Top 10 Most Expensive Beanie Babies In The World

Most Expensive Beanie Babies

Who wants to fill their wardrobe with cute, tidy beanie babies. The legacy of H. Ty Warner, a billionaire, Beanie babies are not only the kids favorite. These toys ruled the market back in 1990s and comes with high value. Nobody never knew that these stuffed toys would become so expensive. Their rareness and mising links makes their collection a billionaires job. Whoever owns them won’t regret. Not only the kids, but the adults takes too much of interest purchasing snd collecting them. They are stuffed animals, a toy that comes in different colour, shape, size and characters. Collecting them now has become a trend. 

You might not be aware of the world’s most expensive beanie babies that exits. Let’s us look briefly at these toys and their prices. 

Top 10 Most Expensive Beanie Babies In The World

 10. Iggy the Iguana

Iggy the Iguana

One must have read and heard about the famous ‘Iggy and Iguana’ stories who ajd overcome all the barriers to save his friend Isabel. It comes with many variations and have the range of around 5 generations. There has been a great confusion over Iggy and The variations of Rainbow the Chameleon. Iguana have the spikes instead of collar that makes them different. It comes on blue/green tie-dyed fabric. It was introduced in 1977. Who likes sitting on a rock and basking in the sun, it’s probably these little Iggy beanies worth 15,000 dollars. 

9. Brownie the bear 

Brownie the bear

This beanie baby Introduced in 1993 comes with first generation tush tags and wing tags. It retired on the same year. It’s a complete medium brown bear having a black button eyes. They were later brought again into existence as ‘Cubbie’. This is the reason it’s very hard to find the original brownie. Most probably they are one among many others having a value of around 20,000 dollars. Brownie the bear is ninth most expensive beanie baby.

8. Hippity, Hoppity and Floppity 

Hippity Hoppity and Floppity

These trio rabbits comes in different colours and patterns. They are adorable and everyone is certain about it. Hoppity is the pink rabbit bunny introduced in 1997 and it’s manufacturing ceased in 1998. It usually comes with a 4th or 5th generation hand tag. Hippity, the green rabbit beanie baby was introduced in 1997 and retired in 1998. The last rabbit, Floppity’s birthday is on 1997 and retired in 1998. They being very scarce has the value of around 30,000 dollars making it eighth most expensive beanie baby. 

7. Valentino the Bear 

Valentino the Bear

This is extremely rare beanie baby introduced in 1993. It has a brown nose which makes it different and special. It comes with tags such as the 2nd,3rd,4th generation tags. It is reported that collectors prefer the first generation tush tags over others. It comes in a solid white colour. Recently, this little bear with several errors and missing tags was sold reportedly at dollar 42,300 which makes it the seventh most expensive beanie baby. 

6. Left the Donkey and Righty the Elephant 

Left the Donkey and Righty the Elephant

This cute duo were introduced in the beanie market in 1996 snd they retired the next year. They have the US Flag embroided on their sides, this certainly adds to their value. They comes in Grey and white colour with black eyes and righty the elephant has a long trunk. They share the common poem and it reads as 

“Donkeys to the left, elephants to the right

Often seems like a crazy sight

This whole game seems very funny

Until you realize they’re spending Your money”. Isn’t this poem interesting. Of course it is and this adds to their value making it the sixth most expensive beanie babies worth 50,000 dollars. 

5. Piccadilly Attic 

Piccadilly Attic

This could be your cutest clown-themed beanie baby. It is dressed more like a clown and less like a bear and comes in different sizes and colours. You may feel low sometimes, but don’t worry this clowned buddy will let you have your day. To many it may appear scary, but it surely has the softest touch. This may be the adults favourite. It’s value recently skyrocketed and is estimated at around 125,000 dollars making it the fifth most expensive beanie baby. 

4. Bubbles


Isn’t it absurd to keep fishes in your wardrobe? It’s not the case when it comes about Bubbles, the beanie baby. This fish Bennie buddy comes primarily in black and yellow and is  certainly everyone’s favourite. It was introduced in 1996 and was subjected to several modifications and more errors were found in the later stages. It is now one od the rarest fish in the form of a beanie baby and has the value of 129,000 dollars. 

3. Peace Bear

Peace Bear

As the name suggests, these beanie babies must bring peace to everyone of us. This rare embroided emblem beanie baby comes in a tie-dye pattern. It was introduced in 1996. This beanie baby is rainbow coloured and comes in two variations – pastel tie – dyed and tie – dyed. The peace emblem attached with the thread could fetch a good price as well. As it retired on 1999 the value rose up to around 159,000. 

2. Princess The Bear

Princess The Bear beanie babies

This beanie baby was Introduced in 1961 after the death of the Princess of Wales. Certainly, it has a royal touch and comes with a value and is listed as the world’s second most expensive beanie babies. It was initially sold for 5 to 7 dollar. It comes in the Royal purple colour and also include a white rose. The exciting and heart touching feature is that of the poem attached to it. It’s production was put to halt in April 1999 making it very rare now. The total receipt was 21,880,000. It is rare and its collection comes with a hefty amount of 500,000 dollars. 

1. Large Wallace and his Squad

Large Wallace and his Squad most expensive beanie babies

It comes with one large bear and his two companion forming a squad, a trio in fact. The other two being Cashew and Buggy. Certainly, they have the highest value among all other beanie babies that exists. This one may actually be collector’s favorite but as you know it comes with a value, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. The teddy wears a red scarf and is its body green. It is a rare, limited production. It’s value is estimated at 600,000 dollar making it most expensive beanie baby in the world. 

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