MonsterInsights Review 2020 : Features, Add-ons, Pricing, Download & Free vs Pro

MonsterInsights Review 2020

MonsterInsights is the best plugin for Google Analytics In WordPress. MonsterInsights have more than 2 million active users, and it is also one of the popular WordPress Plugins. MonsterInsights have some key features that give your site’s analytics the most powerful and user-friendly to use.

MonsterInsights gives you to set up your google analytics in a few seconds. You can see easily how your website performing from your WordPress dashboard, because of the MonsterInsights you can see how your website is performing, which keywords are ranking, which post is ranking and where it’s ranking all the details will give you MonsterInsights so that you can grow your site easily.

The Developer of MonsterInsights Made this plugin for the user can understand their audience interaction with their content. When You use Google Analytics, you can get the experience of slowness, and you mixed-up to, but in the MonsterInsights, you can’t get the experience of these things. MonsterInsights gives you a detailed review of your website’s analytics.

If you’re serious about your website and your website contents, then you need to get useful analytics because Without realizing your audience’s behavior or your traffic source, how can you understand your traffic you need to get plugins like MonsterInsights that give the best strategies to grow your audience.

Today I will show you why you need the MonsterInsights plugin and what’s the features of MonsterInsights and how to use it and how it helps you to grow your revenue and traffic of your website.

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What is MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights is a WordPress plugin that gives you Google Analytics, Google Optimize on WordPress site. The best thing about the MonsterInsights plugin is you can see all of your Google analytics data on your WordPress sites dashboard.

Features Of MonsterInsights

  • Behavior Report – Behavior Report gives the report of your site that how people are finding you, from which keyword they search on the search engine.
  • Audience Report – Audience Report Helps you to get a detailed report about your stats like which devices are using the visitors, from which country visitors are coming from. Also, it can help to understand visitors’ gender and age.
  • Content Report – Content Report Feature helps you to get exactly which post is getting most views; then, you can understand and start creating a similar post.
  • Forms Report – This Feature Helps you to grow your business by giving the conversion stats from various contact forms.
  • Ecommerce Report -This Feature Of Ecommerce Report gives stats of your eCommerce sites total revenue, average order value, conversion rate, and your referral source.
  • Search Console Report – Search Console report gives you the report of your website is how well getting ranking on google.
  • Custom Dimensions Report – This Feature Will help you to get useful stats just like what is the best time of your site to publish the post, what are the most popular categories and tags, who are the famous authors of your website.

MonsterInsights addon 

MonsterInsights addon

1. Page Insights addon:

Page Insights add-on gives you to see your page’s google analytical data, and also, if you want to see the stats of your single post, you can see easily from this add-on. Once you install this add-on, you can view these stats from your site’s admin bar.

2. Affiliate Link tracking:

One of the best reasons to buy this monsterinsights plugin is the affiliate link tracking add-on. This feature gives you the highest converting visitors; then, you can focus on promoting your content.

Once you buy and activate this plugin, then you can configure your settings from going to Insights > Settings > Publisher.

3. Custom Dimension Report

Custom Dimensions Report gives you to add useful dimensions from your site to Google analytics. After activating this add-on, then you can track your Most Popular Categories, Most Popular Tags, Most Popular authors, Most Popular post type, Most Popular Focus Keywords.

4. Ecommerce Tracking for WordPress

Ecommerce Tracking for WordPress is one of the popular plugins for an eCommerce site. Once you activate this add-on, then you need to just enable this eCommerce setup from your google analytics dashboard. This will give your only 2 minutes later; you will automatically start tracking your e-commerce data.

You can see your e-commerce data from your sites WordPress dashboard.

This Are the four best add-ons of monsterinsights plugin, but there are more popular add-ons of monsterinsights.

  • AMP analytics module
  • Ad tracking module
  • Forms conversion module
  • Facebook Instant article module
  • Performance and optimize module

Monsterinsights pricing

Monsterinsights pricing
Monsterinsights pricing

MonsterInsights is a free plugin, but the developer of the plugin also added a paid version of the plugin for using more features of this plugin. Two million-plus users downloaded the free version of the MonsterInsights plugin with basic features.

If You have a good site with so much traffic, then you need to a paid plan of monster insights plugin .

Download Monsterinsights Pro plugin And Monsterinsights Free plugin

Installation Guide For Monsterinsights

  • Step 1 – Install the Monsterinsights plugin by above links or install the plugin for From WordPress “add plugins,” If you are using the premium version, then You need to buy(Purchase MonsterInsights Pro) and then follow a similar process. (See instructions on how to install a WordPress plugin)
  • Step 2. then you need to upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install the plugin from WordPress plugins.
  • Step 3 – Then, You need to Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ sections in WordPress.
  • Step 4 – Then go to the Dashboard->insights to configure the plugin.

MonsterInsights Review

MonsterInsights Review
MonsterInsights Review


If You are finding the best analytics plugin, then you should go with MonsterInsights free or MonsterInsights paid both options are the best with you.

If you want to try the free version, then you can use MonsterInsights Free version. Still, if you want the premium, then you can also get the MonsterInsights premium version.

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