Top 10 Most Beautiful Ethiopian Models

Most Beautiful Ethiopian Models

Ethiopia is a land of diversity, multiple culture, beautiful men and women are part and parcel of the larger territory. Visiting the land could be more than just an adventure for many. Most specifically one cannot avoid falling in love with the most beautiful women that one could not found anywhere else. Sit back, relax and help yourself in exploring the top 10 most beautiful Ethiopian models. They are not just beautiful outside but they have a good heart and could be considered as the gem of Ethiopia.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Ethiopian Models

10. Tahounia Rubel

Tahounia Rubel most beautiful Ethiopian model

She is one of the most beautiful Ethiopian model, singer, and television personality who is well known for winning the Italian version of Big Brother. Moreover, she also served as the Driving course instructor at the Israeli Defense Forces. She made her fortune in London by joining various campaigns of brands like MAC Cosmetics and Diesel. She was named as ‘The Israeli Supermodel’ back in 2012 because of her winning of local contest. Besides, she has been the voice-over artist for various commercials of Unilever. In her name exists a 45 minute documentary produced by Galit Gutman.

9. Titi Aynaw

Titi Aynaw beautiful Ethioipian model

This beauty with power holds the title of ‘Miss Israeli’ in 2013 and also represented Israel in the Miss Universe 2013. She has become the people’s favorite because of her elegance, personality and also because of her service as part of the Israeli Defense Forces. She was the face behind the assistance received by many Jews immigrants. It was because of her massive success that she became a part of Survival franchise.

8. Lola Monroe

Lola Monroe beautiful Ethiopian model

she is an American rapper of Ethiopian descent and a successful model and an a actress. she maid her acting debut in queen of media and later appeared along side Kenya west and trey’s songs. As a singer she released her first ever song in the year of 2009. till today she has released over six mixtapes and over ten singles. some of her popular hits are Boss bitch, untouchables, lipstick and pistoles, overtime and Darling. In addition to that she has appeared in many Italian films like video girl, The platinum life and many more.

7. Israela Avtau

Israela Avtua beautiful Ethiopian model

She came to New York in the hope that she will succeed in finding a good modelling agency. Because of her elegant looks and personality she made it to Elle, Allure, and Glamour U.S.A. Moreover, she has appeared in commercials of popular brands like Ralph Lauren and Clinique. she never believed that she would be the part of multibillion dollar campaign for the all-time favorite cosmetic brand ‘Avon’. There are lot of prospects and massive success waiting for this one amongst ten most Beautiful Italian women.

6. Senait Gidey

Senait Gidey beautiful Mexican women

She is a successful and one of the most beautiful women and model of Canada with a Ethiopian descent. She came to limelight when she was discovered in one of the mega modelling event titled as ‘ Boot camp to bigtime’. She asserts that IMG and Elmer has been very supportive in making her a successful model. Moreover, she became the pride of Africa as she was the only girl from the place to be faetured in Karl Lagerfeld’s Fall competition.

5. Gelila Bekele


Her elegance and beauty is expressed in her social activism and in her films. Besdies, she is a model who started at the age p 19 by appearing in the fashion brand and cosmetic commercials like Levi’s, Diesel, Michael Kors, and H&M among others. She is a firm advocate of Girls’ rights and believes in equal opportunities and status of both men and women. Her documentary titled as ‘Mai: Life isn’t just Honey’ went very popular. In addition to it, she has authored the book titled as ‘Guzo’. She is one of the most beautiful Ethiopian women with too many fans and followers.

4. Sayad Demissie

Sayad Demissie beautiful Ethiopian model

She is a talented and beautiful Ethiopian model, actress, and singer. She has claimed the title of ‘Miss Ethiopia’ in 2004 and represented Ethiopia for Miss Universe in 2005. Some of her popular songs include Mela Mela and Kenie Gar New. As far as her debut fil is considered, it was a popular hit titled as ‘Sara’. Some of her highest-grossing films are Laundry Boy, Adamt, and ‘She is Ethiopian’.

3. Mearg Tareke

Mearg Tareke beautiful Ethiopian model

Like other successful models, she decided to move to New York. She is considered to be very kind, beautiful, and kind-hearted. As she comes from a middle class family, she is more of a down-to-earth person and have founded a non-profit organization for helping girls at her region. She is part of the recent television series titled as ‘The Bachelor’. She began her modelling journey at the age of 20 and was the winner of the ‘Face of the Show’ modelling competition back in 2013.

2. Sara Nuru

Sara Nuru beautiful Ethiopian model

She is one of the most beautiful Ethiopian model, the winner of Germany’s Next Top Model, Season 4. Beside, she is a successful entrepreneur and has been the ambassador for the sustainable development program in Organized by the Federal government of Germany. Initially she worked for companies like Sony Ericson and Gillette. She started coming to limelight when appearing for London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Berlin Fashion Week.

1. Liya Kebede

Liya Kebede beautiful Ethiopian model

Leading the list is the Most Beautiful Ethiopian Model, health advocate, and a popular fashion designer. As a health advocate she has been the Ambassador of WHO for their Maternal, Newborn and Child Health campaign. She was first discovered by Tom Ford for the Gucci Fall competition back in 2000. As a popular model, she is associated with magazines like The Vogue and Times Style Design among others. She earned lots of fame by appearing in the brand campaigns for Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, and Louis Vuitton.


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