LinkWhisper Review: Features, Download, Free vs Pro & Pricing

Linkwhisper review

If You Want an easy and faster way to build internal links? Then You Need LinkWhisper Plugin. Because LinkWhisper Plugin will help to gain valuable, powerful internal links without adding it manually.

Today, In This Article I will give you full details about the best wordpress internal link plugin. We all know that internal links is the one of the method that can inprove your Website Seo. Wikipedia Is the great example of internal Links.

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What is Linkwhisper WordPress plugin

Linkwhisper is one of that plugin that improves your site SEO; Internal Links Means Links That passes you from one page to another same site page, and with that method, you can enhance your site SEO.

With the help of Linkwhisper, you can easily analyze your site, and then linkwhisper can recommend all possibilities of creating new internal links. Linkwhisper also helps to fixing your cannibalization.

Linkwhisper plugin developed by Spencer Haws. There are many features and benefits of using Linkwhisper Plugin.

Features Of Linkwhisper

1. Internal Link Dashboard

Link Whisper Dashboard
LinkWhisper dashboard | Image Credite – ultimateblocks

Linkwhisper gives you a dashboard there You can analyze your site’s external and internal links to any articles. This is the best way to boost your site’s auto internal links, and you can also add the external links.

  • Find pages that have no internal links
  • Then click on + (add link), and then add internal links by clicking.

2. Automatic Link suggestions

Internal Links Suggestions
Internal Links Suggestions

Automatic Link suggestions Are the best feature of linkwhisper. This feature gives value for your money. Whenever your edit or write an article linkwhisper will automatically suggest relevant links in your article.

You can control all over your links. And the process of your linkings is super smooth and easy. Another best option in linkwhisper is you can select options to internal link suggestions within the category.

3. No limit On Adding Internal Links

In the linkwhisper Plugin There no restrictions and no limits to adding the internal links you can add links in bulk. You can add links by just going to report section and then click on add option.

There is also an option to add and remove word suggestions from anchor text. You only need to click the word. Even you are a beginner the process of adding internal links is so easy. You can add links in you are all blog post in just 10-20 minutes.

4. Benefits Of link whisper

Using Linkwhisper plugin there are many benefits like:

  • You can improve your search engine crawling
  • You can increase your average time on site
  • You can identify your pages on your site
  • You can reduce your sites bounce rates
  • You can easily see which posts have no or little internal links.

Linkwhisper Free vs Pro

LinkWhisper Free – If you are a beginner and can’t afford the premium version of linkwhisper, then you can get a free version of linkwhisper.

In the free version of the link version, you can get auto-suggestion, but you need to add it manually. You can also get the stats of the post of how much internal and external links are there.

Linkwhisper Premium Version – but you have a money and you have blog that have many post then you should buy a link whisper premium version.

  • You can add many links at once with anchor text. You need just to click the box, then linkwhisper will add links automatically.
  • You can edit, add or delete links quickly on your post, pages directly from the linkwhisper report page.
  • You can add internal links to your old posts. Because of these features, you can get a massive effect on your rankings in search engines.
  • You can add URLs or category or post on your site that you don’t want internal links, then link whisper will not give you the link suggestions on that page or post.
  • You can easily edit sentence with the link whisper.

Link Whisper Pricing

Linkwhisper Plugin Pricing
Linkwhisper Plugin Pricing
License SitesFeaturesPrice
Single Site License1All$67
Three Site License3All$97
Ten Site License10All$147

Linkwhisper Reviews

LinkWhisper Review
LinkWhisper Review
LinkWhisper Review
LinkWhisper Review

Download LinkWhisper Free

Download LinkWhisper Pro

Installation Guide For Monsterinsights

  • Step 1 – Install the Linkwhisper plugin by above links or install the plugin for From WordPress “add plugins,” If you are using the premium version, then You need to buy(Purchase Linkwhisper Premium) and then follow a similar process.
  • Step 2. then you need to upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install the plugin from WordPress plugins.
  • Step 3 – Then, You need to Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ sections in WordPress.
  • Step 4 – Then go to the Dashboard->Linkwhisper to configure the plugin


If You are finding the best Internal Links Plugin, then you should go with Linkwhisper. If You are a new in blogging then you need to download free version of linkwhisper. And but if you have a multi author site or many post then you need to buy linkwhisper Premium Plugin.

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