Top 10 Most Beautiful Smiles In The world

Most Beautiful Smiles

I remember my friend singing his original ‘smiling faces all the day’. Smile and the person holding them have quite a different story. The only natural thing about being beautiful is the way people smile. Nothing could ever impress a person other than the smiling face of the person before him. Well, this could even justify the saying that first impression is the last impression. These beautiful smiles  never fails to make one fall in love, again and again. 

Smile brings the heart and soul together, makes one feel very special and beautiful. A tender smile could help one forget about everything. They are pertaining to individual’s personality and charisma. You’d be wondering about how a  beautiful smile looks like. Well, tell me when you see them.

It’s time we list the top 10 most beautiful smiles that exists. 

Top 10 Most Beautiful Smiles

10. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Who would ever forget this legend, who left his precious smile for his fans. He is considered as the king of pop, a versatile figure with almost too may credits one can never receive. He was a lead vocalist in their famous Jackson 5, a family musical band. Their first album was the ‘Diana Doss’ for which they received universal credit snd recognition. You could be successful as him, but you probably could not hold the smile he did. 

9. Julie Roberts 

Julie Roberts

Often regarded as ‘Pretty woman’ made her appearance for the first time in Mystic Pizza and Satisfaction. No doubt, the audience fell in love with this charming American actress. She won the prestigious Oscar award for her appearance in ‘Pretty woman’. People Magazine listed this beauty in their ‘most beautiful women’ list for five consecutive times. Besides, she runs a production company ‘Red Om Films’. She is also associated with UNICEF and other international social events making her the finesse actress and a philanthropist. Her prestigious smile makes her the ninth person having the most beautiful smile in the world.

8. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

This three time Oscar winning figure has more than just his action packed movies and thrills to offer. Who doesn’t know about his charming appearance, who  have undoubtedly achieved enormous and enduring success. It might be his versatile nature which holds accountable for the top grossing movie, most significantly, the Mission :Impossible series. Besides, he is the winner of Academy Awards, Golden Globe awards and BAFTA. His story doesn’t end here, he is an international activist snd philanthropist. To his credit is the Simon Wiesenthal Humanitarian Award. Now you must be wondering about how one amongst the most beautiful smile that you wear brings so much of name, credibility and fame. The answer to this lies on the famous saying “beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder”.  

7. Rachel Adams 

 Rachel Adams 

You must have noticed her and probably fell in love while watching Notebook, a romantic comedy. This awe-inspiring, beauty is a Canadian actress and the receipent of Gemini awards, BAFTA, Academy Awards among others. With her dazzling teeth appearing before your tv screen, you’d probably don’t want to get rid of your popcorn. It’s true that many of you must he jealous of her award winning smile, I suggest you take care of your teeth. Her red carpet moments would leave you astonished. She is the seventh person with the most beautiful smile. 

6. Matt Damon

Matt Damon

This handsome hunk made his debut in the ‘Mystic Pizza’. He is a well known screen writer and did his first job for ‘Good Will Hunting’ which brought fame and name in his account. His award winning ‘all-out grin’ face certainly makes him adorable and I know it’s irresistible. He is now married to Luciano Barcoso and spends his spare time watching his favourite games and doing social deeds. His personality, primarily his award winning smile has made him a billionaire and the sixth person to have the most beautiful smile. 

5. Angelina Jolie 

 Angelina Jolie

I’m sure you didn’t miss her in the famous ‘Lara Croft’, blockbuster movie. This actress with her heart winning charisma and smile has already been listed as one of the world’s most beautiful women. Besides, she is also one amongst the most influential actress in Hollywood. In her carrer she has won Oscar, Golden Globe, Academy awards among others and is also the highest paid actress. One cannot deny the fact that a smile, not the ordinary one but the most beautiful and influential smile contributes a lot in one’s carrer. 

4. Miranda Kerr 

Miranda Kerr

This Australian model never fails to inspire her fans. It is equally true that a  healthy mind and body also means a healthy and beautiful smile. She always aspired to become a nutritionist but she was meant to be the most loved, charming and famous Australian model. It really does take more than just an ordinary smile to work for brands like Dolly, Victoria’s Secret, Maybelline, vogue and other world class brands. With the foundation of Kora Organics she takes care not only pf her smile but yours too. 

 3. Halle Berry

 Halle Berry

This American actress was a teenage finalist in National Beauty Pageants and has wonany such titles. She holds one of the world’s most beautiful smiles. If you could see  her anywhere around you, would you dare taking a picture with her? This beloved actress is the receipent of Academy awards for her role in Monster’s Ball snd has also received Golden Globe and Emmy Awards. As she inherits a ‘world class’ smile she started her carrer as a model and now dominates Hollywood and her fans with her charming smile. 

2. Jessica Alba 

 Jessica Alba

This Hollywood actress and a beauty with brain is a gifted woman who started her career at the age of 12. Her elegant smile can certainly make you forget about everything. This adorable actress is also a co-founder of the Honest Company. She has been part of the Men’s Health and FHM list of world’s most beautiful women and have already won hearts of millions. She probably has the attractive smile that makes her smile world’s second most beautiful smile. 

1. Anahita Hashemzadeh

 Anahita Hashemzadeh

She is probably cutest thing ever happened on internet. A viral Instagram model won the hearts of millions at her early age of 5. How charming she is, look at her eyes, how beautiful and innocent. Look at the way she smiles, making it the world’s most beautiful smile. Born on 2016 is a viral Instagram model from Iran. She is titled as ‘Cutest Baby’, ‘Queen of Internet’ so on and so forth. This 5 years old kid have followers you couldn’t even imagine. She derives income from her paid contents and endorsements.