Suryakantham Full Movie (2020): Story, Cast, Review, Budget, Box Office Collection, Songs, Awards & More

Suryakantham movie
Suryakantham movie

Suryakantham is a 2019 Telugu-language romantic drama movie starring By Niharika Konidela, Rahul Vijay, and Perlene Bhesania.

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Suryakantham Movie Story

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Abhi (Rahul Vijay) meets Pooja (Perlene Besania) for an arranged marriage. They were getting along well before the wedding, especially because Of The Abhi (Rahul Vijay) is Pooja’s childhood crush.

When Abhi’s parents schedule their marriage, Abhi uncovers a secret of his history. A few months ago, Abhi fell in love with Suryakantham (Niharika Konidela), a bold and naughty girl brought up by a mother (Suhasini). It took off well between them until Suryakantham unexpectedly disappeared for a year.

The rest of the movie is about how the surprising girl re-enters the weeks of Abhi’s life when Suryakantham (Niharika Konidela) begins loving Pooja.

Suryakantham Movie Cast

  • Niharika Konidela as Suryakantham
  • Rahul Vijay as Abhi
  • Perlene Bhesania as Pooja
  • Suhasini Maniratnam as Supriya, Suryakantham’s mother
  • Sivaji Raja
  • Satya as Sunny
  • Akshara Kishor as the child Suryakantham

Suryakantham Movie Budget

Suryakantham Movie is made on a budget of Rs 2 Crores all inclusive.

Suryakantham Movie Box Office Collection

Suryakantham Movie Box Office Collection of Rs 3 cr.

Suryakantham Movie Songs

1. Inthena – Sid Shriram, Shaktishree Gopalan

2. Po Pove – Karthik

3. Biscuit – Mounika Roy

Suryakantham Movie Awards

Suryakantham Hasn’t Get Any Award.( Till June 2020)

Suryakantham Movie Review

To be confident, this film has the tremendous performance. Very rare identities. In conclusion, the audience is spontaneous only criticized by the common scenes shown by the characters. This comes to be noticeable in the second half. Take pre-climax moments, for example. There was space for two scenes involving the comedian. Sensitive funny circumstances may have added texture. Rather, the movie moves toward an ending that is cliched as wanted.

Handling emotions is too heavy for Rahul Vijay. Forget him, even Niharika, who was capable of deep ‘Oka Manasu’, is found struggling emotionally in this series. Certainly, the director who matters the most!

If the performances are insignificant, the problems come with artificiality. The fate of Suhasini’s character is an example. The article comes with its share of passable sparks here and there. However, events occur according to a pre-determined template.

Niharika’s character is unique. She should have been portrayed in a better way but the movie breaks away from the nuances. Somewhere she becomes the grandmother of Ninnu Kori before, the proceedings, are closed as quickly as possible. The emotional bond between her and Abhi is being halted. However, there are a few moments of tender (the scene where he wants to see Pooja’s photo, only to refuse it for the next second), though.

The movie not only needed a few more characters, but also some additional dialogues between the characters. Director Praneeth provides it the feel of a web series, which is an aspect that has impacted films such as ‘Happy Wedding’ in recent times.

The Times of India gave the film 2.5 stars out of 5 and wrote that “the good news is, Niharika is disclosure as Suryakantham, a personality who is a stimulating change from a variety of damel-in-distress TFI.

The Hindu wrote that “the plot is nothing new, and by the end of the movie, it looks like another web series will be made on the big screen.

The News Indian Express gave the film two out of five stars and wrote that “with a strong first half, it is a shame that Pranit was no different from expecting high moments in the second half.”

The Hans India wrote, “The film has a weak story and dragging scenes that are minus points. All-around, Suryakantham is a good film but it can only be seen once.

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