Panchayat (Amazon Prime) Full Web Series Analysis: Story, Episodes, Cast, Actors Salary, Release Date, Budget, OTT Response, Review, Ratings & More


Panchayat is an Indian Hindi-language comedy-drama web series directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra, that was Released on 3 April 2020 on Amazon Prime. The Web Series star Jitendra Kumar, Raghubir Yadav, Neena Gupta, Biswapati Sarkar, Chandan Roy are in title roles. The music was composed by Anurag Saikia. Here’s the complete Analysis of Panchayat cast and crew, storyline, Budget, OTT Response and More.

Panchayat (2021) Full Web Series Analysis: Release Date, Story, Plot, Episodes, Cast, Actors Salary, Actors Net Worth, Budget, OTT Response, Trailer, Songs, Awards, Review, Ratings & More

Directed byDeepak Kumar Mishra
Produced byAditya Chopra
The Viral Fever
Written byChandan Kumar
CinematographyAmitabha Singh
Edited byAmit Kulkarni
Music byAnurag Saikia
Original networkAmazon Prime Video
Original release3 April 2020
Running time20–40 minutes

Panchayat Web Series Storyline

Panchayat is a comedy-drama that follows Abhishek, an engineering graduate who, due to a lack of better career opportunities, accepts a position as secretary of a panchayat office in a distant hamlet in Uttar Pradesh. Stuck between eccentric locals and a harsh country lifestyle, Abhishek begins his employment with the sole goal of getting out of there as soon as possible, including studying for the CAT.

Abhishek Tripathi, a city resident in search of work after graduating from college, relocates to the tiny, rural town of Phulera to work as a secretary for the local council. His expectations of rural living, on the other hand, are vastly different from reality.

Panchayat Web Series Release and OTT Response

In January 2020, Amazon Prime Video will debut eight new Indian originals, with Panchayat being one of them. On March 29, 2020, the official trailer for Panchayat was released. On 3 April 2020, the series launched digitally on Amazon Prime Video. After fans requested it, the creators released the Tamil and Telugu dubbed versions of the series in May 2020.

On April 3, 2020, Amazon Prime Video released Panchayat. The series received mostly positive reviews from critics, who praised the leading actors’ performances, as well as the scripting, direction, and other significant technical aspects. Reviewers also praised TVF and its producers for creating a rural village setting as compared to previous projects, that were mostly set in an urban setting. The film received all of the nominations in the Comedy Series category at the first Filmfare OTT Awards, with the exception of Best Actress.

Panchayat Cast, Crew, Role, Salary, Remuneration & Net Worth

Here are the complete details of actors and actresses names in the Web Series.

1. Jitendra Kumar as Abhishek Tripathi

Jitendra Kumar as Abhishek Tripathi
InfoAbhishek Tripathi
Real NameJitendra Kumar
Salary Per Web SeriesRs. 25 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 14 crores +

2.Neena Gupta as Manju Devi

Neena Gupta as Manju Devi
InfoManju Devi
Real NameNeena Gupta
Salary Per Web SeriesRs. 15 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 28 crores +

3. Raghubir Yadav as Brij Bhushan Dubey

Raghubir Yadav as Brij Bhushan Dubey
InfoBrij Bhushan Dubey
Real NameRaghubir Yadav
Salary Per Web SeriesRs. 10 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 14 crores +

4. Biswapati Sarkar as Prateek

Biswapati Sarkar as Prateek
Real NameBiswapati Sarkar 
Salary Per Web SeriesRs. 8 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 14 crores +

5. Faisal Malik as Prahlad Pandey

Faisal Malik as Prahlad Pandey
InfoPrahlad Pandey
Real NameFaisal Malik
Salary Per Web SeriesRs.7 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 10 crores +

6. Chandan Roy as Vikas

Chandan Roy as Vikas
Real NameChandan Roy
Salary Per Web SeriesRs. 6 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 14 crores +

7. Pooja Singh as Rinky

Pooja Singh as Rinky
Real NamePooja Singh
Salary Per Web SeriesRs. 8 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 14 crores +

Panchayat Web Series Awards


Panchayat Web Series Videos

Panchayat Web Series Trailer

Panchayat Web Series Review

Panchayat has a lot of real chuckles throughout its eight episodes, but it also has a lot of rural weirdness that hasn’t been influenced by the progressivism Abhishek thought would transform the hinterland where he’ll be working.

The well-timed conversations and circumstances that keep you laughing throughout Panchayat are what keep it ticking. There are no major dramatic moments, but the loaf approach with comedy and the accompanying music score well. The screenplay, which wonderfully depicts the spirit of rural life, and the performances by a brilliant ensemble are eventually the secret weapons here. The characters’ eccentricities provide a good counterpoint to each other while remaining realistic and, luckily, literally not a single.

Abhishek Tripathi, played by Jitendra Kumar, is effortlessly believable as a city guy attempting to make his way through rustic life. His facial gestures and eyes brilliantly reflect Abhishek’s range of emotions, from isolation to monotony to fury.

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