Malaal Full Movie Analysis: Story, Cast, Release Date, Budget, Box Office Collection, Review, Ratings & More


Malaal is a 2021 Indian Hindi language romance drama film directed by Mangesh Hadawale. It is produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Mahaveer Jain under the banners of Bhansali Productions, T-Series. The film star Meezaan Jafri, and, Sharmin Segal Sharma are in title roles. The music was composed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Shreyas Puranik, Shail Hada.

Malaal (2021) Full Movie Analysis: Release Date, Story, Plot, Cast, Actors Salary, Actors Net Worth, Budget, Box Office Collection, Trailer, Songs, Awards, Review, Ratings & More

Directed byMangesh Hadawale
Star CastMeezaan Jafri
Sharmin Segal
Produced bySanjay Leela Bhansali
Bhushan Kumar
Krishan Kumar
Mahaveer Jain
Bhansali Productions
Written byMangesh Hadawale
Sanjay Leela Bhansali
CinematographyRagul Dharuman
Edited byRajesh G. Pandey
Music bySongs:
Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Shreyas Puranik
Shail Hada
Sanchit Balhara
Ankit Balhara
Distributed byYash Raj Films
Release date5 July 2019 (India)
Running time136 minutes
Budget₹ 5 crores 
Box officeest. ₹ 2.5 crore

Malaal Movie Storyline

Shiva More is a final-year B.A. student residing in a chawl in Mumbai. He is an unemployed Marathi kid who is unable to find work. During a local cricket tournament, Shiva is seen by Sawant, the town’s Marathi fanatic politician, who recruits him into his party and assigns him and his companions the duty of preventing migration from North India in order to safeguard Maharashtrian interests. After a few days, Astha Tripathi, a young lady who has moved from her opulent home, joins her family in the chawl, which includes her mother Rajni, father Umashankar, and brother Deepu. Umashankar lost a lot of money on bad investments, and the family’s finances suffered as a result. In the beginning, Shiva and his friends had regular disagreements with Astha and her family, but one night, when Astha meets him alone and tells him to show his value, Shiva responds admirably, and the two begin to communicate. Astha is captivated to Shiva and befriends him when Shiva beats off some thugs in Aditya’s service, despite the fact that she is about to marry her childhood buddy Aditya, who despises him. Shiva has been enraged by his parents for the whole time, and they have been pleading with him to do something. Astha starts instructing Shiva’s sister, the polar opposites get drawn to one another, especially during Ganesh Chaturthi festivities.

Malaal Movie Budget

Malaal is made on the budget of ₹15 Crore all inclusive.

CostCost Amount
Production CostNA
Prints and AdvertisementNA
Total Cost₹ 15 crore Approx.

Malaal Movie Box Office Collection

The primary filming for the film started in Mumbai in September 2018. The shooting schedule for the second schedule was set at a foreign location. In mid-March of this year, the film was completed. The film was originally set to be released on June 28th, however it was moved back to July 5th, 2019. Malaal made a total of $25.0 million in revenue globally. Box Office India labelled it a disaster. In September of this year, the film was released on Netflix as a video on demand (VOD) release.

WeekNet Collection
Week 1 CollectionNA
Week 2 CollectionNA
Week 3 CollectionNA
Week 4 Collection NA
Total 1 Month CollectionNA
Overall CollectionAmount
India NettNA
India GrossNA
Worldwide Collection₹ 2.5 crore
Verdict NA

Malaal movie has done overall box office collection of estimated ₹ 2.5 crore

Malaal Cast, Crew, Role, Salary,Remuneration & Net Worth

Here are the complete details of actors and actresses names in the movie.

1. Meezaan Jafri as Shiva More

Meezaan Jafri as Shiva More
Info Shiva More
Real Name Meezaan Jafri 
Salary Per MovieRs. 60-70 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 21 crores +

2.Sharmin Segal as Astha Tripathi

Sharmin Segal as Astha Tripathi
Info Astha Tripathi
Real Name Sharmin Segal
Salary Per MovieRs. 60-65 lakh +
Net WorthRs.14 crores +

3. Sameer Dharmadhikari as Sawant

Sameer Dharmadhikari as Sawant
Info Sawant
Real Name Sameer Dharmadhikari 
Salary Per MovieRs. 5-10 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 10 crores +

4. Sonal Jha as Rajni Tripathi

Sonal Jha as Rajni Tripathi
Info Rajni Tripathi
Real Name Sonal Jha
Salary Per MovieRs. 10-15 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 14 crores +

5. Ishwak Singh as Aditya

Ishwak Singh as Aditya
Info Aditya
Real Name Ishwak Singh
Salary Per MovieRs. 2 crores +
Net WorthRs. 14 crores +

6. Sanjay Gurbaxani as Umashankar Tripathi

 Sanjay Gurbaxani as Umashan
Info Umashankar Tripathi
Real Name Sanjay Gurbaxani
Salary Per MovieRs. 10-15 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 21 crores +

7. Anil Gawas as Prabhakar More

Anil Gawas as Prabhakar More
Info Prabhakar More
Real Name Anil Gawas
Salary Per MovieRs. 12-15 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 28 crores +

8. Chinmayee Surve as Vijaya More

Chinmayee Surve as Vijaya More
Info Vijaya More
Real Name Chinmayee Surve
Salary Per MovieRs. 10 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 9 crores +

9. Badri Chavan as Nandu

Badri Chavan as Nandu
Info Nandu
Real Name Badri Chavan
Salary Per MovieRs. 4-5 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 10 crores +

10. Chetan Chitnis as Babban

 Chetan Chitnis as Babban
Info Babban
Real Name Chetan Chitnis
Salary Per MovieRs. 6 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 14 crores +

Malaal Movie Awards


Malaal Movie Videos

Malaal Movie Trailer

Malaal Movie Songs

1)  Udhal Ho Full Video Song
2) Aai Shappat Full Video Song
3) Aila Re Full Video Song
4) KATTHAI KATTHAI Full Video Song 

Malaal Movie Review

Their encounters are tense at first, due to Shiva’s reserved demeanour, but he quickly finds himself going to fall in love with her. But, although he is forthright and shares his sentiments with her, Aastha has misgivings. Shiva’s evident disrespect for even attempting to have a job concerns her. She is seeking a degree in CA and is going to be hitched to the son of a well-to-do family friend. Her parents, on the other hand, already have cast him off as a loser and do not want their daughter to interact with him. But it appears that Aastha is falling for him as well.

Meezaan makes a spectacular debut, his powerful acting skills taking over the frame, complete with the 90s hero atmosphere. Sharmin Segal, meanwhile, holds her own with her sweet and innocent performance, and the onscreen pair has an immediate spark that makes them appealing. ‘Malaal’ is evocative of beautiful romances from the days when handwritten letters were a thing, and it’s moments like this that distinguish the picture. This is for people who wish to get lost in a full-fledged love romance.

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