Top 10 Biggest Malls in South Africa

Biggest Malls in South Africa

Malls are said to be places that remains over-crowded every time. They provide customers with complete solution and helps them in creating moments too. South Africa is one such place that is a host of biggest iconic malls ever created. They are not just malls, but a second-home to the visitors.

This article is a short informational post about the biggest top 10 biggest malls in South Africa.

Top 10 Biggest Malls in South Africa

10. Westgate in Johannesburg

Westgate in Johannesburg.jpg.

the mall is located in West Rand and has been in existence since 1985. Due to its location amidst the major routes, the productivity of the mall has increased over time. it is considered as a home to variety of retail goods and to the diversed shoppers coming form across teh world. Due to its size and importance, it has been categorized as Super Regional Centre. There are a total of 184 shops with a total of 6 entrance. The mall is one of the biggest malls in South Africa.

9. Centurion in Pretoria

Centurion in Pretoria

This mall is located in the very heart of Centurion CBD and is spread over 120000 square km of area. The visitors will have ample number of options and shops to choose from. The mall is a host for the varieties of amenities such as restaurants, movie theatres, game zone, fashion stores, and provides other vital services. it has a total of 260 stores and is not just a shopping complex but a place where people socialize and can experience diversity.

8. Mall of Africa

Mall of Africa

The mall is a record-breaker as it was built in a single phase. Located in Waterfield City has over 30 shops with a 130000 m2 area for each shop. The extraordinary feature of the mall is that there are court areas to help easy navigation by the customers. It came to inception in the year 2016. The major anchor tenants include departmental stores like Woolworths, Checkers Hyper, H&M, and Starbucks among others. The designed is entirely based on Africa’s geology and is one of the biggest malls in South Africa.

7. The Pavilion Read

The Pavilion Read

It is located in Westville near Durban and was established in 1993 by the duo Murray and Robert. The size of the mall has been extended for six times till date. It has over 285 stores with the floor area of 35000 m2. It has been considered as the iconic regional super mall in South Africa because of its early established in the iconic city of Kwazulu-Natal. It is a host to various national and international brands along with several recreational activities.

6. Eastgate Shopping Centre

Eastgate Shooping Centre

The mall is considered to be the biggest hub of major national and international fashion brands. The mall is currently owned by two well-know commercial and real estate business Liberty Group Limited and Liberty Two Degrees Limited. In addition to that, the mall has been considered as one of the reputed regional centres in Johannesburg. The mall is a host for over 300 retail stores which provides a complete solution. The mall is one of the biggest malls in South Africa that has created history..

5. Sandton City South Africa

Sandton City Mall

It is located in the major business hub of South Africa, ‘The Sandton City’ and is owned by Liberty Group Limited, Liberty Two Degrees Limited and Pareto Limited. The mall guarantees exclusive retail and leisure experience as a hub of various popular national and international brands. The mall leads in terms of innovation, fashion, and in providing world-class entertainment. For its iconic beauty and world-class service, it has been awarded many times. It is a home to over 300 stores and is visited by over millions of people every year.

4. Canal Walk Shopping Centre

Canal Walk Shopping Centre

It is referred to as Cape Town’s largest shopping center that hosts over 400 retailer shops. The mall is in line with the Cape Venetian Architecture. The visitors would be pleased by the facilities such as extended parking, 20 plus cinema halls, and recreation center. Major brands like H&M, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Burger King are the people’s favorite and the mall hosts them. They organize various family and fun events . It is one of the biggest malls in South Africa and a major getaway center.

3. Gateway Theatre of Shopping

Gateway Theatre of Shopping biggest malls

The mall was established in 200 and is owned by Old Mutual Property. It is a perfect getaway destination for the visitors who wish to seek complete solution. It is a home to over 430 stores, 70 restaurants, and many other recreational stores. The mall hosts major international fashion brands like Zara, Forever 21, and Superdry. In addition to that, the mall hosts various holiday events that have gained importance over time. It has been extended for over 4 times in 16 years. The construction of the mall and its growth have fostered the growth of other business as well.

2. Menlyn Park Shopping Centre

Menlyn Park shopping centre biggest malls

It is located in Pretoria and is owned by Pareto. It has over 500 stores and 20 parking entrances. It was built in the year in 1979 and was later redesigned in 1988 by the Development Design Group. It has a total of 3 floors that are exclusively used by shopping anchors. It is popular for hosting national and international fashion and beauty brands. in addition to that, it has received many awards for its importance and is currently undergoing development with a budget of R2.5 billion. The most exciting feature is that of the innovative green building infrastructure.

1. Fourways in Johannesburg

Biggest Malls in South Africa

It is loacted in teh major commercial centre in Sandton, North of Johannesburg. It is teh biggest mall in Souh Africa and hosts stores over 350. It was recently modified and relaunched in 2019. The major retailers are Food Lover’s Market, The Body Shop, Exclusive Books,  Armani, Gucci, and H&M among others. The most important feature is that the mall is a host of several national banks.


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