Top 10 Most Popular K-pop Idols

Most Popular K-pop Idols

The entire music industry have been observing significant changes since the recent past. One such significant change is with the coming of K-pop culture. They represent the South Korean culture and music taste and have been gaining the support of millions of fans and followers. They exhibit various music genres especially pop, jazz, blues, and hip hop among others. Their journey began in the year 1993 and now have dominated much percentage of the music industry.

This article will not just be about the K-pop celebrities, but the top 10 most popular K-pop idols.

Top 10 Most Popular K-pop Idols

10. Lee Ji-Eun

Lee Ji-Eun Most Popular K-pop Idols

She is a popular South Korean singer and actress who made her singing debut in 2008 with teh labum titled as Lost and Found. She found her place withh the release of Good Day. She is often referred to as ‘Liitle Sister’ and ‘Nation’s Sweethheart’. Her career is marked by a total of 5 studio album,s and 27 singles. In addition to that, she has been hosting various television shows and has appeared in various films like Dream High and Pretty Man.

9. Kim Hyun-Joong

Kim Hyun-Joong  Most Popular K-pop Idols

He is the member of the popular Koreanm band ‘SS501’ and also appears in many South Korean films. His debut album was with his band in 2005 and after gaining confidnce, he started releasing solo albums as well. As a newcomer to he music industry he won Japan Gold Disc Award back in 2008. His first ever appearnce in bigger sdcreen was for ‘Boys over Flowers’. for which he received prestigious accoldaes like Most Popular Actor Award. He is one of the most popualr K-pop idols who never fails to appease audience.

8. Jeno 


One of the member of NCT is a popualr actor, rapper, television host, and a professional dancer. He started hsi journmey working in various South Korean T.V commercials. He was initially assocaited with SM Entertaintment, particularly the Exo 19: 2014 and teh Mickey Mouse Club. It was in 2016, he debuted as part of NCT with a record-breaking album ‘Empathy’. He is one of the most popualr K-pop idols who is yet to break the records.

7. Jennie


Initially associated with Pinkgirl is a popular South Korean rapper. Her first ever solo album was titled as ‘Solo’, that was a successfyul; release in 2016. She became viral as teh ‘Mystery Girl’ while her photograph was posted in teh officaial blog of YG Entertainment. She later recieved much attention appearing for G-Dragon music videos. Her solo album was a huge success for her and brough her accoldaes like the Song of the Year and the Digital Bonsang award.

6. Jimin 


He is the memeber of BTS and an actor vy profession. His forst ever song was with his group titled as ‘No more Dream’. He initially heled tehposition of the lead vocalist and a dancer. “Serendipity” and “Lie” which is his solo songs from BTS received greater attention across variosu platforms, especially Spotify. He break the record of the osng’Psy’ by accumulating over 50 million streams for each of his solo songs. He stands in the hall of fame as one of the most popular K-pop idols.

5. Sehun 


The member of Chinese group EXO is a very popular South Korean rapper, actor, dancer, and a model. His first ever encounter for a successful journey was with SM Entertainment where he was invited to appear in the extended play ‘Mama’. Thereafter, he became popualr as the permanenet cast for Netflix ‘Busted’. He have also been the brand spokesperson for Dr. Jart +. He is alsp associatd with recently releasded movie titled as ‘Catman’ and would also appear in the drama ‘Now, we are breaking up’.

4. Jisoo 


She is the memeber of Black Pink and a popular South Korean singer adnd an actress. In August 2016, she made her debut as a member of the YG Entertainment girl group Blackpink. She had her first starring part in the JTBC series Snowdrop after making her acting debut in a cameo in the 2015 television series The Producers.

3. Kim Tae-Hyung 

Kim Tae-Hyung 

South Korean singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor Kim Tae-hyung, better known by his stage name V, is signed to Big Hit Music. He does dances, sings, and appears in BTS’s videos. He debuted with BTS on Mnet’s M Countdown on June 13, 2013, performing the song “No More Dream” off their first single album, 2 Cool 4 Skool. he is one of the most popular K-Pop idols with over millions of fans.

2. Lisa


She is a South Korean based singer, rapper, and a dancer associated primarily with Black Pink. Her first ever solo album titled as ‘Lalisa’ has become one of teh top-favorite song acropss all the social media platforms like Tiktok and Instagram. Her interest in the K-pop industries influenced her to take audition for becoming part of YG Entertainment. she is also associate with modeling and it was for the streetwear brand. She has collaborated with Artist like DJ Snake for the song title as ‘SG’. she is one of the most popular K-Pop idols with over millions of fans.

1. Jungkook 


This youngest vocalist of the famous South Korean band BTS recendly thrilled the internet showcasing his boxing talent. His debut was with teh solo song performed by the band titled as ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’. His three major solos from the band has been featured in the Billboard’s World Digital Sales chart. He was ordained alongside with his band mate with the prestigious ‘Order of Cultural Merit’. He was also tha part of One Dream, One Korea campaign of 2015. Moreover, he coolaborated with Charlie Puth fo the very popular song ‘We don’t talk anymore’. He is the most popular K-pop idol till date.


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