Top 50 Most Famous Australian Actors

Most Famous Australian Actors

Australia has always been a good place to be around, be it for visiting or for fun. One might have heard of many Hollywood stars and celebrities, but very less know about the hidden gem of Australia. Personalities like Chris Hemsworth are truly a gem hidden in one of the beautiful and most serene countries and continent of the world.

Top 50 Most Famous Australian Actors

1. Chris Hemsworth

Hugh Jackman Most Famous Australian Actors

He is the most famous Australian actor, a major character in Marvels’ Thor. He made his debut with Stark Trek in 2009 and has appeared in popular films like Extraction, Rush, and especially in various Avengers series.

2. Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman Most Famous Australian Actors

Most of you must be thinking this men from Wolverine is an American-based actor. You have got it all wrong, as he is one of the best and talented Australian actors who has appeared in major Hollywood films like Deadpool, X-Men series, and Fantastic Four.

3. Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth Most Famous Australian Actors

He is one of the youngest Australian actor who started the filming career in 2007. After debuting in Home and Away, he began to appear for TV series like Neighbors and Marcus. Some of his notable films are Independence Day: Resurgence, Expendables 2, and series like Hunger Games.

4. Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

He might be old for you, but not for the film industry as he is one of the most talented Australian actor who ahs starred in films like Gladiator. He has received prestigious awards like the Broadcast Films Critics Award and Academy Awards among 10 others. He is also associated with Marvels Productions like Thor.

5. Martin Henderson

Martin Henderson

He is a popular Australian Actor, recognized recently for his appearance in Netflix Series like Virign River and Grey’s Anatomy. He has also appeared in TV series like Sweat and Home and Away. He recently starred in the Hollywood Horror movies ‘X’.

6. Simon Baker

Simon Baker

He began his acting career with the Australian TV series ‘E Street’ after which he appeared in films like LA Confidential. However, his most loved film is the Mentalist for which he played as Patrick Jane. He is not only famous but also one among the richest personality and actors.

7. Mil Gibson

Mil Gibson

He is an American-Australian actor, popular for Mad Max and Lethal Weapon. He first got a very minor role in evergreen Romantic film Romeo and Juliet. However, his success was overpowered when he was arrested for DUI. However, he got a quick come back in 2010 and appeared in films like Edge of Darkness and Machete Kills.

8. Jai Courtney

Jai Courtney

He is the main face behind the popular film Jack Reacher. He began his filming career with small roles in films and television series. Mecki Dent, his girlfriend is what he considers as his Woman of his dreams. Some of his notable films include A Good Day to Die Hard, The Exception, and the Terminal List.

9. Joel Edgerton

Joel Edgerton

He is one of the famous Australian actors and a filmmaker, popular for his films like the Great Gatsby and Red Sparrow. He won the AACT Award as the Best Lead Actor for his outstanding role in Drama series ‘Secret Life of Us’. He has also been the Ambassador for the Fred Hollows Foundation.

10. Daniel Lissing

Daniel Lissing

He is the Australian actor who gone missing from the current episode of ‘When Calls the Heart’. He has been active in the film industry since 2001, but he began to appear in 2006 with the popular Australian series ‘Home and Away’.

11. Luke Hemsworth

Luke Hemsworth

He is none other than the older brother of Liam and Chris Hemsworth. He began his filming career playing for the TV series ‘Neighbors’. Later, he also appeared in miniseries, especially Brothers in Arms. It is heard that is will be performing in the upcoming Australian film ‘The 34th Battalion’. He was also selected recently as the Newest Face of Tourism Australia.

12. Alex Russell

Alex Russell

He is one of the famous Australian actors, well-known for TV series like S.W.A.T and films like Jungle, Chronicle, and Goldstone. His first-ever official film was Wasted on the Young, after which he even directed a short film Love and Dating in Los Angeles. He has interest in video games and crafts owing to which he opted for joining Theatrical school during his High school days.

13. Callan McAuliffe

Callan McAuliffe

He is none another than the Youth Ambassador of Wolf Connection, who has been in the Australian film industry for more than 18 years. He is the youngest Australian actor to be credited with the title Young Artists Award for his role in Great Gatsby. Some of his major films include Resistance, Blue Water High, and The Walking Dead.

14. Alex O’Loughlin

Alex O'Loughlin

Although, he began his filming career back in 2003, his previous films are overpowered by 2020s Hawaii Five Point Zero, a high-rated IMDB film. His first ever job was with TV commercials as a Marine. He got his first-ever lead role in Oyster Framer after which he began to appear in films like The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant and Moonlight.

15. Firass Dirani

Firass Dirani

He is one of the famous Australian actors who played the role of John Ibrahim in Underbelly: The Golden Mine. He is one other than the Red Mystic Ranger in Power Ranger Mystic Force.  As an emerging talent, he won the Logie Award for the category ‘Most Popular New Male Talent’

16. Lincoln Lewis

Lincoln Lewis

One of the emerging Australian actors is famous for his roles in Australian TV series Home and Away and Slide. He began his filming career at the age of 13 after casting for Sleepover Club, Rescue: Special Ops, and Mortified. He began to appear as a lead character in Aquamarine. Some of his major films and series include Neighbors, Tricky Business, and After Earth.

17. Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry

At the age of 46, he is still recognized as one of the famous Australian actors who is well-known for his sense of humors. He has made the audiences laugh playing in films like Sit Down, Shut Up, The Secret Life of Us, and Thank God You’re Here. He is the Ambassador for an NGO, Save the Children Australia.

18. Matt Day

Matt Day

He is one of the famous Australian actors who is also a Film Director. He is well-known for films like Kiss or Kill, Dawn, and The Sugar Factory. Some of his major TV shows and series include The Commander, Spokes, and Hotel Babylon.

19. Todd Lasance

Todd Lasance

He made his acting debut in 2006 with the TV series Blue Water High and was later cast in the most popular series Home and Away. He has partnered with the co-star of Spartacus to create the gaming series Get Good. He was also a co-star in 2010 mini-series Cloud Street along with Rescue: Special Ops.

20. Ben Mendelsohn

Ben Mendelsohn

After years of working hard in Australian TV series, he got a major breakthrough after appearing for ‘This Year My Voice Broke. Thereafter, he began to appear in major films like the Dark Knight Rises, Rogue One and the Darkest Hour. He has also appeared in various music videos like Breathe Me by Sia and for his own songs ‘What I deserve’ among others.

21. Eric Bana

Eric Bana

He is one of the famous Australian actor and a comedian who gained critical acclaim for his outstanding role in Chopper. He had a very difficult time working for TV series. However, the attention of major producer and directors was drenched after his performance in Black Hawk Down in 2001. Thereafter, he was invited for playing lead characters in films like Munich and Star Trek.

22. Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington

He is popular for his charismatic role in Terminator Salvation. He has voiced the protagonist in the popular and most-played video game Call of Duty: Black Ops’. He was awarded with the highest Australian Award for his role in Somersault. His notable series include Clash of Titans and Wrath of the Titans.

23. Erik Thomson

Erik Thomson

This Australian actor recently appeared in News for his decision regarding leaving the ‘All Saints’ team, All Saints is a popular TV series for which he had a prominent role in almost 175 episodes. He is associated with popular films like Somersault, The Black Balloon, and The Boys are Back.

24. Socratis Otto

Socratis Otto

This Australian actor is well-known for TV series like Home and Away, Young Lions, and Wentworth. He began his career working with Sydney-based Production company Salt. He was provided the guest role for the Children’s TV series ‘Outriders’ after which he came to limelight as a lead role in Young Lions.

25. Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger

Although this Australian actor is no more among us, he is still remembered by his co-stars, Production team, and fans. Recently, his co-star Christian Bale paid tribute to Ledger by narrating his major works such as his roles in Dark Knight, Batman, Batman, and American Psycho. He was the winner of prestigious awards like Oscar and Golden Globe.

26. Johnathan LaPagila

Johnathan LaPagila

He is the brother of Anthony LaPaglia, a Physician, who left and gave up his medical career for becoming a successful actor. For that purpose, he moved to New York and joined the Square Theatre School. Accordingly, after a year or two, he got a minor role in the American TV series ‘New York Undercover.

27. Shane Jacobson

Shane Jacobson

He is a popular actor and comedian, best known for Kenny and Kenny’s World, a popular film and series released in 2006. After his performance in Kenny, he was awarded the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Lead Actor. Recently in 2019, he was one of the judges for Australia’s Got Talent.

28. Diarmid Heidenreich

Diarmid Heidenreich

He is a popular Australian actor who has recently appeared in Interviews discussing his next journey with NBC’s ‘Blank Slate. It is interesting to know that he began his career playing TV commercials for brands like Pizza Hut and later got an opportunity to work for popular series like Water Rats and McCleod’s Daughters.

29. Matt Passmore

Matt Passmore

Better known for McLeod’s Daughters is one of the famous Australian actors who has been consistently with the American TV series ‘The Glades’. He could be considered as a child artist as he began appearing for TV series in his tender age. The TV series Triangle will soon be released where he is portrayed as Liam.

30. John Jarratt

John Jarratt

He is one of the oldest and most versatile personality, an actor, film producer, and TV presenter who rose to fame when the Australian Cinema were being revolutionized. He Made his first-ever screen appearance in The Great McCarthy after which she appeared in major films like The Last Outlaw, The Odd Angry Shot, and Horror films like Needle.

31. Luke Ford

Luke Ford

He is a Canadian-Australian actor who rose to fame appearing in the popular Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. He began his professional career with minor roles in TV series like the Water Rats and Home and Away among others. He was awarded with the prestigious Australian Film Institute Award in the category ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for his appearance in The Black Balloon.

32. Anthony LaPaglia

Anthony LaPagila

The all-time favorite man behind the popular Jack Malone, is a well-established Australian actor and a former football player. He did his first-ever feature film ‘Cold Steel’ in 1987 after which he appeared in major films like Phoenix, Autumn in New York, and the most recent being Annabelle: Creation.

33. Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson

He is the oldest and one of the famous Australian actors who began his filming career early in 1968. He has worked as a Lab Assistant and as an Army and later studied Arts and Theatre. For the first time, he appeared on stage for a dramatic show ‘The Devils’ in 1968. His notable films include Petersen, Scobie Malone, and After the Shock.

34. Xavier Samuel

Xavier Samuel

He is best known for his role in New Castle and Few Best Men. His film debut was with the Australian TV show ‘McLeod’s Daughter after which he began to appear for major films like Road Train and September. He is the supporter of Adelaide Football Club and aspired to be an eminent footballer.

35. Don Haney

Don Haney

He is popular for his appearance in Last Confession of Alexander Pearce. He has been the artists to have lived in more than one place during his childhood. He began his filming career in 1998 and rose to fame playing for Lucky Miles for which he also won Best Actor Award at Method Fest held in Australia.

36. Salvatore Coco

Salvatore Coco

Less is enough for a versatile artist like him. He is an actor, singer, writer, voice artists, and even referred to as Master of Ceremonies and a Great Entertainer. He is popular for his appearance in TV series Heartbreak High. It is expected that he will return to Home and Away, an Australian TV series, as Dimitri.

37. David Wenham

David Wenham

He is an Australian actor, well-known for his major role in ‘Lord of Rings’. His highest-grossing film was the 300: Rise of an Empire for which he was awarded prestigious awards. He is a Bachelor of Performing Arts and is a supporter of Sydney Swamps, a premier football club in Australia.

38. Vince Colosimo

Vince Colosimo

He is a popular mainstream Australian actor, an VFI award-winning candidate, known for Lantana and Walking Water. He debuted with Moving Out, back in 1983. As a TV actor, he began his career playing for A Country Practice and worked for major shows like Good Guys Bad Guys.

39. Hamish Michael

Hamish Michael

He is one of the 50 most famous Australian actors, a singer, and a music composer. He is known for his appearance in Australian films like Twelve and Crownies. He is currently working for TV series ‘Twelve’s current episode as Jamie Merrick.

40. Bruce Spane

Bruce Spane

He is recognized as one of the famous Australian actors for his major and outstanding performances in Time of Our Lives and Blue Heelers. He made his filming debut with the Australian film Body Melt. He is also one of the tallest, in fact, the tallest guy in the Australian film industry.

41. Callan Mulvey

Callan Mulvey

He is a popular Australian actor, well-known for the Australian drama ‘Underbelly’. He has also appeared in Marvel’s Captain America, Batman, and Avengers. Despite his life-taking accident in 2003, he has been abele to perform well and is a successful actor to date.

42. Anthony Hayes

Anthony Hayes

He is one of the famous Australian actors who has also directed high-rated films like Ten Empty, New Skins, and Sweet Dreams. His films also received numerous prestigious awards like the Queensland and the Victorian Premier Literary Award.

43. Geoffrey Rush

Geoffrey Rush

He is a 71 year old Australian actor, the winner of most prestigious Triple Crown of Acting. He rose to prominence after appearing for Shine. He has also acted in various Australian TV series like Peter Seller and Genius. It is reported that he was involved in a defamation case when he inappropriately behaved with his co-star during a show.

44. William Mcinnes

William Mcinnes

He is a well-known Australian actor and a writer popular for his appearance in The Time of Our Lives. Besides, he is also a good narrator and a TV host associated with shows like Summer Afternoons. Some of his notable films include Sea Change, My Brother Jack, and Look Both Ways.

45. Hugo Weaving

Hugo Weaving

He is an English-Australian actor whose name appears in the Australian Order of Officer. His TV career began with the series Bodyline in 1984 after which he was able to get some minor role in films like Queen of the Desert. He also appears in video game series, mainly Lord of the Rings and Transformers.

46. Aaron Pedersen

Aaron Pedersen

He began his career after starring for an Australian miniseries ‘Heartland’. He was crowned as Bachelor of the Year by Cleo Magazine. Later, he began to host and co-host shows like The Gladiators. Some of his notable films include The Circuit, City Homicide, and Jack Irish.

47. Michael Shelby

Michael Shelby

He is one of the famous Australian actors, known for his role in TV series ‘Home and Away’. He is an emerging talent for which he was recently nominated for Rising Star Award. He is associated with the Australian Director’s Guild Award-winning film ‘Lost Boy’, where he is portrayed as a bartender.

48. Les Hill

Les Hill

He made his filming debut with Home and Away and went on to play for films like Rescue: Special Ops, Pirates Island, and The Pacific. He initially joined the cast of Home and Away, after which he was able to make friends in the film industry. Some of his notable TV series include Patrica Moore and Love Child.

49. Daniel Amalm

Daniel Amalm

He is a versatile personality, an actor, and a musician who debuted in the film industry with the TV series ‘Home and Away’. For his excellent performance as a newcomer, he was nominated for the Most Popular New Talent Logie Award’.

50. Frankie J. Holden

Frankie J. Holden

He is the most famous Australian actor, singer, and TV host, well-known for his appearance in The Flying Doctors. He is also associated with the Award-winning superhit Music album ‘Take it Greasy’. He has hosted variety of shows for Melbourne Tonight and Discover Downunder, Rush, and especially in various Avengers series.


Australia has produced some of the most well-known actors in Hollywood, so it’s no wonder they were some of our most famous actors. There are many other famous Australian actors out there, so if you see one you love and think we missed off, let us know in the comments section.

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