Dual Apps – How to use dual WhatsApp in the same phone

Dual WhatsApp on Smartphone
Dual WhatsApp on Smartphone

Today’s article I will show you How to use dual WhatsApp accounts in the same smartphone with 100% free and easy method after reading this article you can easily use two WhatsApp accounts or any other social media account like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other in your smartphone.

People started using Whatsapp all over the world, but many people want to run Double or many WhatsApp accounts in the same Mobile. How to run Multi WhatsApp in the same Android Mobile Phone? Very few people would know about it.

Today I will tell you that How do we download Double WhatsApp Application to the same Mobile phone. And how are accounts created on it? All information about this will be available here.

So Let’s start with how to run Double WhatsApp Application in a Mobile Phone? First Of all, I will tell you that the option to make a double WhatsApp in the Xiaomi Mi Mobile Phone, Oppo Or Vivo. If you have a Mi , Oppo, Vivo mobile you can create a dual Whatsapp account. And you can run Multi WhatsApp.

i.e., you can run 2-2 WhatsApp on a mobile phone. If you don’t have a Xiaomi phone, there are other company phones like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, LG, Sony, HTC, ZTE, Huawei, TCL, Lenovo, Techno, Realme, InFocus, Honor, Nokia, and Others,

so follow the steps below to run double WhatsApp by following the methods below-

How to use dual WhatsApp on a single phone?

First Of all, You will need to download an App to run WhatsApp on your mobile phone. The app’s name is Parallel Space. See the steps below on how to run Multi WhatsApp from parallel space –

1. First of All Download and install by clicking on the download button at the bottom of your mobile phone

2. Open the Parallel Space App after installing it. (which was just downloaded to parallel Space App and installed)

Tap The Accept Button
Tap The Accept Button

3. Click there will be the Add App button.

Click The Add App Button
Click The Add App Button

4. Install apps as many as you already have on your device. Then Apps List will open. (Note That you must have WhatsApp App already installed).

add the whatsapp app
add the whatsapp app

5. Keep WhatsApp ticking out of the List. As shown in the screenshot below. After ticking, click the Add to Parallel Space button at the bottom.

6. If you open Parallel Space again, WhatsApp will appear in front. You can click there to create WhatsApp from another number.

If you don’t want to create a WhatsApp account, you can read more information by clicking below to share information about WhatsApp.

How to Add Multi-Application In Xiaomi Mi Mobile

  • First, go to Settings in Xiaomi Mobile and click Dual Apps there.
  • There will be a lot of Apps List opening.
  • If you want to make WhatsApp dual, turn on enable button in front of it
  • Dual WhatsApp app has been made on your mobile. Create a WhatsApp account with the new number on it.

I hope you’ve moved to run 2 WhatsApp on a mobile phone. and learn How to run Double WhatsApp in one mobile? multi Whatsapp Application Download. If you have any kind of information or problems, ask questions below?

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