Breathe: Into the Shadows (Amazon Prime Video) Full Web Series Analysis: Story, Episodes, Cast, Actors Salary, Release Date, Budget, OTT Response, Review, Ratings & More

Breathe: Into the Shadows

Breathe: Into the Shadows is an Indian Hindi-language action thriller web series directed by Mayank Sharma, that was Released on 10 July 2020 on Amazon Prime Video. The Web Series star Abhishek Bachchan, Amit Sadh, Nithya Menen, Saiyami Kher, Hrishikesh Joshi, Shrikant Verma, Plabita Borthakur, Ivana Kau, and, Shruti Bapna are in title roles. The music was composed by Alokananda Dasgupta. Here’s the complete Analysis of Breathe: Into the Shadows cast and crew, storyline, Budget, OTT Response and More.

Breathe: Into the Shadows (2021) Full Web Series Analysis: Release Date, Story, Plot, Episodes, Cast, Actors Salary, Actors Net Worth, Budget, OTT Response, Trailer, Songs, Awards, Review, Ratings & More

Directed by Mayank Sharma
Star CastAbhishek Bachchan
Amit Sadh
Nithya Menen
Saiyami Kher
Hrishikesh Joshi
Shrikant Verma
Plabita Borthakur
Ivana Kaur
Shruti Bapna
Abundantia Entertainment
Music byAlokananda Dasgupta
Original networkAmazon Prime Video
Original release10 July 2020
Running time45 minutes

Breathe: Into the Shadows Web Series Storyline

The show is focused on the lives of a Delhi-based couple named Avinash and Abha Sabarwal, who have a daughter named Siya who is six years old. Siya’s unexpected kidnapping signals a worsening of the situation. The kidnapper calls the couple and orders them to begin murdering a small number of people in order to liberate their daughter. On the other hand, Kabir Sawant, who has a history of his own, is given the case. Now, what are Avinash and his wife going to do?

Breathe: Into the Shadows Web Series Release and OTT Response

The first of the show’s 12 episodes aired on July 10, 2020. In October 2021, the show received a second season renewal. Breathe Into the Shadows is a web series with an excellent idea overall. You are mostly kept interested by the earthy characters, honest performances, and twists. You get bored at times by the 12 long episodes’ exceedingly long runtimes and poor pacing.

Breathe: Into the Shadows Cast, Crew, Role, Salary, Remuneration & Net Worth

Here are the complete details of actors and actresses names in the Web Series.

1. Abhishek Bachchan as Dr. Avinash Sabharwal/ J

Abhishek Bachchan as Dr. Avinash Sabharwal/ J Breathe: Into the Shadows
InfoDr. Avinash Sabharwal/ J
Real NameAbhishek Bachchan
Salary Per Web SeriesRs. 15 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 203 crores +

2.Amit Sadh as Kabir Sawant

Amit Sadh as Kabir Sawant
InfoKabir Sawant
Real NameAmit Sadh
Salary Per Web SeriesRs. 8 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 40 crores +

3. Nithya Menen as Abha Sabharwal

Nithya Menen as Abha Sabharwal
InfoAbha Sabharwal
Real NameNithya Menen
Salary Per Web SeriesRs. 8 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 20 crores +

4. Ivana Kaur as Siya Sabharwal

Ivana Kaur as Siya Sabharwal
InfoSiya Sabharwal
Real NameIvana Kaur
Salary Per Web SeriesRs. 2 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 4 crores +

5. Shrikant Verma as Jaiprakash

Shrikant Verma as Jaiprakash
Real NameShrikant Verma
Salary Per Web SeriesRs. 4 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 10 crores +

6. Saiyami Kher as Shirley

Saiyami Kher as Shirley
Real NameSaiyami Kher
Salary Per Web SeriesRs. 3 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 21 crores +

7. Plabita Borthakur as Meghna Verma

Plabita Borthakur as Meghna Verma
InfoMeghna Verma
Real NamePlabita Borthakur
Salary Per Web SeriesRs. 5 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 14 crores +

8. Hrishikesh Joshi as Prakash Kamble

Hrishikesh Joshi as Prakash Kamble
InfoPrakash Kamble
Real NameHrishikesh Joshi
Salary Per Web SeriesRs. 5 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 21 crores +

9. Shradha Kaul as Zeba Rizvi

Shradha Kaul as Zeba Rizvi
InfoZeba Rizvi
Real NameShradha Kaul
Salary Per Web SeriesRs. 5 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 14 crores +

10. Shruti Bapna as Natasha Garewal

Shruti Bapna as Natasha Garewal
InfoNatasha Garewal
Real NameShruti Bapna
Salary Per Web SeriesRs. 4 lakh +
Net WorthRs. 21 crores +

Breathe: Into the Shadows Web Series Awards


Breathe: Into the Shadows Web Series Videos

Breathe: Into the Shadows Web Series Trailer

Breathe: Into the Shadows Web Series Review

With a boom, Abhishek Bachchan enters the realm of online video. He performs well in the piece as the distraught father. He performs a custom character for you and astounds you with his antics. He cleverly conveys all of his suffering via his eyes rather than displaying himself in a frustrated way. Being a seasoned actress, Nithya Menen excels in her role as Abha. Nithya supports Abhisekh in his performance well and has perfect Hindi diction. The relationship is the centre of the narrative, and their chemistry is perfect.

Every episode has a clever twist that is well carried out. Sayami Kher performs well in her pivotal part and adds a lot of dimension to the production. As the officer, Amit Sadh is also amazing.

The show features a beautiful background soundtrack that enhances the watching experience. Although the plot seems straightforward, there are several good turns that are provided by the narrator. The middle episodes provide a surprising disclosure of a significant plot twist.

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