Top 10 Most Expensive Yugioh Cards In 2022

Most Expensive Yugioh Cards

Not every game comes with value. You know that right. The irony is that there exists few games that could make you a millionaire. You’re right, I’m talking about the Yugioh cards. These are such trading card games where two minimum players are required. It comes with major objective of defeating your opponents by dominating their life points. It originated in Japan and was developed by Konami. It is based on ‘Duel Monsters’, a fictional game and also involves various Anime. 

Like I mentioned earlier, they have something to offer you and that’s the value they posses. For this reason this card game was the top selling game also listed in the Guinness World Records in 2009. The gross selling record as per recent report is estimated at 9.64 billion dollars. It also has its faster and simplified version. 

You must be impatient to know their values. Let’s briefly look at these most expensive yugioh cards in the world. 

Top 10 Expensive Yugioh Cards

10. Swords of Revealing Light – Retro Pack 

Swords of Revealing Light - Retro Pack 

It is one among those super rare Yugioh promo cards from the Retro Pak 1 RPO1 set. It was released on July 2008 and comes in near mint amd mint condition. The latter being the most preferred one. If you want these packs to be on your side, I’d bet you would lose 1,999 dollars. This makes it the world’s tenth most expensive yugioh card. 

9. Amatsu-Okami of the Divine Peaks 

Amatsu-Okami of the Divine Peaks

This was a prize for the most recent Japanese tournament held in 2019. Reportedly, it was listed for sale at around 18,800. Even if it cannot be used in duel, this extra linked card could certainly decrease your opponents life points to zero. If you have decided to stand in the hall of fame you must need to worry about purchasing this ultra rare card worth 2,805 dollars. 

8. Morphing Jar 

 Morphing Jar

How can a jar get placed in the world’s expensive yugioh lists. It’s not an ordinary jar, it’s a curious jar introduced in 2002. This is the second tournament pack following the first season. The pack contains 3 cards and the set 30 cards. Only 15 of them are labeled as ‘common’. Although the reprinting process is on, this card have become the collector’s favorite. It’s value stands at 7,995 dollars. 

7. 2002 First Edition Blue Eyes White Dragon 

 2002 First Edition Blue Eyes White Dragon 

This being the  first edition trading card, it comes with an advantage. This is probably the first card issued in Japan. Bthe total number of such cards available are 120. Its origin dates back to 1999. One of the finest feature is that it could be combined to create the giant blue – eyes ultimate dragon. A copy of this card was reportedly sold at dollar 32,000. No worries, it certainly has a lesser value as the reported one, may be around 8 – 12,000 dollars. This makes it the seventh most expensive yugioh card in the world. 

6. Blood Mefist

Blood Mefist

This trading championship prize card is labeled as ‘super rare’. You can try finding this limited edition element but that only if you could afford 15,6000 dollars. It is estimated that the value of this card would increase in the years to come. 

5. Cyber Stein- Shonen Jump Championship

5.Cyber Stein- Shonen Jump Championship

This evil machine was in the form of prize awarded at the Shonen Jump Champ1ionship. Initially there were 18 existing special edition cards and later it started getting released at several events, primarily from 2004.  Now there exists 126 cyber stein cards in total. Playing with this ultra rare, level 2 yugioh comes with greater risk of losing your life points, so be aware. It is now banned from all tournaments making it’s value dominate other cards. Currently it’s estimated value stands at 22,025 dollars. 

4. Dark Magician Girl 

Dark Magician Girl 

This female version level 6 monster has the casts the spell effect. It has a male counterpart as well. It was first used in the Battle City Tournament. It is believed that Mana, an apprentice of Machado in her after life became the Black Magician Girl with enormous power. It is a very rare trading card and has only 100 copies. It’s hefty value of around 50,000 dollars makes it the fourth most expensive yugioh card. 

3. Tyler the Warrior 

Tyler the Warrior

It is a duel monster level 8 Warrior and was released in 2005. This card is based on the life story of Tyler Gressle, a liver cancer survivor. In his days of recovery, he had the opportunity to design it. Thanks to this legend for creating such a highly valued yugioh card that could be sold at 150,000 dollars. It cannot be special summoned but by using Trojan Horse and the first monarch. It has the power equal to that of Blue-eyes white dragon. 

2. Signed Japanese Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon 

Signed Japanese Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

It was first awarded to the winner in 2001 Asian Championship tournament. It’s value at that point of time was 934 million dollars. You must be amazed how fast the time changes and the value too. Certainly, this monster dragon can buy a private Island and a luxurious life too, only if you own them. It is rare both in real life snd Anime. It comes in both English and Japanese version.  It was reported that the winner of the tournament tried selling this for 4,21,000 dollars making it the second most expensive yugioh card. So are you ready to receive a special box signed by its creator Kazuki? 

1. Tournament Black Luster Soldier

Tournament Black Luster Soldier

Finally it’s time we discuss about the world’s most expensive yugioh card that exists. It must be everyone’s dream to own them, yes I can read your mind.  Also known as Chaos Soldier is the most strongest warrior that certainly has the current value of around 10 million dollar.  The higher the value, the higher the quality, as it gets printed on stainless steel It was released in 1999 at the world’s first yugioh tournament. It is a level 8 ritual monster and could be summoned by Super Soldier Ritual.