2 Best YouTube Rank Checker Tools (Free + Paid)

2 Best YouTube Rank Checker Tools
2 Best YouTube Rank Checker Tools

Want to check your YouTube video ranking?

Want to track YouTube video ranking posts for a specific keyword?

If your answer is yes, then a good YouTube rank Checker is all you need. In this resource, I’ll share some of the best and reliable YouTube rank Checker tools you can use to check video rankings.

So, without delay check out some of the best rank checkers for YouTube channels and videos.

2 Best YouTube Video Rank Checker Tools:

1. AccuRanker YouTube Tracker :

Accuranker is a popular YouTube channel rank tracking tool. The interface is beginner-friendly, and video rank tracking lets you track status on YouTube, Google and Bing.

To use the AccuRanker YouTube rank tracking tool, simply create an account (they offer a free trial), and add your YouTube channel as shown below:

Image By – Accuranker

To start tracking keywords you need your YouTube channel URL (ID) at this stage. You can find your YouTube channel ID on this page.

Now, add the keywords you want to track. You can use Studio.youtube.com to find keywords that drive traffic to your YouTube channel and add it to AccuRanker.

Add keywords On Accuranker
Image By – Accuranker

Once you add the keywords, AccuRanker will take some time to find the exact ranking of your existing YouTube videos.

From here, you can always check the YouTube rank of any tracked keyword, and comparing features will help you see if your ranking is going up or down.

For Pricing And More Details – ACCURANKER

2. Tudebuddy

Tubebuddy is the # 1 tool that every YouTuber should use. A list of the best YouTube video keyword trackers would be incomplete without mentioning TubeBody.

Here you can use the TubeBuddy Keyword Tracking Tool:

Download tubebuddy chrome extension

Login to the Tubebuddy Dashboard and click Search Rank Tracking > Keywords to track, and add the list of keywords you want to track:

Tudebuddy Keywords Tracking
Image By – Astrogrowth

Once you have added the video keywords that you want to track ranking, click on “Ranking Report”, and from here you can see the ranking of your video.

What is really useful here, you can also see the list of videos that are insulting you.

The option of viewing video rankings on YouTube, and Google search, makes it one of the best YouTube keyword rank checker tools.

Tudebuddy Keywords
Image By – Aherfs

If you haven’t used TubeBody before, just download their Chrome extension, and get started.

Tubebuddy also offers a report scheduling feature, which gives you an auto-ranking video ranking report (configurable) via email every week or month.

The rank checker feature is available from the Legend Plan, which starts at $ 49, and lets you track 50 keywords on YouTube and Google. Enterprise plan lets you track unlimited video keywords.

However, with any of TubeBuddy’s plans, you will be able to use YouTube Tag Rank Checker for free.

For Pricing And More Details – TUDEBUDDY

At the time of writing, both of these are the best way to track YouTube video rankings and any channel rankings.

Conclusion: Which is the best YouTube video keyword rank checker tool

For an agency, AccuRanker is an absolute value for money. For video bloggers who want to track a limited number of video keywords, TubeBuddy will do the needy.

Now, if you know of any other Youtube search rank tracker tool, let me know through the comment section below.