Simple Video Content Ideas For Your Business

Simple Video Content Ideas

In this rapidly progressing digitized world, netizens have become fond of videos as the most loved media worldwide. The significant demand for good-quality videos in today’s modern world has made several businesses leverage them for growth, revenue, and expansion. 

More and more SME (small- and medium-sized enterprises) businesses have started incorporating videos in their long-term marketing strategy. However, it’s the marketer’s role to understand the target audience and come up with the best video creation idea for the business. 

Also, the marketer needs to make sure that the animator implements creative video ideas that depict the business’s product or service as the best in the market. 

“According to research, an estimated 83.3% of internet users in the US had access to online video content in 2020. Also, in the US, about 85% of the internet audience watches online videos in their free time.” 

This is why businesses are eager to know the tricks and ways to start using videos for business. And, below are a few most simple and efficient ways to do that. 

1. Creating Videos For Social Media Platforms 

Social media is considered the best advancement of the internet. Whether it’s entertainment, interaction, apps, games, or the successful promotion of various businesses, social media has always come up as the ultimate source of engagement. That said, multiple businesses have started utilizing the power and potential of social media to lure more customers and ensure their loyalty. 

You can simply make videos for all your social media channels employing video editing software or currently trending cloud-based easy-to-operate free online video editing tools and services. You can post the videos and let them spread on top social media networks, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and more. It will give a bigger impression of your business’s presence, and millions of audiences will recognize your brand. Whatever may be the video idea, make it relevant, interesting, and captivating. 

2. Video-Based Social Networking Platforms 

On-demand video websites have turned out to be a mainstream idea in the modern-day social networking world. The videos posted by several bloggers have once again influenced the customer’s buying behavior. 

For example, YouTube, which is one of the most prominent on-demand video platforms, opens the doors to great opportunities for businesses worldwide to advertise their products and services to pave the road to growth. Several startup organizations have already created and shared their brand’s promotional video on YouTube and received a significant number of shares and engagement. 

3. Business Explainer Videos 

Explainer videos are short (less than a minute), engaging, funny, and commercially animated videos. On average, the explainer videos can either be about a minute or one and a half minutes in length. These videos can be made these days using explainer video creator online tools with pre-built templates to provide information about the business’s specific product or service. 

These videos help businesses lure their target audience while educating them about the product offering. Also, the explainer videos increase the audience’s curiosity to know more about your brand or product. 

4. Commercial Videos 

For a long time, commercial videos have made their way into our lives. Now, commercial videos have become brief videos with an enormous appeal that leverages quick and focused themes. 

Businesses use these videos to raise awareness about their specific product or the brand itself. These videos can vary from YouTube advertisements, and social media sharing to broadcast commercials. 

5. Webinars 

Webinars have turned out to be exceptional video workshops over the internet. These webinars can either be live, recorded, or hybrid. In several countries, webinars are considered as a way to educate prospects on some particular aspect that can be related to a specific product. The live webinar is the most effective way to interact with the target audience, introducing exclusive engagement and strong connections. 

Later, the webinar can spread some words about any product in a non-promotional tone but in an educating manner. Moreover, startup businesses can take the help of webinars to educate prospects on the ways of utilizing a product or service and how to upgrade it. 

6. Animated Videos 

Animated videos enable businesses to showcase almost any of their product, ideas, or concepts in the most compelling manner. Animated videos make the viewers attached to their visuals by triggering vibes among them. 

These videos make potential customers feel attached to a particular product and work excellently with various IT companies and services. Moreover, animated videos are ideal for branding strategies. A business video can be incorporated as a marketing aid without any hassle by using similar themes, colors, and styles. 

7. Live Action Explainer Videos For Business

These videos have proven to be beneficial for describing products or services that are too complex to understand. 

Live-action explainer videos are one of the most powerful mediums that help to connect with the audience, especially for businesses. 

In reality, people love watching others, as it enables them to establish an emotional connection, which is necessary and effective for storytelling. 

8. Branded Video Content 

These videos are considered to be the most effective for businesses. Exclusive media videos are mostly 60 seconds in length to target the primary audience with no portrayal or mention of a specific product or company. 

For example, you can make a short story video with no mention of your product or service whatsoever. The audience will automatically understand that it belongs to their brand or business. 

9. Live Video Streaming 

One of the widespread trends of 2023-2024 is live video streaming and Podcasting. With thousands of people making live videos regularly, businesses can make one for their product or service. Most importantly, live video streaming is highly effective in establishing trust among the target audience and driving more engagement. 

Podcasting is a powerful tool for businesses to drive engagement by providing a platform to share valuable content, insights, and stories directly with their audience. Through regular episodes, businesses can establish thought leadership, build a loyal community, and foster deeper connections with listeners. 

Podcasts offer a personal touch, allowing companies to showcase their brand personality, address customer pain points, and engage in meaningful conversations. Additionally, the convenience of on-demand listening helps reach busy professionals and consumers, enhancing brand visibility and loyalty in an increasingly digital world.

10. Creating Testimonial Videos 

If there’s anything that businesses need to develop trust among the audience with videos, they should go for testimonial videos. These videos include the expression of personal experiences of any specific product or service of the brand by the customers. 

Most businesses have started to blend testimonials with explainer videos to attract a huge pool of customers. Needless to say, it is indeed a great marketing strategy. 

Final Thoughts 

The different types of videos facilitate businesses in different ways. Your business can create and share videos for promoting products or services, ensuring brand awareness, and educating customers via tutorials and guides.