Top 10 ESPN Female Reporters

ESPN Female Reporters

 Every sports gives us chills and thrills. Undoubtedly, it gets more overwhelming when we have the classy reporters providing feeds and stories. They are considered to be ‘beauty with brains’. 

Let us look at the list of top 10 Espn female reporters

Top 10 ESPN Female Reporters

10. Nicole Briscoe

Nicole Briscoe

Miss Illinios Teen, USA, 1998 was born on July 2, 1980 in Wisconsin, US. A graduate from Northern Illinois University and a sports enthusiast started off with WREX TV in Rockford, then with WANE TV and with the WISH TV, where she covered various auto racing news stories like the famous US Grand Prix. With great enthusiasm and interest, she joined ESPN in 2008 and now is a Sports Center anchor with her famous 7 a. m edition.

9. Cassidy Hubarth

Cassidy Hubarth

Another sports enthusiast and a graduate from the Northwestern University is  an American journalist born on September 19, 1984. Her early achievements include her presence in Navteq as a traffic reporter and also as a producer for WMAQ NBC 5 Network. She is the receipent of Southeast Emmy for her contribution in SEC Gridiron Live show. She joined ESPN in 2010, initially hosted college footballs and basketball. Now she is better know for hosting NBA.

8. Rachel Nichols

Rachel Nichols

Born on 18 October, 1973 is a graduate from Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University. Her first official work as a journalist was with Fort Landerdale Sun – Sentinel (A sports column). She became part of ESPN in 2004 where she was handed over various news coverage including NBA. She is well known for her presence in ‘The Jump’, a daily discussion on NBA. Recently, owing to some controversial records, she was replaced by Malika Andrews for 2021 NBA finals. 

7. Maria Taylor

Maria Taylor 1

A basketball player, the receipent of Fulton Country Scholar Athlete of the year, was born on May 12, 1987. Graduated from University of Georgia and hosted various college sports and events. Her presence could be well observed in various shows like the famous SEC Men’s Basketball Tonight. Her well known shows in ESPN includes ESPN 2 Weekly Saturday-night prime time college football, Orange Bowl, Women’s Basketball Tournaments and College Gameday among others. She recently left ESPN because of the controversy involving hosting of NBA Finals, 2021. Now she works with NBC Sports. 

 6. Antonietta Collins

Antonietta Collins 1

Born on 22 November, 1985 in California is a soccer enthusiast who reported professionally along side her mother for the  USA Women’s Soccer Team. She graduated from the University of Mount Union. Her first job was at Univision as a sports reporter. She later moved to Texas and covered different sets of stories. After Joining ESPN she was introduced to different sports and started co-hosting other popular shows. Since her inception, she has been anchoring Sports Center. 

5. Elle Duncan

Elle Duncan 1

A sports and a music enthusiast, born on April 12, 1983 presently hosts the ESPN’s Sports Center. A graduate from the University of West Georgia started with Atlanta Sports Radio Station and later hosted various such radio networks. She did both the sideline and the field reports. Her carrer evolved with her being part of NESN in 2014, where she hosted various live shows. It was in 2016, she joined ESPN and now is the anchor for the 6pm Sports center. 

4. Jaymee Sire

Jaymee Sire

Born on August 25, 1980 in Montana, US, is a graduate from Edward R. Murrow School of Communication. She was also honoured with the Judith Waller Award for Outstanding Senior Woman. Her professional life started with KRTV, a CBS affiliate as a sportscaster. Later, she opted for a role in KFMB TV in San Diego and also did some sideline reports. It was in 2013 her presence was seen in ESPN. She became part of sports center later in the same year. Besides, she is well-known for her Sports Center:AM series. Currently, she is a food blogger. 

3. Lindsay Czarniak

Lindsay Czarniak 2
Westport based ESPN Anchor Lindsay Czarniak at the remote onsite set of SportsCenter during the 2016 NBA Finals in Cleveland, OH on June 10, 2016. (Photo by Allen Kee / ESPN Images)

A graduate from James Madison University was born on November 7, 1977. A sports enthusiast hailing from Harrisburg did her first job at WUSA. She is the receipent of the famous Emmy Award. She had spent most of her time reporting for WRC-TV in Washington. She is also associated with winter and summer games and was a production assistant at CNN. She joined ESPN in 2011 and initially covered the Evening’s Preseason Football games. Later, set the benchmark by hosting Indianapolis 500 in 2013. She is no more part of the ESPN family. 

2. Kaylee Hartung

Kaylee Hartung

Touched by the stories covering her father’s unfortunate death, she decided and took a firm decision at her tender age to become a journalist. Born on November 7, 1985 is a graduate from Washington and Lee University. She started off with CBS News. She was able to make it up for ESPN in 2012 where she reported on college football and basketball games. Her presence in ESPN helped her with winning two Emmys. As days passed, she was able to make her way to the leaderboard. Her involvement as a sideline reporter for covering Prime Time Football Game is an example of her success. She is  well appraised by many in the recent years. Now she is part of CNN family. 

1. Olivia Harlan

Olivia Harlan 4

Miss Kansas Teen, USA, 2010 was born on April 8, 1993. A graduate from tghe University of Georgia. She had a great time at the college covering stories for football games. Presently, she is a sideline reporter. Previously, she was engaged in covering SEC and ACC football for FOX sports. She was also invited for reporting on Green Bay Packer’s preseason competitions. Recently, she became part of CBS sports. She joined ESPN back in 2015 and has been in the role of on – site correspondent. She’s now into hosting Friday Prime time games and as a columnist for football. She is in number one position in the list of top espn female reporters,