Top 30 Greatest White Rappers In The World

Greatest White Rappers

Hip-Hop genre , especially rap has never failed to entertain the audiences and listeners. There are legends who have valued and continued the legacy of this hip-hop world and music. This genre of music has been one among many  platforms for  aspiring musicians . There is always a sense of joy and energy in this music. For many this music has been more like a caffine , very motivating and vibrant. The legacy of this genre has been sustained by many aspiring and greatest rappers of all time.

Would you  mind listening to these musicians? I suggest you should take a look at who are the top 30 greatest white rappers. 

Top 30 Greatest White Rappers

30. Chris Webby 

Chris Webby

He admired Eminem and started battling his counterparts to become one of the greatest white Rapper. His first mixtape release was titled as ‘The White Noise LP’  and has created over 10 mixtape till date and  his songs are often visible in the Billboard list. He is associated with other greatest rappers like Mac Miller, Tech N9ne and Kid Ink among others. His recently released studio album is titled as ’28 days later’. His overall achievements makes him one of the greatest white Rapper.

29. Asher Roth

Asher Roth

He gets his inspiration from eminent artists such as Jay-Z amd Eminem. Atlanta , primarily the Atlanta Records has always been a suitable place for this artist to make a career in music. His first official release was Don Cannon and DJ Drama. His debut single ‘I love college’ gave him quiet a good recognition. His recently released ‘concept album’ titled  as Greenhouse Effect Vol. 3 has over 10 songs and was created in the wake of pandemic. 

28. Hoddie Allen

Hoddie Alle

A Former Google employee made a major breakthrough in music carrer with his first EP Titled as ‘All American’. His recent fourth studio album is titled as ‘Whatever USA’. He has featured with artists like, Kina Granis, Jared Evan, Outasight among others. His appearance in Jake and Amir, a TV series adds to his success. 

27. Pitbull

Pitbull 2

This iconic and coolest American Rapper made his debut with M. I. A. M. I. Besides being a musician, he is a well known business figure and brand ambassador. His song titled as ‘Timber’ featuring Keisha was a great hit in various countries. The most significant part about him is his appearance in The FIFA World Cup 2014 theme song ‘We are one’. His songs has hit the Billboard list, youtube views among other achievements making him one of the greatest white Rapper. 

26. Vinnie Paz

Vinnie Paz

This legendary and one of the greatest white Rapper is a frontman of Army of the Pharaoh and is associated with record labels like, Baby grande Records and Super regular Records. Besides he is the person behind the Philadelphia Underground Hip hop lyrics. He made his debut with ‘Season of the Assassin’ and his recently released studio album is titled as ‘Burn Everything That Bears your name’ . 

25. Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic

 This accordion player is a versatile musician and a Rapper having claimed the honorary award such as Grammy, Gold Record and Platinum Record. His first studio album was a self titled album ‘Weird Al Yankovic in 1983. This comedy musician’s most loved songs inckude Smells Like Nirvana, White and Nerdy, Eat it, Another one rides the bus, among others.

24. Paul Wall

Paul Wall

This American Rapper and DJ has achieved initial commercial success with Chamillionaire and is mostly associated with Swishahouse Records. In his name exists the title of ‘Best Rap Performance as a Duo or Group’ for the song titled as ‘Grillz’. His recent album is titled as ‘Hall of fame Hustler’ which sounds very motivating. 

23. Kid Rock 

Kid Rock

He is an American Rapper, a country song artist and also a heavy metal expert. He made his debut with Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast in 1990. His commercial success came off from ‘Picture’ and ‘Summer Long’. He is associated with Beast Crew, Atlanta and Jive Records. This versatile artist has claimed eminent title such as Favorite Alternative Artist, World’s best selling male artist among others. 

22. EI-P


This alternative hip-hop artist was formerly the member of Company Flow and presently owns a record label ‘Definitive Jux Record’. His debut solo album is titled as ‘Fantastic Damage’. He us associated with Run the Jewels, a duo hip hop band and has recently released RTJ4 as their studio album. 

21. Lil Wyte

Lil Wyte

He owns the music label ‘Wyte Music’ and was initially associated with Shelby Forest Click.  He made a serious transition through his debut ‘Doubt me Now’. His recent album is titled as ‘Drug and Liquior’ and has more than 15 songs. His charismatic appearance and composition makes him one of the greatest white Rapper. 

20. Tyler Joseph

Tyler Joseph 2

He is the frontman of the famous American Hip hop band Twenty One Pilots. Before joining The band he did many solo albums and singles and the greatest hit was ‘ No Phun Intended’. He is well versed in various genres and their album ‘blurryface’ created a havoc amongst their followers. His dedication and support towards the band helped them earn more than 6 Grammy. Their recent album is titled as ‘Scaled and Icy’.

19. Everlast

Everlast 1

 The Grammy Award winner for his successful ‘Whitey Ford’ is a versatile American Rapper previously associated with House of Pain. His range of style includes alternative rap, hardcore rap and rap – rock. His debut release was titled as ‘Forever Everlasting’ which was in association with Ice-T’s Rhyme Cartel. Je later joined a group named as La Coka Nostra, a hip-hop association. His recent album Whitey Ford’s House of Pain has over 10 songs and has if certainly flooded with good reviews.

18. Brother Ali 

Brother Ali 5

He is an iconic hip hop legend and a community leader too. His beliefs and principles is often visible in his compositions which makes him a socially conscious white Rapper. For this reason, preferred track from his list would be ‘Own Light’. His single release, Uncle Sam Goddamn, earned him positive acclaim and recognition. His name often appears in the Rolling Stone’s Magazine. 

17. Ritzz


. He is the most loved and legendary  Rapper  of the Strang Music Label and now owns his own record label. Exposed to musical instruments from his early age, he is now one of the greatest white Rapper who shares a musical journey with Yeawolf. His latest  single  and studio album is titled as ‘Better Myself’  and ‘Ritzzmas’. 

16. R. A The Rugged Man 

R. A The Rugged Man

Rugged Man started his carrer in his early 12 and signed his first record deal with Jive Records and later with Priority Capital Records. He has been visible as a featuring artists with eminent rappers including Eminem and B. I. G. Besides, he is a film producer, writer and a columnist and his contents are visible in The Ego Trip Book of Lists and Racism, besides, in magazines like the Vibe and the King. He earned fame with his Die,Rugged Man, Die album back in 2004. His album Legends Never Die found its way in the Billboard list. His recent album All My Heroes are Dead was released in 2020. 

15. NF


This fifteenth greatest white Rapper has appeared in Billboard  200 Chart for his Studio albums Perception and The touch. It was his debut album ‘Moments’ that influenced Xist Music, a production house for signing a record deal. His creations are very much audible in various reality shows and games. His recent mixtape release is ‘Clouds’ which is also his fifth studio album. 

14. Action Bronson 

Action Bronson

This legend has been titled as ‘one of the most promising prospects in New York Hip-hop’. Besides, he is associated with various TV Shows and is a Chef too. Starting his carrer in 2011, Dr Lecter was his debut studio album. This charismatic Hip – hop legend is also associated with Warner Bros Records and Atlantic Records. His recently released album is titled as ‘Only for Dolphins’

13. Post Malone

Post Malone

This versatile and overrated artist has more than a single genre to offer. His range of style includes Hip hop, pop, Rap and blues and trap. Previously he was associated with a metal band and his first self-made and edited ‘Young and After Them Riches’ makes him one of the greatest white rappers. His ‘White Iversion’ bought him credit and recognition from record labels. He’s also associated with Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour and has also appeared in Jimmy Kimmel Live shows. Who doesn’t remember his overrated ‘Psycho’ which streamed across multiple social media networks and also hit the Billboard Hot 100 list. 

12. Beastie Boys 

Beastie Boys

Once a musical bsnd of three is now the legacy of  Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz. This American Hip Hop band was previously a Punk band and made a serious transition since 1983. Licensed to Ill was their first album which got featured in the Billboard 200 chart. Their music and masterpiece have been used for various commercial purposes. Ill Communication, Sabotage Get it Together and Some old Bullshit were their top selling and record breaking albums. You must not miss their recently released documentary ‘Beastie Boys Story’. 

11. Dave Burd

Dave Burd

A comedian can actually be one of the greatest white Rapper and an actor too. YouTube was once flooded with his famous ‘Ex-boyfriend’ back in 2013, which is also his first release. He’s also associated with the collab music video ‘Earth’ which intended to create awareness regarding the environmental issues. Besides, as a comedian and actor, he is associated with Dave, The Lego Batman movie and Lil dicky : Earth

10. Aesop Rock

Aesop Rock

He started his carrer with a low budget, self-funded record ‘Music for Earthworms’ back on 1997. He’s now the tenth greatest White Rapper who released his recent album in 2020 titled as ‘Spirit World Field Guide’. He is often regarded as one of the  forerunner of underground and alternative hip hop scene. He had his first record deal with Mush Label in 1999. Moreover, he is also associated primarily with Nike+iPod running system track named as ‘All day’. 

9. House of Pain 

House of Pain

Danny Boy founded this band of Rappers which was previously a trio American Hip hop band. They now appear unitedly only on  music festivals and tours. The member includes Everlast, Danny Boy and DJ Lethal. Their first record breaking album was ‘Jump Around’. They were last visible on their 25th Anniversary Show in multiple venues. 

8. Mike Shinoda

Mike Shinoda

This legend is a part and parcel of the greatest alternative metal band ‘Linkin Park’. Besides, he is a music producer and a song writer and his music tracks will leave you amazed. He co-founded the well known record label ‘Machine Shop Records’. If you really want to know how he feels like, you must listen to his recently released ‘Post Traumatic’, a tribute to legendary Late Chest Bennington. He has always been the greatest contributer to the band since their ‘Hybrid Theory’ and manages all the technical needs of the band.

7. Macklemore


Who doesn’t remember the top selling record ‘thrift shop’ back in 2013. If you were looking for the seventh greatest white Rapper, Macklemore, an American Rapper and music producer is the answer. He’s been touring and doing live performances since his last album Gemini. He’s the receipent of 4 Grammy Awards claiming the title of ‘Best new artist’, ‘best rap song’ among others. 

6. Logic

Logic 1

This two time Grammy award nominee is an American Rapper and a producer. His ‘Young, broke and Infamous was his first mixtape release. His albums namely’ Under Pressure ‘ and ‘ the incredible story ‘ is certainly his highest achievement of his hip-hop journey. He returned to his world of music after a short temporary retirement with the release of ‘ this bright future ‘. He’s also working with twitch as a beat producer and he chats with audiences and plays video games too.

5. Yelawolf


This tattooed legend earned a good name and fame in the rap music scene since his ‘Trunk Muzik EP’ of 2010. He is an American rapper and has appeared for the first time in Television reality show ‘The Road to Stardom with Missy Elliot’. He collaborated with Columbia Records  for his album ‘Fearin’ and Loathnin’ in Smalltown , USA. Till date , he has featured with the most renowned and all time favorite  artists Ed Sheeran, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar among others. His ‘Love Story’ topped the R&B/Hip-hop list recently. 

 4. G-Eazy

G Eazy 2

A record producer in the his early days is now one of the greatest white rappers  and a well known philanthropist. His first record breaking album was ‘These Things Happen’ . He earned recognition as a aspiring rapper back in 2008 in the East Bay Area. His latest singles and studio albums includes , Step Brothers, Good Life,  The Beautiful and Damned and Everything’s Strange Here

 3. Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly

His fans would always love to hear his rock influenced rap songs. He did his first album in 2012 ‘the Lace Up’ for which his songs were able to hit the Billboard list. He featured with Camila Cabello for their ear-twisting and record breaking album ‘ Bad Things’. As per the recent records , he wished to collaborate with Blink 182’s drummer for his ‘Born With Horns’. In his name , exists various awards and nominations especially the MTV Video Music Awards, Ohio Hip hop awards and Billboard Music Awards among others.

2. Mac Miller

Mac Miller

This legend started  his rap career   at the age of 15 years. He made a major entry in the American hip-hop scene with his debut ‘Blue Side Park’. Later, he founded ‘REMember Music’ , a record label. His  recent highest selling and record breaking albums are GO:OD AM, The Divine Feminine. Before his uncertain death in 2018 , he released his fifth studio album ‘ Swimming’ for which he earned his first Grammy Nomination. 

1. Eminem


This American rapper and a versatile artist would never let you down. His artistic works in the form of music has led to his universal recognition and credit. He made his debut with his ‘Infinite’ and ‘Slim Shaddy EP’. His other  top selling album includes Marshall Mathers, Encore and Elapse among others. He has appeared even in films such as 8 Mile, The Wash and The Funny Interview. He received his first Grammy for his record breaking album ‘the Slim Shady LP’ . His name in the Billboard lists have appeared many times making him the greatest white rapper.