Tom Pelphrey
Salary Per Movie $1 million
Net Worth $12 million

6. Charles Dance as William Randolph Hearst

 Charles Dance as William Randolph Hearst
Info William Randolph Hearst
Real Name Charles Dance
Salary Per Movie $70,138.89 
Net Worth $10 million

7. Sam Troughton as John Houseman

 Sam Troughton as John Houseman
Info John Houseman
Real Name Sam Troughton
Salary Per Movie $ 32,000
Net Worth $100,000

8. Ferdinand Kingsley as Irving Thalberg

 Ferdinand Kingsley as Irving Thalberg
Info  Irving Thalberg
Real Name Ferdinand Kingsley 
Salary Per Movie $1 million
Net Worth $5 million

9. Tuppence Middleton as Sara Mankiewicz

Tuppence Middleton as Sara Mankiewicz
Info Sara Mankiewicz
Real Name Tuppence Middleton 
Salary Per MovieNot Known
Net Worth $1 million

10. Tom Burke as Orson Welles

Tom Burke as Orson Welles
Info  Orson Welles
Real Name Tom Burke 
Salary Per Movie $609,014
Net Worth $2 million

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Mank Movie Review

Mank is a biopic component set against the background of the Economic Crisis and the oncoming Second World War. It’s an unorthodox film that serves as a painting rather than a portrait of the writer’s life. It aims to address a copyright debate, similar to Fincher’s finest film, The Social Network, over an object with more cultural worth than even Fb.

Kael makes a great insight regarding the interwoven lives of Hearst, Mank, and Welles, as well as the overwhelming signals it bears on Kane, in the full essay. “The tale of how phenomenally bright guys who seem to have everything that it takes to achieve their goals are thwarted,” she says. As far back as the 1990s, David Fincher requested his father, Jack Fincher, to read this article for “inspiration” to finish the script for Mank. The fundamental concept is Welles-Mank-nested Hearst’s lives, which an identity Fincher would treat as a visual “essay” emerging on the screen with real scene headers.

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