Bisaat e Dil (Hum TV) Drama Series Analysis: Story, Episodes, Cast, Actors Salary, Timing, Release Date, Budget, OTT Response, Review, Ratings & More

Bisaat e Dil

Bisaat e Dil is a Pakistani Romantic drama, Serial drama, Teen drama Drama series directed by Ali Masud Saeed, that was Released on 29 October 2018 on Hum TV. The Drama Series star Anumta Qureshi, Komal Aziz Khan, Nausheen Ahmed, Shehroz Sabzwari, Imran Aslam, Beenish Raja, Tauqeer Nasir, Behroz Sabzwari, Haris Waheed are in title roles.Here’s the complete Analysis of Bisaat e Dil cast and crew, storyline, Budget, OTT Response, and More.

Bisaat e Dil (2019) Drama Series Analysis: Release Date, Story, Plot, Episodes, Cast, Timing, Actors Salary, Actors Net Worth, Budget, OTT Response, Trailer, Songs, Awards, Review, Ratings & More

Show Info
GenreRomantic drama
Serial drama
Teen drama
Star CastAnumta Qureshi
Komal Aziz Khan
Nausheen Ahmed
Shehroz Sabzwari
Imran Aslam
Beenish Raja
Tauqeer Nasir
Behroz Sabzwari
Haris Waheed
Directed byAli Masud Saeed
ProducersMomina Duraid
MD Productions
DistributorHum Network Limited
ChannelHum TV
Original release29 October 2018 –26 February 2019
DayMonday to Friday (5 Days in a week)

Bisaat e Dil Drama Series Storyline

Three characters, Ania, Sania, and Shahnawaz, go on a journey in Bisaat e Dil from difficult to favourable circumstances. The series shows how unexpected and occasionally awful things happen to us and how various individuals respond in various ways.

Shahnawaz is the son of a feudal landowner of Sindhi ancestry, and his father expelled him from his home following bogus claims of harassment. Ania and Sania, two sisters, on the other hand, are quite different people from one another in terms of personality. While Ania is a dreamy girl who makes a mistake after falling in love with a boy who changes her life forever, Sania is ambitious and works hard to improve things for her family members because her father is a drug addict.

Bisaat e Dil Drama Series Release and OTT Response

The atmosphere of Bisat e Dil is like a Bollywood movie. What I’m trying to express is that it’s enormous, just like the movie, and it’s built on a number of different storylines coming together.

Bisaat e Dil Cast, Crew, Role, Salary, Remuneration & Net Worth

Here are the complete details of actors and actresses names in the Web Series.

1. Komal Aziz Khan as Ania

Komal Aziz Khan as Ania Bisaat e Dil
Real NameKomal Aziz Khan
Salary Per EpisodeNot known
Net WorthRs. 21 crores +

2.Nausheen Ahmed as Sania

Nausheen Ahmed as Sania Bisaat e Dil
Real NameNausheen Ahmed
Salary Per EpisodeNot known
Net WorthNot known

3. Shehroz Sabzwari as Shahnawaz

Shehroz Sabzwari as Shahnawaz
Real NameShehroz Sabzwari
Salary Per EpisodeRs. 1 lakh +
Net WorthNot known

4. Anumta Qureshi as Zainab

Anumta Qureshi as Zainab edited
Real NameAnumta Qureshi
Salary Per EpisodeRs. 1 lakh +
Net WorthNot known

5. Imran Aslam as Mazhar

Imran Aslam as Mazhar
Real NameImran Aslam
Salary Per EpisodeNot known
Net WorthNot known

6. Tauqeer Nasir as Malik

Tauqeer Nasir as Malik
Real NameTauqeer Nasir
Salary Per EpisodeNot known
Net WorthNot known

7. Beenish Raja as Gul Bano

Beenish Raja as Gul Bano
InfoGul Bano
Real NameBeenish Raja
Salary Per EpisodeNot known
Net WorthNot known

8. Behroz Sabzwari as Jehangir

Behroz Sabzwari as Jehangir
Real NameHaris Waheed
Salary Per EpisodeRs. 9.6 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 21 crores +

Bisaat e Dil Drama Series Awards


Bisaat e Dil Drama Series Review

Speaking about the play’s screenplay, which was prepared under Bisat e Dil’s rigorous direction and was a comprehensive narrative with a cast of numerous characters, Shahroz said, “Every single one of the story’s characters is crucial. You’ll notice that, in the story’s conclusion, each of them has come full circle. There won’t be a single one without a goal. Both Bisat e Dil and Farhat Ishtiaq have a unique manner of creating their personalities that will make you fall in love with them.”

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