Romeo Weds Heer (Geo Entertainment) Drama Series Analysis: Story, Episodes, Cast, Actors Salary, Timing, Release Date, Budget, OTT Response, Review, Ratings & More

Romeo Weds Heer

Romeo Weds Heer is a Pakistani action thriller Drama series directed by Neeraj Pandey, that was Released on 21 October 2018 on Geo Entertainment. The Drama Series star Feroze Khan, and Sana Javed are in title roles. Here’s the complete Analysis of Romeo Weds Heer cast and crew, storyline, Budget, OTT Response, and More.

Romeo Weds Heer (2019) Drama Series Analysis: Release Date, Story, Plot, Episodes, Cast, Timing, Actors Salary, Actors Net Worth, Budget, OTT Response, Trailer, Songs, Awards, Review, Ratings & More

Show Info
Created byMehrunnisa Mustaqeem Khan
Written byMuhammad Younis Butt
Star CastFeroze Khan
Sana Javed
Directed byAnjum Shahzad
ProducersAbdullah Kadwani
Asad Qureshi
7th Sky Entertainment
DistributorGeo TV
ChannelGeo Entertainment
Original release21 October 2018–26 May 2019
Running time40 minutes
DayMonday to Friday (5 Days in a week)

Romeo Weds Heer Drama Series Storyline

Romeo and Heer, a diametrically opposed pair with great chemistry, are featured in the serial for their love story. Romeo’s parents are physicians, but Heer comes from a Hakeem family. Despite having contrasting histories and personalities, the pair managed to convince their family of their love, and they were married in a daring ceremony. Their customary disputes over everything and everything became an issue when Shanzay, an old buddy of Romeo, made a reappearance. Romeo and Shanzay met in secret, which aggravated the problem, because Heer was obviously unhappy with their relationship and had spoken brutally to Romeo about it.

Romeo Weds Heer Drama Series Release and OTT Response

The show was originally aired in single episodes on Sunday evenings, but towards the end of its run, it began to run episodes in a mega-episode format because of low ratings on Sunday evenings. It premiered on 21 October 2018 on Geo Entertainment. The series ended on 26 May 2019. The audience adores everything about the show, although there were undoubtedly some problems with the ending.

Romeo Weds Heer Cast, Crew, Role, Salary, Remuneration & Net Worth

Here are the complete details of actors and actresses names in the Web Series.

1. Feroze Khan as Romeo Raja

Feroze Khan as Romeo Raja Romeo Weds Heer
InfoRomeo Raja
Real NameFeroze Khan
Salary Per EpisodeRs. 2 lakh +
Net WorthNot known

2. Sana Javed as Heer Luqman/Heer Romeo Raja

Sana Javed as Heer Luqman/Heer Romeo Raja
InfoHeer Luqman/Heer Romeo Raja
Real NameSana Javed
Salary Per EpisodeNot known
Net WorthNot known

3. Saman Ansari as Dr. Shahnaz Raja

Saman Ansari as Dr. Shahnaz Raja edited
InfoDr. Shahnaz Raja
Real NameSaman Ansari
Salary Per EpisodeRs. 1 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 35-40 crores +

4. Zia Gorchani as Dr. Shahbaz Raja

Zia Gorchani as Dr. Shahbaz Raja
InfoDr. Shahbaz Raja
Real NameZia Gorchani
Salary Per EpisodeNot known
Net WorthNot known

5. Zohreh Ali as Manaal

Zohreh Ali as Manaal
Real NameZohreh Ali
Salary Per EpisodeNot known
Net WorthNot known

6. Fareeda Shabbir as Rolly

Fareeda Shabbir as Rolly
Real NameFareeda Shabbir
Salary Per EpisodeNot known
Net WorthNot known

7. Tara Mahmood as Irshad

Tara Mahmood as Irshad
Real NameTara Mahmood
Salary Per EpisodeNot known
Net WorthRs. 14 crores +

8. Firdous Jamal as Hakeem Luqman

Firdous Jamal as Hakeem Luqman
InfoHakeem Luqman
Real NameFirdous Jamal
Salary Per EpisodeNot known
Net WorthNot known

9. Mariam Ansari as Soni

Mariam Ansari as Soni
Real NameMariam Ansari
Salary Per EpisodeNot known
Net WorthNot known

10. Beena Chaudhary as JD’s mother

Beena Chaudhary as JD's mother
InfoJD’s mother
Real NameBeena Chaudhary
Salary Per EpisodeNot known
Net WorthNot known

Romeo Weds Heer Drama Series Awards


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Romeo Weds Heer Drama Series Review

Romeo Weds Heer was the same programme it had always been up to the final episode. Despite the severity of the issues between Romeo and Heer, the programme never lost its humorous charm. It moved at the same rapid-fire pace as previously, with one significant narrative development following another. With their precise portrayal of this funny and adorable pair, Feroze Khan and Sana Javed were able to keep loyal to their personalities.

Although their connection on screen has always been good, playing Romeo and Heer seemed to be the ideal application of their range. Its blend of subtle melodrama, strong emotions, and humour created the ideal euphoric and cheerful narrative, which we will miss seeing on our televisions.

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