Top 10 Richest Rockstars In The world

Richest Rockstars In The world

Music van drive everyone crazy and is the greatest source of happiness in Any form. This is not the only thing about music, it provides a platform for many to showcase their talents, creativity and make them achieve greater heights. Rockstars are not born they are created, it would be more suitable to state that they are self-made Rockstars. 

Fans and followers respect their good deeds , their albums gets sold for million dollars, they live infinitely and above all they are the express their emotions through their songs. Here in this article we would be discussing about some of the richest Rockstars that exists. 

Top 10 Richest Rockstars

10. Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr richest rockstars

The legendary Beatles always have the place for talents. Ringo, the drummer of the band is the richest drummer on earth and is the tenth richest Rockstar. Besides, he also writes songs and did many solo albums. He discovered and played percussion for the first time while being admitted to a hospital. Rory Storm and the Hurricane was his first band and in 1962 he joined The Beatles and won the hearts of the founding members and have contributed to the scaling success of the band. He owns a net worth of 350 million dollar making him tenth richest rockstar. 

9. Gene Simmons 

richest rockstars Gene Simmons 

He is the co-founder of the legendary band ‘Kiss’ and plays bass guitar. He drew inspiration from Beatles  and the so called ‘Beatles effect’. His first band was the ‘Missing Links’ when he was attending high school. Later, started jamming as a band in the clubs. Inspired by failures, he along with his friend Stanley founded the band ‘Kiss’. His wild looks is the result of his obsession about comics and horror films. His commercial success along with his band started back in 1970s with their highly paying albums ‘Alive’ and ‘Destroyer’. His current net worth is estimated at around 350 million dollars making him ninth richest rockstar. 

8. Mick Jagger 

Mick Jagger richest rockstars

His is the founding member and the front man of the famous ‘Rolling Stones’ and is known for his rock and blues world class compositions. His presence in the band has always proved to be a success to him and his band. He admires American Blues and R&B genres. His childhood band was ‘Little Boy Blues’. Started as a cover artist and a cover band he is now the most powerful and influencing songwriter. Their ‘Jumpin Jack  flash’ added more to his success and to his band as well. He now owns a net worth of Dollar 360 million making him the eight richest Rockstar in the world. 

7. Sting 

sting richest rockstars

Associated with ‘Police’, a rock band from England is a well crafted musician having the knowledge of jazz, rock and pop genres. He admired and followed Beatles from his tender age. It was in 1977 that he lined up with Stewart Copeland and Henri Padovani and kicked off his carrer. His ‘Every breathe you take’ was a popular hit. He also did several solo songs and performances, ‘The dream of the blue turtles’ being the first. He was inducted into the songwriter hall of fame in 2002 and has received too many credits and recognition and is known for his interest in social causes. His net worth is estimated at 400 million dollar making him seventh richest rockstar. 

6. Jon Bon Jovi 

Jon Bon Jovi

Who doesn’t recognize the front man of the famous Rock and Roll band ‘Bon Jovi’. This out of the box talent is well known for his interests and influence in ballads, guitar riffs and a consciously crafted melodies. He drew his inspiration from Bruce Springsteen, the fourth richest Rockstar and also from Asbury Jules. It was with Atlanta City Expressway that he started his music carrer. Working with the legendary bands, Scorpions, Kiss and Judas Priest, he was able to earn a good fame and acclaim. His ‘Living on a plane’ and ‘Wanted dead or alive’ skyrocketed. His recent single includes ‘Unbroken’ and ‘Limitless’. His net worth of 410 million dollar makes him the sixth richest Rockstar. 

5. Elton John 

 Elton John 

A famous British pop and rock oriented musician is a self made richest Rockstar. He started off at his early age of 4. His music carrer began with ‘Bluesology’. His first hit was ‘ Your Song’ and is well known for his live shows back in 1970s. His achievements were recognized by Queen Elizabeth II in 1994. He, along with Taupin received tje Golden Globe in 2020. His net wroth us estimated at 500 billion dollar. 

4. Bruce Springsteen 

Bruce Springsteen 

He is an American Rockstar, a singer and a song writer who was inducted to the Rock and Roll hall of fame back in 1999. He is associated with his E Street Band. He derives inspiration from Elvis Presley. His involuntary drafting in the military service made him decide about his music carrer. He started in the early 1960s. He was known by the name ‘Boss’ for his managerial ability. His first studio album took a leap in 1973 ‘ The Greeting from Asbury Park, N. J’. His debut album was the Wild, the Innocent and the E Street shuffle. It was only in 1975 with his ‘Born to run’ he earned fame. His songs was the subject of 3 Grammy Awards back in 2012. His overall achievement makes him the fourth richest Rockstar in the world. 

3. Jimmy Buffet

Jimmy Buffet

He is a veteran American folk country singer and songwriter. He started by signing his first record contract in 1973. His sixth album ‘Margaritaville’ put him in the limelight. Bhis debut albums are Down to earth and High Cumberland Jubillee. Another significant achievement was with the coming of his ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise’ which helped him earn name and fame. Besides, he owns a custom record levels, businesses and estates. His real time net worth is estimated at 600 million dollar. 

2. Bono 


He is an Irish Musician, the front man of U2. It was their sixth album ‘the Joshua Tree’, a Grammy winning album, that made them receive universal acclaim and acceptance. He was also honoured by Queen Elizabeth II. He joined the band while attending his high school. He is a songwriter for the band as well and derives his inspiration from politics and religion. For this reason he is also known for his charity deeds and social activism. Bono has worked for Spider Man: turn off the dark and also for Apple. His net worth of 700 million dollars makes him the second richest Rockstar in the world. 

1. Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

Associated with the greatest Rock amd Roll band, ‘the Beatles’ is a Britain based vocalist, songwriter and a composer. He has won over million hearts in his entire music carrer. He joined Lennon for songwriting and composing them. They really did better in terms of finance and creativity. He has   profound interests for ballads and love song and started writing them when he was just 14. The popular hit is ‘Hey Jude’ of 1968. He is also a bass player, in fact a versatile musician, besides being a solo artist. His recent albums include Memory Almost Full, New and Egypt Station. On record he has achieved over 60 gold records and sales of more than 100 million singles, making him the richest Rockstar in the world with a net worth of 1.2 billion dollar.