Top 30 Richest Comic Book Characters

richest comic book characters

It certainly takes more than  just courage to be a superhero. You might be needing expensive armour, technology driven actions for horribly ending scenes and a lot of other things too. These comic superheroes have found their place in television, video games, funko pops among others which certainly makes them richest comic book characters. 

Though Fictional, these comic characters are no less than other richest person. You might be wondering  what if these superheroes gets tired. Don’t worry, they have got lot of cash to boost their enthusiasm. 

Without wasting much time, let’s explore these richest comic book characters. 

Top 30 Richest Comic Book Characters

30. Magneto 


Another X-men associate is a mutant eho believes that humans cannot co-exist with them. His power lies in manipulation of magnetic fields amd thereby derives the name. He describes his specie as ‘homo superior’. His varied character in different volumes of Marvel Comics makes his appearance very exciting and thrilling. This superhuman, a mix of heroic and anti-hero if personality has the real time net worth of 900 million dollars. 

29. Wasp 


This superwoman  can certainly bite you in  a little different way. This fictional character has the ability to fly with the aid of her inscetoid wings and can fire bioelectrical energy blasts. She is amongst the five greatest Avengers and is significantly visible in Ant-man. She has the special power to adjust her body’s size with the use of Pym particle gas. This experienced leader of Avengers is one od the richest comic book characters. 

28. Mister Terrific 

Mister Terrific

Michael Hokt, a.k.a Mister Terrific is a fictional superhero with an outstanding intellect. With over 10 Ph. Ds, who is depicted as the founder of his tech firm ‘Cyber wear’. He is portrayed to be a friendly rivalry of Batman. His ability gets enriched with his T-Spheres, projecting laser grids and with his mental and voice commands. This one-of-a-kind superhero is said to have a net worth of 1 billion dollars. 

27. Maxwell Lord 

Maxwell Lord

The founding member of Justice League is a supervillian, a metahuman who can also influence people’s mind and psychological attributes. He is killed by Wonder Woman and later brought to life with a more powerful psychic persuasion abilities. This comic character is also visible in ‘Smallville’ and ‘World’s Finest- season 2’. The reported wealth of this supervillian is 1 billion dollars making him 27th richest comic book characters. 

26. RA’s Al Ghul

RAs Al Ghul

Demonstrated often as ‘Chief Demon’ is the DC Comic supervillian. His archenemy is Batman and Superman among other DC Comic characters. He is a genius criminal with a mastery in martial art and hand-to-hand combatant. He is significantly associated with League of Assassins. His chief objective is to save environment by eliminating humanity and uses biochemical weapon as a means. This criminal supervillian is one of the richest comic book characters who shares a common parlance to other characters. 

25. Vandal Savage 

Vandal Savage

This immortal figure is a  fictional supervillian who first appeared in the ‘Green Lantern’. Jis ability comes from the fact that he knows science and many forms of hand-to-hand combat. His foes include Immortal Man, Hawkman and Resurrection Man. This creation of Alfred Bester and Martin Nodell is depicted as an unbelievable 11-million year old man. The real time net worth of this fictional character is 2 billion dollars making him 25th richest comic book characters. 

24. Spiderman 


It’s beyond impossible to know this all-time favourite, savior of the world and of course a limitless entertainment for many. All the credit goes to Stan Lee and Marvel Comics. He is the alias of Peter Parker and a threat to Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin and Venom. His attire and ability comes from a radio active spider. He can shoot web through his wrist, which he learned himself. This self taught Superhero is one of the richest comic book characters with his net worth of 2.1 Billion dollars. 

23. Silver Sable 

Silver Sable

Say hello to this leader of Wild Pack and an in-between enemy and ally of Spiderman. She is an experienced hand-to-hand combatant, swordswoman and an athlete with no such superhuman abilities. She roughly associates herself with Spiderman, The Punisher and Venom among others. This fictional character inherits a net worth of 2.3 billion dollars making him 23rd richest comic book character. 

22. Moon Knight 

Moon Knight

Remember ‘Werewold by night’, you’ll get to know this athlete, skilled acrobat and a pilot. This fictional character is portrayed as a former boxer, marine and a CIA Operative. He has got no superpower but he is a hero with his intellectual ability and mystical insight. He is visible in many other series such as Marvel Spotlight and Spectacular Spiderman among others. This famous comic character is one of the richest comic book characters with an estimated net worth of 2.4 billion dollars. 

21. White Queen 

White Queen

Potrayed often as X-Men Superhero is the creation of Chris Claremont. Similar to Professor X, she is also a mutant with the ability to read and control the mind of others. She associates herself with the Hellfire Club, an underground elite society. She is responsible for mentoring Hellions, a mutant team at Massachusetts Academy. She is featured in various categories including video games and television series and certainly owns a net worth of 3 billion dollars. 

20. Professor X

Professor X

This Marvel Comics fictional character sits at the throne of X-men . He is one amongst Mutants of a superhuman abilities. He can read amd control the psychological behavior of others. He is a peace loving scientific genius who created ‘Cerebro’, that can track individuals in possession of mutant gene. This comic character has the net worth of 3.6 billion dollars. 

19. Thor 


He is a a Marvel Comic superhero, the man with his powerful hammer who can certainly ruin the toughest architecture. His power resembles that of Asgardian God of Thunder. This one of the richest comic book character first appeared in ‘Journey into Mystery’ and is the creation of Jack Kirby. He is the founding member of Avengers and  as a fictional character has appeared in many other Marvel Comics series. 

18. Iron Fist 

Iron Fist

This martial art expert, a student of Lei Kung is a Marvel superhero created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane. He derives his superhuman ability in the mystical city of K’un-Lun. When he defeats the undying dragon Shou-Lao, he is inducted with the power of iron fist. He is associated with Avengers particularly Doctor Strange. The net worth of this comic book character is 5.1 billion dollars. 

17. Night Hawk 

Night Hawk

It takes a lot of time amd effort to figure out supervillians could be a superhero. This dynamic ‘six-version’ superhero is a Marvel Comics Star. He represents various other groups including Squadron Sinister and Thunderbolts. His strength comes from the fact that he inherits a bird like feature,  a jet featured wings and artificial claws. His superhuman ability comes from the Serum he drank from an alchemy volume. His net worth is estimated at 5.4 billion dollars. 

16. Angel


X-men is certainly rue birth place of this Marvel Comics character who was born as a superman, a mutant in fact. His feathered back is a different phenomenon which he insist on whenever required. He considers himself ‘Avenging Angel’. Magneto is his saviour with his all new blue-and-white customer. He is certainly the famous and one of the richest comic book characters with a net worth of 5.4 billion dollars. 

15. Green Goblin

Green Goblin

This Marvel Comics supervillian has varied incarnations and is popularly known as the archenemy of Spiderman. His powers comes from many objects like lantern, bats, glider  and ghosts. He is dressed as a real supervillian and is certainly the most terrifying amongst his counterparts. He has recently appeared on Spider Man: No Way Home. He is associated with Goblin nation, a powerful agglomeration of criminals particularly for vengeance with Spider man. This terrifying, yet commercially successful villain owns a net worth of 5.5 billion dollars. 

 14. Mister Fantastic

Mister Fantastic

The founding member of Fantastic Four is a superhero who is well versed with science of all kind snd and is labeled as thr most intelligent amongst his counterparts. His abilities stands out because of his stretching cosmic rays and his science. He is visible in the Marvel Comics often with his  scientific creations. This character with a net worth of 5.7 billion is one of the  richest comic book characters. 

 13. Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle

Nobody would ever think of beetles being super rich. Introduce yourself with this trio unique suoerheroes of DC Comics. They originally belonged to Fox Comics but later purchased by DC Comics. The first beetle is Dan Garret who had a dose of special vitamin, the second is the Ted Kord who uses science as his only method if surpassing enemies. The last of their kind is Jaime Reyes driven by the first morphed beetle. Altogether they form a superhero group and owns a net worth of 6 billion dollars. 

12. The Sub-Mariner

The Sub Mariner

The Prince of Atlantis is a superhero created by Everett and published by Marvel Comics. His inclination towards better cause was felt in World War II era when Betty Dean approached him for help. He formed a group of superheroes known by the name Invaders. He appears in Fantastic Four and X-men Red. His inhuman ability to fly makes him the Marvel’s first Mutant. His net worth is estimated at 6.2 billion dollars. 

11. Ozymandias 


At the age of 19, this anti-villian DC Comic superstar became a vigilante. Considering him Ramesses II, whom he considered Alexander’s counterpart. He joins Crimebusters and later takes the responsibility of saving the world on his own. His appearance is visible in Watchmen snd is named as the smartest man in the world. This single credit, however doesn’t suffice his being one of the richest comic book characters with a net worth of 7.1 billion dollars. 

10. Green Arrow 

Green Arrow

This skilled archery expert is the saviour of Star City and Seattle. A DC Comic superhero is a member of Justice League. He is often compared with Green Lantern and has appeared in Young Justice, The Batman series among others. Appearing in the green custome is often linked with Robin Hood and is certainly having a net worth of 7.3 billion dollars. 

9. Richie Rich 

Richie Rich

Harvey Comics also owns one of the richest comic book characters Richie Rich. He is depicted as belonging to a wealthy family and is a kind hearted boy. All of the  Harvey Comic edition portrayed him as a wealthy kid. This character came into inception in 1953 in Little Dot. No doubt he owns a net worth of 8.9 billion dollars. 

8. Kingpin


The Amazing Superman fans must have noticed this supervillian, a creation of Marvel Comics. He is depicted as one of the most powerful and outrageous villain inntje Marvel Comics history. He became part of Hydra as a leading Gangster and wanted to dominate the world. His archenemy is Daredevil whom he always looked upon as a constant threat. The story goes on and on making him a Marvel Comic supervillian with a net worth of 30.6 billion dollars. 

7. Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom

This fictional Marvel Comics character first appeared in Fantastic Four. He is one amongst powerful supervillians. His ancestral linkage goes back to the Latverian Roman, a tribe. It becomes his utmost responsibility to protect hos father’s men and the Roma people. His scientific mind snd technologically aided structure helps him in his quest for control. This makes him one of the richest comic book characters with a net worth of 35 billion dollars. 

6. Scrooge Mcduck

Scrooge Mcduck

This Walt’s Disney adorable character has made everyone’s childhood a piece of memoir. The credit goes to Carl Barks and the Walt Disney Company. He is depicted as a greedy business person with too much of accumulated wealth. Ironically, he becomes the most loved hero and an adventurer. ‘Uncle Scrooge’ is his existing comic book series. Undoubtedly, this wealthy business person has the real Time net worth of 65.4 Billion Dollars. 


5. Lex Author

lex luthor

Let’s be impartial and introduce our supervillians too. This DC comics veteran was originally an insane scientist and later portrayed as an enemy to Superman. He got no powers but when he wears his warsuit, he certainly becomes a subject of action. This supervillian always believes in power and domination which makes him one of richest comic book characters with an estimated of 75 Billion Dollars. 

4. Batman

batman net worth

One of the richest comic characters can fly with his black appealing suit. He is np other than our beloved DC Comics Superhero created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. He explores and monitors Gotham streets and defend it from Gangsters. Later he is depicted as a superhero with the sense of morality and social justice. He is one of the most promising and richest comic book characters with a net worth of 80.5 Billion Dollars. 

3. Iron Man 

iron man net worth

Everyone must be familiar with this mechanized suit of Armour feeding the needs of the world. What he wears is certainly a ‘weapon of mass destruction’. His appearance showcase the theme such as that of ‘Cold War’ and American Technology. He is the founding member of Avengers and is the third richest comic book characters with a net worth of 100 Billion Dollars. 

2. Black Bolt 

black bolt

This genetically modified King of Inhumans of Attilan is a marvel fictional character who is considered to be arrogant and having a supersonic ability. His vocal chords is certainly the strongest explosion. He is responsible for safeguarding the interests of Inhumans and to prevent his brother Maximus to usurp the throne. His net worth is estimated at 240 Billion Dollars. 

1. Black Panther 

black panther richest comic book character

He is the creation of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby appearing for Marvel Comics. The story of Black Panther begins from the creation of T’Challa in Wakanada community, when he later becomes a powerful, nearly superhuman entity as Black Panther. He first appeared in the Fantastic Four and then later joined Avengers. This saviour of Wakanada Community is the richest comic book character with a net worth of 90.7 trillion dollars.

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