Top 10 Most Famous Female Arabic Singers

Most Famous Female Arabic Singers

Arabic music is considered as one of the most soulful music which inv olves combination of different musical instruments backed by traditional spirit. It represents the people that are part of the Arab world and has influenced other music genres. In addition to that, the music involves blend of composition and improvizations. The more important fact is that there are talented individuals who have contributed in making the Arabic music a very popular genre across the world. People don’t just love the Arabic music, they also appreciate the people who are part of the Arabic music.

This article is all about the top 10 Most famous female Arabic singers who have contributed in making Arabic music very popular.

Top 10 Most Famous Female Arabic Singers

10. Julia Boutros

Julia Boutros

She is a Lebanese singer heavily influenced by popular Arabic singer Ziad Rahbani. As a child artist she recorded her first album at the age of 12. Her 2011 single release titled as ‘Ahibaii’ made her more popular and the gross sale of over three million made it more popualr. Some of her important works are Story of lament, Honestly, Your Christmas, and Julie Live in Tyre 2018. She has also been successful in releasing music videos like The Hymn of Freedom, Dearly Beloved, and My right is my weapon.

9. Assala Nasri

Assala Nasri

She is a popular Syrian musical artist who came to prominence with her debut song titled as ‘Law Ta’rafou‘. She have a rich musical background and have always been into singing patriotic and religious songs. She was very active in supporting teh victims and people fo Syria in the unfortunate civil war that took place in Syria. For her contribution and effort she was made teh ambassador for “Peace Building Through Music”. Her recent appearance was in teh 2019 Special Olympics held in Dubai. In addition to her becoming a well-known Arabic musician, she hosts variosu Arabic television shows. Her contribution and efforts have made her one of the most famous female Arabic singer.

8. Ahlam Ali Al Shamsi

Ahlam Ali Al Shamsi

She is one of the very popualr Emirati celebrity singer who have been teh part of various singing relaity shows lik e teh Arab Idol and teh Voice: Arabic Version. For her contribution to Arabic music, she has been awarded with many prestigious title and is also associated with UNESCO Festivals, Layali Dubai, and teh Albert Hall Festival among others. Since her release of debut album ‘(I Love You Till Death’ in 1995, she has released over 10 albums.

7. Rania “Ruby” Hussein

Rani Ruby Hussein

Popularly known as Ruby is a prominent and well-established Egyptian singer. In addition to that, she is a popular actress, model, and have been teh people’s favorite since her coming of debut song titled as ‘Do You Know Why?’ in 2003. She made her Egyptian film debut in teh year 2000 in ‘Saqafi’, which was purely a cultural film. Some of her recent popular singles are Hetta Tanya , Ana Law Zalana , and Alby Plastic. She is one of the most famous female Arabic singer with a huge fanbase.

6. Ellisa


She is one of the most-sought after Lebanese singer and also the highest selling artist of all time. Her social media accounts are flooded with more than 500 millions followers worldwide. Beside being famous based on talent, she has also been listed as one of the richest celebrity in Lebanon. He musical journey began winning the singing competition back in 1992. Her debut studio album is titled as ‘I want to melt’. Some of her prominent works are Halet Hob, Sahbit Raey, Abl Ay Had, and teh most recent being Ya Am Salamtak

5. Samira Said

Samira Said

She was first discovered as a child artist in one of the Moroccan reality show. This Moroccan-Egyptian singer recorded her debut song titled as ‘I Love Noodles’ at the age of nine. She participated in the Eurovision song contest representing Morocco. Some of her high-rated Arabic songs are “Sayidati Sadati”, ”Akher Hawa”, and “Ben Lef” among others. She has also appeared in films like ‘I will write your name in the sand’. For her release of outstanding ‘One Night, My Love’, she was awarded with World Music Award.

4. Nancy Ajram

Nancy Arjam

Nicknamed as ‘Queen of Arab Pop’ is a well sought-after female singer, television judge, and a successful businesswomen from Lebanon. She released her debut album alongside EMI records at the age of 15. Thereafter, she recorded with artists like Jiji Lamara and released some highest-grossing hits like ‘Ah W Noss’, ‘Shakbat Shakabit’, and ‘Mashi Haddi’ among others. For her contributions to the Arabic music world, she received accolades like World Music Award. For her philanthropist nature and her charity works, she was nominated as the female ambassador. Altogether, she stands in the hall of fame as one of the most famous female Arabic singers.

3. Sherine


The former judge of MBC’s: The Voice is a popular Egyptian singer, television presenter, and an actress. She began her music career with the Cairo Opera House at the age of nine. She released her debut album alongside Tamer titled as ‘Free Mix 3’. Her recent single is the Egyptian patriotic song. She is listed as one of the most famous female Arabic singer.

2. Nawal El Kuwaitia

Nawal El Kuwaitia

She is one of the successful Kuwaiti singer who attended music school at Kuwait. Her debut album was released in the year 1984 and most of her albums are titled as ‘Nawal 98 and 99’. Her most recent single is titled as ‘El Haneen”. She is one of the veteran Arabic singers with a huge social media fanbase.

1. Najwa Karam

Najwa Karam

Her efforts, contributions, and dedication have made her’ the sun of Lebanese and Arabic song’. She stands as one of the best-selling artist in the Middle East. She has appeared in various Arabic realty shows like Arabs Got Talent as a Judge. She appears in various lists such as top 10 inspiring women in the Middle East and top 100 Arab celebrities among others. Some of her prominent records are ‘Menni Elak’, ‘Hayda Haki’, ‘Ya Yomma’, and the most recent single is titled as ‘Beirut’. She has received enormous recognition as the most famous female Arabic singer.


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