Badshah Begum (Hum TV) Drama Series Analysis: Story, Episodes, Cast, Actors Salary, Timing, Release Date, Budget, OTT Response, Review, Ratings & More

Badshah Begum

Badshah Begum is a Pakistani Dark Thriller series directed by Khizer Idrees, that was Released on 1 March 2022 on Hum TV. The Drama Series star Zara Noor Abbas, Farhan Saeed, Yasir Hussain, Komal Meer, Shahzad Nawaz, Saman Ansari are in title roles. The music was composed by Vishal-Shekhar. Here’s the complete Analysis of Badshah Begum cast and crew, storyline, Budget, OTT Response and More.

Badshah Begum (2022) Drama Series Analysis: Release Date, Story, Plot, Episodes, Cast, Timing , Actors Salary, Actors Net Worth, Budget, OTT Response, Trailer, Songs, Awards, Review, Ratings & More

Show Info
Star CastZara Noor Abbas
Farhan Saeed
Yasir Hussain
Komal Meer
Shahzad Nawaz
Saman Ansari
Directed byKhizer Idrees
ProducersRafay Rashdi & Momina Duraid
DistributorHum Network
ChannelHum TV
Original release1 March 2022 –present
DayMonday to Friday (5 Days in a week)

Badshah Begum Drama Series Storyline

The play is set in the fictitious realm of Peeraan Pur, which is ruled by Pir Shah Alam, who is the father of Shahzeb, Murad, Jahan Ara, Roshan Ara, and Shahmir, among his five children from two wives.

Jahan Ara, Roshan, and Shahmir, his three children who were born and nurtured in the city, are sent back to their hometown against their will and get embroiled in power struggles and politics they never intended to be a part of. What happens next is a long story of dynasty politics, sibling conflict, and anarchy.

Badshah Begum Drama Series Release and OTT Response

On March 1st, 2022, Hum TV premiered the series. On Twitter, the series, together with Zara Noor Abbas, Farhan Saeed, and Yasir Hussain, trended at number one just before it debuted. The first episode received average ratings (5.8 TRP) from viewers and received mixed feedback on social media. However, reviewers praised the first episode’s directing and acting.

Badshah Begum Cast, Crew, Role, Salary, Remuneration & Net Worth

Here are the complete details of actors and actresses names in the Web Series.

1. Shahzad Nawaz as Pir Shah Alam Shah

Shahzad Nawaz as Pir Shah Alam Shah
InfoPir Shah Alam Shah
Real NameShahzad Nawaz
Salary Per EpisodeRs. 60k +
Net WorthRs. 14 crores +

2.Saman Ansari as Hakim Bi

Saman Ansari as Hakim Bi
InfoHakim Bi
Real NameSaman Ansari
Salary Per EpisodeRs.75k +
Net WorthRs. 15 crores +

3. Zara Noor Abbas as Jahan Ara Shah Alam

Zara Noor Abbas[1] as Jahan Ara Shah Alam
InfoJahan Ara Shah Alam
Real NameZara Noor Abbas
Salary Per EpisodeRs.55k +
Net WorthRs. 14 crores +

4. Farhan Saeed as Pir Shahzaib Shah Alam

Farhan Saeed as Pir Shahzaib Shah Alam
InfoPir Shahzaib Shah Alam
Real NameFarhan Saeed
Salary Per EpisodeRs. 50k +
Net WorthRs. 14 crores +

5. Ali Rehman Khan as Bakhtiar

Ali Rehman Khan as Bakhtiar
Real NameAli Rehman Khan
Salary Per EpisodeRs. 45k+
Net WorthRs. 21 crores +

6. Yasir Hussain as Pir Qaiser 

Yasir Hussain as Pir Qaiser
InfoPir Qaiser 
Real NameYasir Hussain
Salary Per EpisodeRs. 35k +
Net WorthRs. 28 crores +

7. Hamza Sohail as Pir Shahmeer

Hamza Sohail as Pir
Info Pir Shahmeer
Real NameHamza Sohail
Salary Per EpisodeRs. 25k +
Net WorthRs.14 crores +

8. Komal Meer as Roshan Ara Shah Alam

Komal Meer as Roshan Ara Shah Alam
InfoRoshan Ara Shah Alam
Real NameKomal Meer
Salary Per EpisodeRs. 20k +
Net WorthRs. 28 crores +

9. Abul Hassan as Pir Murad Shah Alam

Abul Hassan as Pir Murad Shah Alam
InfoPir Murad Shah Alam
Real NameAbul Hassan
Salary Per EpisodeRs. 30k+
Net WorthRs. 21 crores +

10. Hiba Aziz as Gulnaar

Hiba Aziz as Gulnaar
Real NameHiba Aziz
Salary Per EpisodeRs.20k +
Net WorthRs. 15 crores +

Badshah Begum Drama Series Awards


Badshah Begum Drama Series Videos

Badshah Begum Drama Series Trailer

Badshah Begum Drama Series Review

The plot seems solid on paper, and the idea of a community run by a grandmother with the peer serving as a helper rather than an equal is intriguing. Even if the first scene is a disappointment, one is captivated on the program for the narrative line alone, thus one keeps watching in the hopes that things would get up. There are a few scenes that are performed well enough to keep viewers intrigued, but overall, the program leaves one wanting more. More drama, drama, pizzazz, action, and refinement.

The director and poor writing are the only things to blame for the story’s lack of punch when you have a stellar ensemble that can compete in any drama. Even these situations, which if professionally performed might have had a significant effect, leave the viewers perplexed and dissatisfied.

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