Virender Sehwag Gets A Lot Of Criticism For His Remarks Over SRH

Virender Sehwag is known for his so-called funny analysis of the game with a mixture of phrases and synonyms. But sometimes he just crosses the line and embarrasses himself. He prohibited commenting during the World Cup 2019 for making a funny remark and such a case has come to the fore again. This time he has a part of himself in a show.

The former Indian opener recently came up with his own dose of cricket named ‘Viru Ki Baithak’. On that show, Sehwag linked the IPL match previews and post-match analysis to his jokes in a lighter streak. There he raised a few eyebrows with some commentary on SRH, which made fans feel good. Virendra’s critical comments on SRH received a lot of support from supporters.

What comments did Virender Sehwag made?

Sehwag is known for his fearless batting and for batting along with his mouth. With this nature of his, he criticized SRH’s sluggish batting performance and joked that SRH should give a walkover in Mumbai. Sehwag made this statement knowing the fact that the game was going to be held in Sharjah.

“Mujhe lagta hain ki Hyderabad ko walkover dena chahiye, kyuni ki humare (SRH) batting mein dum nahi hain ki hum 200-250 run banaye. Hum toh 150 wale khilari hain, aur Mumbai ne agar peheli batting karli toh Mumbai banane wale hain 200 plus”, Virender Sehwag said at the pre-match show in cricbuzz. He made a similar comment in his show Veeru’s Baithak.

Translated into English, the comment is as follows: Hyderabad should give Mumbai a walkover as they do not have the batting strength to score more than 200 runs. Hyderabad is capable of putting a total of 150 on the board. And, if Mumbai bats first, they will put more than 200 on the board.

Supporters took him to heart and queued the retired cricketer on Twitter. One said, ‘Cheap too cheap’. Another has described Sehwag’s remarks to the team, Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Was Sehwag really wrong about what he said ?

However, Sehwag was not terribly wrong in his match analysis as Mumbai had crossed the double century mark to set a score of 208 after batting first. Furthermore, SRH lost the game by 34 runs as they failed to cross the 200-run mark, losing seven wickets to settle at 174. However, Hyderabad struggled hard to get close to the target. It was SRH’s bowling that was at fault. Siddarth Kaul of SRH took two wickets but scored 64 runs in the four-over quota. Sandeep Sharma also conceded 41 runs. In addition, some dropped catches empowered the Mumbai batsmen to score more runs on the trot.

Hopefully the fans forgive a little more in the coming days. Sehwag is good about his analysis. Despite this, he should use the right kind of words