Top 10 Richest CEO In India

Richest CEO In India

Who doesn’t wants to be a billionaire. Of course, it comes with greater risks and responsibilities. It takes more than everything to lead an organization and to make it the most valued and respected one.  Good Leadership is all that a Company or an organization needs. 

Here, in this article we will be taking a brief look at the top 10 richest CEO in India 

Top 10 Richest CEO In India

10. Guenter Butschek

Guenter Butschek

It was under his leadership that Tata Motors has had a successful Career in the. Recent past. He took over as the CEO of Tata Motors on 2016 and recently decided to step down from his position. He wished to remain the company’s consultant upto the end of the fiscal year 2021-22. It is estimated that his annual salary from the company is around Rupees 26.29 crore. 

9. Yogesh Chander Deveshwar

Yogesh Chander Deveshwar

The receipent of India’s highest civilian award, Padma Bhusan, was the CEO of ITC Limited. Gos tenure exceeded all of India’s top CEO’s. He was a mechanical engineer and had a very different outlook and personality. He joined the company in 1968 and was also invited to serve as the Chairman and Managing director of Air India. It was under his leadership that ITC became one of  the most valued companies in the FMCG category. His recent death was a tragedy. Nevertheless, he was the highest paid Indian employee of 2019-20.

8. Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella

The ‘Financial Times person of the year’ 2019 is fhe CEO of Microsoft. He joined the IT giant in 1992. The company’s fortune was brought to light with his enormous skills and leadership. He was behind the development pf Company’s first laptop ‘Microsoft Surface book’. He’s an electrical engineer, holds a post-graduate in computer science and is an MBA. Previously he was working at the Sun Microsystems. His net worth is around dollar 320 million and drews and annual salary of around 44 million as per 2020 financial report. 

7. Salil Parekh

Salil Parekh

He is an IITian holding the position of CEO and Managing director at Infosys, the second largest IT company after TCS. He also holds an eminent position in National Council of the Federation of Indian Industry. Previously he was part of ‘Capgemini’, a tech company for almost 25 years. His estimated annual salary is around 35 crore. 

6. Pawan Munjal

Pawan Munjal

Who doesn’t wants to guess the leader of the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles and scooter. Certainly, Pawan Munjal, a mechanical engineer is the Chairman and CEO of Hero Moto Corp. The company has accredited him for his leadership and innovations. He also holds a key position in Confederation of Indian Industry and Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers. His real time net worth is dollar 3.7 billion amd has bagged 665th position in the Forbes list 2021. The latest report shows that he drews around rupees 140 million annually from the company. 

5. Kalanithi Maran

Kalanithi Maran

A man having a real time net worty of Dollar 2.7 billion is the Chairman and Founder of the Sun Group. He is a commerce graduate and a post graduate in MBA having the highest virtues. He was able to make to 1205 rank in the latest Forbes Billionaires List. He begin his journey with a publishing (family) business and it was in 1993 that he kaunched Sun Tv. Back in 2012, he took interest in IPL and acquired Sunrisers Hyderabad. Besides his Television Company he owns Radio Channels and a publishing house. He is the winner of Young Businessman awards. His name was featured in the Forbes Magazine as ‘The Television King of South India’. As per the latest report he, along with wife drew a salary of Rupees 175cr. 

4. S. N Subrahmanyan

S. N Subrahmanyan

He is the CEO and Managing Director of India’s largest Construction organization Larsen and Turbo. He is a civil engineer graduate and did his post graduation in Business management. His lifetime achievement includes, Top CEO (India) 2020 and third best CEO in Asia. He has been handed over a special position in National Safety Council. He joined the organization in 1984. As per the latest report he drew an annual salary of rupees 27.17 crores in 2019-20.

 3. C. P Gurnani

3. C. P Gurnani

A person, well equipped with experience in business development is the Managing Director and CEO of India’s most valued automobile company Tech Mahindra. He is a Chemical engineer, an alumni of NIT, Rourkela. He is the receipent of Gold at CEO awards 2018 and Best CEO award 2019 awarded by Business Today. Till date he has bagged over 10 such lifetime awards. Previously he worked in a leadership capacity at Hewlett Packard Ltd, Perot Systems (India) Ltd and HCL Corporation. As per the latest financial report he received a remuneration of rupees 22 crore. 

2. Gopal Vittal

Gopal Vittal

Previously associated with Hindustan Unilever Limited is an alumini of IIM Calcutta. He is presently the Managing Director and CEO of the giant telecom company ‘Bharati Airtel’ . He leads the company in India and South Asia. As per the latest report disclosed by the company, he drew around an annual remuneration of rupees 30.13 crore. He is the second richest CEO in india.

1. Mukesh Ambani 

Mukesh Ambani

Who doesn’t know Mukesh Ambani, a billionaire, chemical engineer, and the Chairman and Managing Director and the largest shareholder of the most valued Reliance Industries Limited. He is ranked by the Forbes as the 10th richest person in the world having net worth Dollar 84.5 Billion. This also makes him the richest man in Asia, leaving behind Jack Ma of China. He runs a company worth Dollar 74 billion, which has its presence in petrochemicals, oil and gas, telecom and retail. Recently he has not been drawing any salaries but the estimates shows that he has been consistently drawing around rupees 15 crore annually.  He is the richest ceo in india.