Top 50 Hottest and Most Beautiful Turkish Women

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Turkey is a wonderful place to spent a month-long vacation. But, have you ever wondered, how lucky you could be after getting to see some of the world’s most beautiful and hottest women in the streets, clubs, beaches, and in some other public places. Since Turkish women are considered extremely beautiful, it will be interesting to give the fact a closer look.

Top 50 Hottest and Most Beautiful Turkish Women

1. Ezgi Eyüboğlu

Ezgi Eyüboğlu hot hd images

Coming from a rich and diverse background, she is the Hottest and Most Beautiful Turkish Women who have become a successful actress. As of now, she is only 33 years which also makes her one of the youngest and emerging actress in the country. She began her acting career with short commercials and then appeared in TV series and later played major role in series like Intikam.

2. Hande ercel

Hande ercel hd images

She is a popular Turkish personality and an actress with over 29 Million followers in Instagram. Some of her popular TV shows includes Sunshine Girls and Love is in the Air. Her show ‘Ask Aftan Anlamaz’ helped to gain her immense popularity in the entire Asia and the world. She has been playing only as a lead role since 2015 and is considered as one of the Hottest and Most Beautiful Turkish Women.

3. Burcu Biricik

Burcu Biricik hot hd images

Next to Ezgi is the Turkish former model and an actress who was chosen as Akdeniz’s beauty in Miss Mediterranean competition. After she came to limelight winning the competition, she started working in film industry where she began with series like İkinin Biri and Yaşlı Hanımın Ziyaret. She is currently working for various popular brand ads.

4. Beren Saat

Beren Saat hot hd images

She is a Turkish actress who appeared in the core film industry after years of participation in various acting competition. She made her debut with the popular Turkish TV series ‘Aşkımızda Ölüm Var’. She came to limelight globally after playing a major role in ‘Ask-i-Menmu’ for which she received Golden Butterfly Awards. For a consecutive 6 years, she was the highest paid Turkish actress.

5. Deniz Baysal Yurtcu

Deniz Baysal Yurtcu hot hd images

She is a student of business and trade and an aspiring actress who worked hard since the age of 10. She has played for various Turkish television shows and dramas. She recently got married to the lead singer of the Turkish popular band ‘Kolpa’. Her elegance and attractiveness makes her one of the Hottest and Most Beautiful Turkish Women.

6. Ceyda Ates

Ceyda Ates

She is a Turkish actress who prepared herself since the age of 5. After winning a child beauty contest she was offered for some minor film projects such as the ‘Aşk Oyunu’ at the age of 10. Besides being an actress, she is a TV presenter who have presented shows like ‘Dizi Magazine’. She became more prominent after playing a major role in ‘Kavak Yeller’ in 2010.

7. Ebru Sahin

Ebru Sahin

She is recognized as the Hottest and Most Beautiful Turkish Women with an attractive curvy hair. She appeared on the screen for the first time after playing in ‘Kan Parası’. She became more popular after she had appeared in films like Heraci with a major role.

8. Berrak Tüzünatac

Berrak Tüzünatac

She is recognized widely as the most gorgeous Turkish actress who started appearing in television as a presenter for Number One TV. She joined a model agency where she took valuable lessons and accordingly, made her acting debut in ‘Beyza’nın Kadınları’. She only came to limelight after appearing in the most popular TV series ‘Elveda Rumeli’.

9. Berguzar Korel

Berguzar Korel

She is a Turkish actress who graduated from the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. She made her first acting debut with ‘Irak’ after which she got a major role in Binbir Gece. Besides Turkish film, she appeared in English series ‘Magnificent Century where she played the guest role of Monica Teresse. Her attractive looks, smile, and personality makes her one of the top 50 Hottest and Most Beautiful Turkish Women.

10. Ceren Hindistan

Ceren Hindistan

She is one of the youngest Turkish actress who is best known for her Turkish films like Sakli Hayatar and Sakarya-Firat. She is also a favorite social media sensation, especially in Instagram with over 50 thousand followers. She was active in her last notable film Aşktan Kaçılmaz.

11. Ceren Moray

Ceren Moray

She is one of the Hottest and Most Beautiful Turkish Women popular for Television series such as Kavak Yelleri. She attended theatrical education at her tender age and after years of training at the Pera Fine Arts High School, she started working for various well-known Television productions in Turkey.

12. Esra bilgic

Esra bilgic

As one of the youngest actress she started her filming career with the popular TV series ‘Dirillis’. She is also known Crime drama TV series ‘Ramo’. Besides, she is a popular sensation in countries like Pakistan and as such is the Ambassador of the Cricket Team Peshawar Zalmi’ and for mobile brands like Qmobile.

13. Fahriye Evcen

Fahriye Evcen

She is a popular German-born Turkish actress and a model known for her roles as Necla Tekin in the most popular Turkish TV series ‘Yaprak Dokumu’. She made a professional debut in the year 2008 after playing a major role in Cennet after which she began to work for major Turkish films. The most recent news about the actress is that she is assumed to be pregnant with her second child.

14. Gokce Bahadir

Gokce Bahadir

She is a professional Turkish actress associated with films like Çember and Kendi Yolumda. Besides being an actress, she has performed in various TV shows like Tatli Hayat and is most recently associated with Kulup. She has also appeared in popular commercials for brands like Penti and Gliss.

15. Hila Altinbilek

Hila Altinbilek

She is a popular Turkish actress who managed to be in the top 5 for the Beauty Pageant contest in her early years. She worked very hard to become an actress and studied at Müjdat Gezen Art Center which helped her gain immense recognition and was acknowledged by the Arts Society in Istanbul. She is popular as a Turkish actress of Croatian descent.

16. Farah Zeynep Adbullah

Farah Zeynep Adbullah

She is a Turkish actress who is popular for having completed 2 seasons and 79 episodes for her performances in melodrama at her University. She is awarded with the prestigious Antalya Television Awards for her excellent supporting role. Some of her notable films include Kelebegin Ruyasi and A small September Affair. She has also voiced lead roles in major films like Barbie in Rock N’ Royals. She is recognized as one of the beautiful and hottest Turkish women.

17. Pelin Batu

Pelin Batu

She is more than just an actress as she studied history as major and became a sensational historian along with becoming one of the beautiful and hottest Turkish women. She completed her musical and theatrical studies in New York after which she came back to Turkey and played a major role in Harem Suare. As a TV personality, she was a well-known columnist for the Daily Millyet Newspaper.

18. Meryaem Uzerli

Meryaem Uzerli

She is a Turkish-German actress who came to limelight after playing a major role in popular Turkish TV series ‘Muhtesem Yuzyll’ which helped her bag 23 awards and global recognition. Not only that, she has also appeared in many advertising films and is the face of many popular brands in Turkey. In 2012, she was chosen as the Woman of the Year by GQ Turkey. Beside being best actress for more than 10 times, she is one of the Hottest and Most Beautiful Turkish Women.

19. Birce Akalay

Birce Akalay

She is a Turkish actress who started showing interest in fine arts and attended School of Arts and Drama. She participated in the Miss Turkey competition and secured a third place. It is heard that she is a Lecturer at the Halic University Theatrical Department. She is a multitalented actress known for her beauty and elegance.

20. Cansu Dere

Cansu Dere

Once crowned as Miss Turkey, she has become a legendary actress in the Turkish film industry. She even left her studies to pursue career in modelling. She represented her country in almost all the international modelling contest. She made her debut in film industry with Kabuslar Evi: Takip in 2006.

21. Nslihan Atagul

Nslihan Atagul

She is one of the youngest and leading Turkish actress who is associated with the TV series Kara Sevda, which was sold in more than 110 countries. She is the recipient of Tokyo International Film Festival Award for the category ‘Best Actress’. It was at the age of 13 that she contacted an advertising agency and got a small role in TV commercial.

22. Asli Tandogan

Asli Tandogan

She is a musician by profession as well as one of the Hottest and Most Beautiful Turkish Women as an actress. She attended musical schools at her early age and also founded musical instruments. She is the most versatile Turkish actress among all other 49 personalities as she can play archery, do horsing, play tennis, and skiing among other things.

23. Demet Ozdemir

Demet Ozdemir

She is a famous Turkish artist with diverse skills in acting, comedy, and dancing. She had her first role in FOX TV series after which she became a prominent actress for the youngest audience. She had her first major role in Turkish Rom-com series. She last appeared in the TV series, My Home, my destiny.

24. Zeynep Sever

Zeynep Sever

She is not an actress, but a versatile sportsperson and beauty pageant who has bagged the title Miss Belgium 2009. She represented her country in the Miss Universe contest 2009. She was married to a popular football player with two children.

25. Tugba Melis Turk

Tugba Melis Turk

Before becoming a successful actress, she first came to limelight with her participation in Turkey Model contest in 2011. She appeared as a guest in her first TV show Kara Emrek after which she appeared in many Turkish films with lead roles. She was last seen in the Turkish film Hayatta Olmaz.

26. Hazal Kaya

Hazal Kaya

As a Turkish actress, she is popular for her appearance in Adini Feriha Kodum. She was introduced to the world of dance and music at the very tender age. She made a successful debut with Calgi Cengi in 2011. She is part of the highest rated and ranking TV series in Turkey. She is also the face behind the TV commercials for Bingo.

27. Buse Iskenderoglus

Buse Iskenderoglus

Crowned as Miss World 2016, she is one of the leading and emerging Turkish actress associated with films like Henez Doneriz. She is being assumed to be single at her tender age of 25. She has emerged as one of the beautiful and hottest Turkish women.

28 . Sinem Kobal

Sinem Kobal

She is a versatile Turkish actress who started appearing in the Turkish Television at the age of 13 starring for Sitcom Dadi. She is also associated with popular Turkish films Romantic Comedy, part 1 and 2. She also also appeared in the TV commercials for brands like Bingo. Besides, she is a sportsperson and one of the Hottest and Most Beautiful Turkish Women.

29. Simge Tertemiz

Simge Tertemiz

Awarded with the prestigious ‘best Model’ for the year 2002, she set to become one of the emerging Turkish actress. She also stood at fourth position at the Best Model of the World contestant. In 2011, she was voted as the sexiest Turkish women by the Boxer Magazine.

30. Gulcan Arslan

Gulcan Arslan

After attending the theatrical school at Sadri Alışık Cultural Center , she appeared in various TV commercials after which she made her debut in the TV series Sardunya Sokak. Later, she got a major role in Her Şeye Rağmen. She has been portrayed as a fashion celebrity in websites like Pin Interest.

31. Elif Ozkul

Elif Ozkul edited

She is a favorite Instagram sensation with over 70 thousand followers. As an actress, she appeared in major Turkish films like Vuslat and Endless love. She began her professional career as a model and worked initially in various advertisements. She has emerged as one of the beautiful and hottest Turkish women.

32. Sedef Avci

Sedef Avci

She is a Turkish actress and the winner of Elie Model Look Turkey. She even represented Turkey at Miss Universe as a contestant in 2011. She started her filming career with the Turkish TV series Menekse Ile Halil. Her most recent TV series is the Elkizi.

33. Selen Soyder

Selen Soyder

Crowned as Miss Turkey in 2007, she is an inspiring Turkish women who has been equally contributing to the society as well as to the Turkish Film Industry. Besides being Miss Turkey, she represented Turkey in Miss World 2007. She was married to a successful Turkish businessman in 2015. She is a major female sensation in popular channels like the FOX TV.

34. Ebur Sam

Ebur Sam

She is a German-Turkish actress who was recently in the news when Alp Navruz confirmed his relationship with her. She debuted in the Turkish film ‘Adanali’ after which she started becoming a popular sensation in social media platforms, primarily in TikTok and Instagram.

35. Tuba Buyukustun

Tuba Buyukustun

Recognized as Turkey’s successful and popular actress’, she made her breakthrough by debuting in Gulizar. Before that , she appeared in minor TV commercials and TV series. However, she had her first lead role only in Yüreğine Sor in 2010. Her appearance and immense role in the Dramatic Series ’20 Minutes helped her get nominated for International Emmy Award’ for the Category ‘Best Actress’.

36. Berrin Keklikler

Berrin Keklikler

Once crowned as Miss Universe in 2013, she is a Turkish model who lives and studied in Germany. After her participation in Miss Universe contest, she appeared in TV series ‘Üniversitede’. She is also active in YouTube as she uploads music videos and vlogs to entertain her fans and followers.

37. Naz Elmas

Naz Elmas

She is a successful Television sensation as a model and an actress, best known for TV series Haziran Gecesi. She comes from a very descent and middle-class family , but her dedication helped her to make a successful debut in the popular Turkish film GORA. She appeared for the last time in the Turkish film ‘Babam Çok Değişti’. She is a social media sensation as one of the Hottest and Most Beautiful Turkish Women.

38. Saadet Aksoy

Saadet Aksoy

She is none other than the supporting actress who has appeared in Italian film ‘Twice Born’. The Hollywood Reporter also have mentioned her name for bringing fieriness to the scenes. Her outstanding performance in most of the Turkish-Italian films helped her to become a Judge for the popular Cairo International Film Festival.

39. Ozge Borak

Ozge Borak

She is recognized as a highly versatile Turkish actress for playing diverse roles in her films. She is a comedy enthusiast and was also married to a popular Turkish Comedian Ata Bemirer, however, their marriage ended up in 2014. Her latest films includes Menajerimi Ara and Istanbullu Gellin.

40. Fulya Zenginer

Fulya Zenginer

She is a 32-year-old Turkish actress and a successful entrepreneur who rules the internet as a Pretty Celebrities. Some of her notable films include Sag Salim and Seni Kimler Adi. She attended school of drama along with her business school. She is a sensation in platforms like Instagraam, Pin Interest, and Twitter.

41. Bensu Soral

Bensu Soral

She is a multi-talented Turkish woman who is an actress and is also studying graphics at the Marmara University. In the beginning of her filming career, she played supporting roles and was able to get a lead role in ‘Tatli Kucuk’ which also helped her gain fame in the later stages as one of the beautiful and hottest Turkish women.

42. Pelin Karahan

Pelin Karahan

She is a Turkish sensation, an actress, model, and fashion celebrity whose pictures are highly in demand. As an actress, she has played for films and TV series like the Kavak Yelleri and Bir Zamanlar Kıbrıs. Besides, she has featured in commercials of brands like Coca-Cola and has also hosted various TV programs.

43. Oyku Karayel

Oyku Karayel

She is a professional actress who graduated from the Theatrical Department in the Istanbul University. Her first ever role as an actress was in the popular Turkish theatrical play after which she was chosen for the role of Cemre in Kuzey Guney. She is the recipient of various prestigious International Awards as a best actress for more than 15 times. It is not only her immense presence, but her beauty that makes her one of the Hottest and Most Beautiful Turkish Women.

44. Ayca Aysin Turan

Ayca Aysin Turan

She is one of the youngest Turkish sensation, whom the audiences must have seen playing a supporting role in the highly rated Netflix Series ‘The Protector’. Besides acting, she is a Violinist and a graduate in Mass Communication . She is popular in the internet as ‘famous make-up artist’.

45. Hande Dogandemir

Hande Dogandemir

As a well-known Turkish Sociologist and an actress, editor, and host, she has contributed to the Turkish society and also to the Turkish Film Industry. She appeared in the screen for the first time for a TV commercial after which she made her debut in ‘Bana Masal Anlatma’. She is popular amongst the youngsters with too many followers in social media handles.

46. Azra Akin

Azra Akin

who would not know the Miss World 2002 who was also selected as the Elite Model of Turkey at the age of 17. She had achieved half the success as a model in hear early years and then gain more popularity after becoming the Judge for various seasons of Miss World. She also participated in Television shows like The Games. She is one of the Hottest and Most Beautiful Turkish Women for whom the audiences always go crazy.

47. Ezgi Asaroglu

Ezgi Asaroglu

This Turkish actress made her debut in the TV series ‘Bir Dilim Ask’. She is associated with top-rated TV series. After years of working with the TV production team, she appeared in a short film ‘What’s love doing in the mountains’ for which she received prestigious International Film Awards.

48. Burcu Kara

Burcu Kara

As a Turkish actress, she has been active since 2004. She debuted with the TV series Haziran Gecesi after which she started appearing in major Turkish Films. Some of her notable films and TV series includes Hakim, Milat, Romantic Comedy 2 (Turkish Version), and theatrical shows like Gullu. She is recognized as one of the beautiful and hottest Turkish Women.

49. Asli Enver

Asli Enver

She has been an enthusiast in creative fields like dance and music since her early years. Before she came to the limelight, she was the winner of a singing contest in London. Initially, she played for major TV series such as Hayat Bilgisi and then worked for films like Kardesim Benim. She won the prestigious ‘Best Actress of the year’ Award.

50. Nurgule Yesilcay

Nurgule Yesilcay

She is one of the most beautiful and hottest Turkish actress known for her roles in Hamlet and A Street Car named Desire. She attended the school of arts after which she was invited to perform for three major TV series as a lead role. Till date, she is mostly known for her award winning Film ‘Edge of Heaven’.


We hope you enjoyed our article on most beautiful and hottest Turkish actress! It’s always fun to learn about a new culture, especially when one is so different from your own. Turkish girls are some of the most beautiful women in the world, and we hope that you found something new in this article.

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