Top 50 Richest Criminals In The World

Amado Carrillo Fuentes 1

Who would ever doubt that criminals are rich, while some are extremely rich, some are passionate about committing the crime. They are talented they are special as their names appear on magazines, newspapers, TV, and social media platforms every day. Nobody knows about the wealth and resources they have. In this article, we will look for the 50 richest criminals in the world.

Top 50 Richest Criminals In The World

1. Amado Carrillo Fuentes

Amado Carrillo Fuentes Richest Criminals In The World

He is considered as the most richest criminals in the world who is also referred to as the Lord of the Skies. He is said to have owned private Jet airlines and planes. He leaded the popular Drug cartel ‘Mexican Juarez Cartel’. He supplied cocaines from Mexico and Columbia to the US. He left behind a hefty sum, of $25 Billion.

2. Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar Richest Criminals In The World

Everyone must have watched the popular Netflix series Escobar which portrays the life and experiences of Pablo Escobar. He is still remembered as as most notorious criminals of Columbia, a popular drug Lord He kept the authorities and officials under control by bribing them. As of today, he left behind the wealth worth $25 Billion.

3. Leona Helmsley

Leona Helmsley Richest Criminals In The World

She was a very popular American businesswoman often known by the name ‘Queen of Mean’. She only came to limelight after getting married to one of the richest personalities Mr. Helmsley. She was imprisoned for her involvement in massive tax evasion and fraud. She has earned wealth of more than $8 billion making her the third richest criminals in the world.

4. Semion Mogilevich 

Semion Mogilevich

He is a Ukrainian-born Russian Mafia, a mob boss who has been on the FBI’s most wanted list. He has a string political connections for which he fled to Moscow and is said to currently live a luxurious live there. He is one of the richest criminals in the world with an estimated net worth of $6.8 Billion.

5. Daud Ibrahim

 Daud Ibrahim

He is one of the most popular and wanted criminals who was listed by Forbes as one of the top 100 richest person on earth. He has a net worth of $6.7 Billion which he has accumulated by founding his Mumbai crime syndicate D-Company.

6. Viktor Bout

Viktor Bout

He is a Russian Billionaire, a popular arms suppliers associated with various Russian civil wars and revolutions. He was convicted as a terrorist for his engagement in trading activities that wer found to be illegal. He owns an estimated asset with value around $6 Billion.

7. Joaquin Loera

Joaquin Loera

He is popularly called by the name ‘El Chapo. He is a former Mexican drug Lord who is associated with Sinaloa Cartel. He was responsible for producing, distributing, and smuggling expensive drugs over all parts of the US, Europe, and the countries with a bugger number of drug users. He is also alleged of bribing public officials in the US, Mexico, and Europe. He currently has a net worth of $3 Billion and is the richest man in Mexico.

8. Carlos Lehder

Carlos Lehder

He is a German-Columbian professional and retired drug lord who has also been the member of a paramilitary group ‘MAS’. He also founded the Neo-Nazi party with the aim to force his country to abrogate the extradition treaty with the US. Throughout his life, he has been accused of car theft, drug smuggling, violence, and and even money laundering. He is one of the top 50 richest criminals with a net worth of $2.7 billion.

9.Adnan Khashoggi

Adnan Khashoggi

He was one of the famous and richest criminals who is still recognized as a hardcore arms dealer who resembled a Saudi Businessman throughout his career. He was involved in the conspiracy and underground operation Moses and has also been associated with Arms-hostage exchange deal. He died leaving behind net worth of $2 Billion.

10. Griselda Blanco

Griselda Blanco

Popularly known as Black Widow, was associated with Medlin Cartel as the popular and reliable Colombian drug dealer. She was assassinated in 2012 by her rival while she visited a meat shop along with $150 Million. As a criminal, she has appeared in numerous documentaries and films like Pablo Escobar and the Cocaine Cowboys. She left behind with a net worth of $2 Billion.

11. Al Capone

Al Capone

Preferably called by the name ‘Scarface’ was a great American businessman and a gangster associated with Chicago Outfit. At the age of 13, she joined small gangs and later become part of organized crimes. It was after the great Saint’s Valentine’s Day Massacre that his name was repeatedly expressed by public demanding his arrest and investigation. He is still remembered as one of the popular Gangster who left behind a net worth of $2 Billion.

12. Frank Costello

Frank Costello

He was a popular and veteran criminal of the Luciano Crime Family. He is associated with petty as well as serious crimes such as smuggling of weapon, robbery, assault, bribery, and corruption among others. He is also responsible for causing death of his boss in the famous Castellammarese War. He has left behind $1 Billion as one of the richest criminals.

13. Rafael Caro Quintero

Rafael Caro Quintero

He is said to be a popular and rarely identified Drug Lord who founded and worked for Guadalajara Cartel in Mexico. His name also appeared for kidnapping the DEA agent during an investigation. He was sentenced to 40 years of imprisonment for committing murder. He is said to have owned $650 Million.

14. Freeway Rick Ross

Freeway Rick Ross

He is often seen in YouTube and other media as an author and a convicted former drug trafficker associated with the drug empire established in LA. It was in 90s that this man trafficked and sold drugs worth of $600 million.

15. Carlo Gambino

Carlo Gambino

He was a famous Italian-American criminal associated with American Mafia. He served two years of prison for the crime fo tax evasion. He was once part of the criminal organization headed by Joe Masseria where involved in Castellammarese War in 1930s. He has left behind net worth of $400 Million.

16. Zhenli Ye Gon

Zhenli Ye Gon edited

He identifies himself as a Mexican-Chinese businessman who is a suspected drug dealer, a trafficker of ephedrine precursor chemicals from Asia to Mexico. As the owner of a Mexican pharmaceutical, he has manufactured drugs for the purpose of smuggling it more easily. He is currently having a total wealth of $300 Million.

17. Jho Low

Jho Low

He is a Malaysian Fugitive businessman who is associated with the popular Malaysian Development Berhard Scandal. His name also appear very often as a sole beneficiary for numerous trust assets which is sourced from MDB Scandal. He is also reported to have gifted Ferrari to Kim Kardashian back in 2011. He is one of the richest criminals with a net worth of $200 Million.

18. Big Meech

Big Meech

He and his brother are one of the most popular and most wanted Drug Lords who operate from Los Angeles as per recent data. He was arrested for 30 years in prison for the crime of running one of the unprecedented and largest drug trafficking and money laundering rings in Michigan and across the U.S. He is one of the richest criminals with a net worth of $150 Million.

19. Salvatore Riina

Salvatore Riina

He is still considered as one of the richest criminals who was associated as the head of the Corleonesi faction of the Sicilian Mafia. He was accused and convicted for offences related to ordered bombings, murders and assassinations of hundreds of people. He became fugitive for almost 23 years and ;eft behind asset worth of $125 Million.

20. Bugsy Siegel

Bugsy Siegel

He was an American Mobster who lived as very short live as he was assassinated at the age of 41 Years. As a criminal, he is associated with the development of Las Vega Strip and also with Murder Inc. His personality and popularity made him the frontpage celebrity gangster. He left behind an average net worth of $120 million.

21. Nicky Barne

Nicky Barne

He is a popualr heroine smuggler who is referred to as Untouchable because of his furious nature to get away with the Investigation Agencies. He is a legendary criminal who has been able to turn around things easily by writing a book and becoming a man of highest morality. He currently owns a net worth of $105 Million.

22. George Jung

George Jung

He is one of the richest criminals in the world with a net worth of $100 Million. He is associated with cocaine smuggling. He has also directed a movie titled ‘Blow’ starring Johnny Deep. He was a major figure in the US in the 1970s and 1980s working for Medellin Cartel .

23. Rayful Edmond

Rayful Edmond

He is regarded as Washington’s most Notorious Drug Lord who is said to be responsible for introducing cocaine culture in the region. He and his brother were associated with Medellin Cartel, one of the largest drug dealing group. He founded an organization where the members committed 30 murders along with cracking drugs. He currently has a net worth of $100 Million.

24. John Gotti

John Gotti

He ois one of the richest criminals in the world who once operated from New York City. He held the position of boss for the Gambino Crime Family in NY City. He died in 2002 after leaving some of his criminal business unidentified. He was arrested for crimes such as theft, trafficking, robbery, and violence. He has left behind a net worth of $80 Million.

25. Paul Castellano

Paul Castellano

He is one of the richest criminals who succeeded Carlo Gambino and was assassinated in 1987 . He joined the Mangano family in 1940 after which he started conducting mob activities and crime at higher scale across New York City . He was arrested on charges of racketeering, tax evasion, and theft. He left behind with an average wealth of $60 Million.

26. Frank Lucas

Frank Lucas

He is associated with the supplying returning soldier, arms and weapons boxes to supply heroines and cocaine into US. He was one of the top crime bosses in Harlem. He is the owner of an estimated $52 Million.

27. Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein

He is none other than Oscar-winning film Director who has been recently convicted for the offence of sexual assault and harassments. He sexually harassed his Assistants and Producers during the shooting of his film. His arrest and conviction was very much influenced by the popular #Metoo Movement. He owns a net worth of $50 Million as one of the richest criminals.

28. Ephren Taylor

Ephren Taylor

He is one of the richest criminals who recently was sent to Federal prison for his involvement in fraud where 400 people were tricked leading to economic loss. He is associated with financial scams, and portrays himself as an American business. He currently has a net worth of $50 Million.

29. Frank Abagnale

Frank Abagnale

He was recognized as a criminal when he stole a Ford Mustang in California. After his release, he again committed the offence of forgery for which he was again arrested. he spent most his days in French and Sweden prison for petty as well as serious offences. He currently has a newt worth of $50 Million.

30. John Gotti Jr

John Gotti Jr edited

He is the son of popular mobster John Gotti. He acted as the boss for the Gambino family after his father’s death. He is associated with crimes like extortions, rackets, kidnapping, and violence. He is said to be the man behind kidnapping of the founder of Guardian Angels. He currently owns a net worth of $50 Million.

31. Hector “Junior” Pagan

Hector “Junior” Pagan

He is a popular mob associated with the 2010 Heist. He grew up at the streets of Brooklyn as a Thug and was a boxer too. He is the ex-husband of famous TV personality Renee, the daughter of popular criminal of the Bonanno crime family. He currently holds a net worth of $40 Million.

32. Michael Franzese

Michael Franzese edited

He is one of the most-wanted American criminals belonging to Columbia Crime Family. He is associated with Gasoline fraud dating back to 1985., where he partnered with Russian Mafias. He was imprisoned for serious crimes like racketeering, extortion, and counterfeiting currencies. His currently holds a net worth of $20 Million.

33. George Norman

George Norman

He is widely recognized as a sexual predator who was recently convicted for the offence of money laundering, tax evasion, and corruption. As such, he wsa declared fugitive by the Federal court in the US. He is one of the richest criminals with a net worth of $15 Million.

34. Kenneth Petty

Kenneth Petty

He is none other than Nicki Minaj’s husband who was recently sentenced to three years of imprisonment for the offence of sexual harassments and for raping a 15 year old girl back in 1995. Again in 2019, he created chaos in the streets violating the traffic rules. He is one of the richest personality and a criminal with a net worth of $10 Million.

35. Lee D’Avanzo

Lee DAvanzo edited

He is hardcore criminals who was suspected and later busted for possessing high-rated guns and arms. For the offence of arms smuggling, he was put behind the bars for 64 months. He was previously convicted for six times for varying offences like drug smuggling and violence. He holds a net worth of$10 Million.

36. Nicky Barnes

Nicky Barnes

This American crime boss was declared dead in 2012, the reason of which is still considered confidential. Back in 1972, he founded a council comprising of seven members who led themselves in various organized crimes. Later, he shifted his focus on drug trafficking for which he was sentenced to life imprisonment. He left behind a net worth of around $12 Million.

37. Charles Manson

Charles Manson

He is one of the richest criminals with an estimated net worth of $10 Million. He is associated with crimes like murders, mob, and violence. He was convicted for nine murders for an event occurred back in 1969. Besides, he is a musician and a cult leader.

38. Sammy Gravano

Sammy Gravano

He is an Italian-American based criminal associated with the Gambino Family. Previously, he worked for Columbia Mob Family, however, he along with other members killed the boss of the Gambino family to become the boss. He is also associated with petty crimes such as gambling and serious crimes like trafficking and murder. He holds a net worth pf $8 Million.

39. Lucky Luciano 

Lucky Luciano

He was considered as one of the most notorious Mafia bosses of the 20th century. It is believed that heis annual income was around $5 Million. He was portrayed as a mafia in major films starred by actors and actress like Anthony LaPaglia and Vincent Piazza. He left behind a net worth of $5 Million.

40. Mary Kay

Mary Kay

She was an American teacher by profession who was convicted of second-degree rape of a child. She died recently after being diagnosed with cancer. Throughout her career, she lived a simple life as a professor, however, she turned out be a sexual predator. She died leaving behind hefty sums amounting to $5 Million.

41. Charles Cosby

Charles Cosby

He is a former American Cocaine dealer associated with Medellin Drug Cartel. He also served as the major subject s for the film, “Cocaine Cowboys II”. He also presents himself as an author and have authored books on his personal experiences. He is one of the richest criminals with net worth of $1 Million.

42. Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker

He is one of the richest and most popular criminals convicted for racketing, loan default, and massive frauds. He is currently serving a sentence of 16 years in the US Federal prison. He serves as the major subjecte for Netflix’s Dirt Money. He owns a net worth of $700 Thousand.

43. Tom Petters

Tom Petters

He is a popular American businessman associated with Peters Group Worldwide. He was convicted for massive business fraud worth $3 Billion. He is currently serving his prison term at the US Penitentiary. His current net worth is $600 Million.

44. Lisette Lee

Lisette Lee

She is referred to as Pot Princess of the Beverly Hills. She is associated with crimes related to manipulating people resembling different character and personality and drug dealing in South Korea. She was accused of falsely claiming to be an heiress of Samsung Corporation. She currently holds a net worth of $600 Million.

45. Michael Alig

Michael Alig

He was an American club promoter who was convicted of the charge of murder. His character was portrayed in the 2003 movie ‘Party Monster’. He rose to fame as an emerging criminal after having successful career as a party creator. He was imprisoned for a term of 12 years for the offence of manslaughter. He owns a net worth of $500 Thousand.

46. Joey buttafuoco

Joey buttafuoco

He is the owner of autobody shop who is convicted of raping a minor. He was also convicted for the offence of Insurance fraud. Moreover, in 2005, he was convicted for illegal possession of arms and ammunition. He has a net worth of $100 Thousand.

47. Conrad Murray

Conrad Murray

Before being convicted for the charge of manslaughter, he was an American physician. He associated himself with Michael Jackson as his personal physician. It was later found that he administered dose of Propofol to him which slowly caused his death. He is also considered as a criminal with net worth of $30 Thousand .

48. Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic

He was convicted for 17 federal charges of animal abuse and two counts of murder. The Federal court order him to pay1 million along with attaching his properties and cars. Although, he owns an asset worth 1 million, he is currently paying the plaintiff whose animals has been murdered.

49. Andrew Luster

Andrew Luster

He is convicted for administering Date rape drug to three women back in 2002-04. Soon after his conviction he was taken by the Mexican authority where he was treated roughly. He is one of the richest criminals in the world with an estimated net worth of $10 Thousand.

50. Billy McFarland

Billy McFarland

He is an American convicted Felon and a businessman associated with organizing the disastrous Fyre Festival. The festival defrauded investors for hefty amounts. He was charged with wire fraud and sentenced to a term of 6 Years. He is one of the richest criminals in the world with an estimated net worth of $10 Thousand


We hope you enjoyed our blog on the richest criminals in the world. We wrote this article to help people understand some of the most notorious and wealthy criminals in history.

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