Jai Mummy Di Full Movie (2020): Story, Cast, Review, Budget, Box Office Collection, Songs, Awards & More

Jai Mummy Di
Jai Mummy Di

Jai Mummy Di Is a new Indian-language romantic comedy movie directed by Navjot Gulati featuring By Sunny Singh and Sonnalli Seygall. The movie also stars actors Like Supriya Pathak and Poonam Dhillon. It was produced by Love Films and distributed by T-Series.

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Jai Mummy Di Movie Story

Jai Mummy Di
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Jai Mummy Di is the story of Lali Khanna (Supriya Pathak Kapoor) and Pinky Bhalla (Poonam Dhillon) who used to be college friends. Presently Lali and Pinky are mothers of two young children and are rivals of each other. The animosity between these two is such that neither of one of them is ready to back down and both do the same stuff to match each other.

Both of them have only one worker in the house, both of them also bring the same clothes and actually keep their children’s marriage date and venue the same. The children of these two understand that if Lali and Pinky just go, they should have got both children married to the same person.

Now talking about Lali and Pinky’s children, Puneet Khanna (Sunny Singh Nijjar) and Sanjha Bhalla (Sonali Sehgal) remember each other since childhood. These two children like each other since childhood, but due to the animosity of their mothers, they are unable to reunite. Will the two mothers forget their animosity and allow these two children to unite or is this the thing to see in the movie.

This is a comedy movie, in which case a lot of effort has been made to make you smile. But you do not laugh except for a couple of scenes. The story of the movie is very basic, which you will appreciate at the beginning of the film. An attempt has been made to make the film extremely funny but still, it is requiring.

Jai Mummy Di Trailer

Jai Mummy Di Movie Cast

  • Sunny Singh as Puneet Khanna
  • Sonnalli Seygall as Saanjh Khanna nee Bhalla
  • Supriya Pathak as Laali Khanna
  • Poonam Dhillon as Pinky Bhalla
  • Shiwani Saini as Shruti
  • Bhuvan Arora as Dev
  • Rajendra Sethi as Trilochan Khanna
  • Danish Hussain as Gurpal Bhalla
  • Veer Rajwant Singh as Vineet
  • Alok Nath as Sanjog Luthra (Sanju Ji)
  • Neeraj Sood as Jasbir Bhullar
  • Sharat Saxena as Pinky’s father
  • Nushrat Bharucha as Young Pinky Bhalla
  • Ishita Raj Sharma as Young Laali Khanna
  • Sukhwinder Chahal as Jagat Mama
  • Sandeep D Bose as Shammi Mama
  • Varun Sharma as Young Sanju Luthra
  • Tina Bhatia as Teri
  • Neha Kakkar (Special appearance in song “Lamborghini”)
  • Jassi Gill (Special appearance in song “Lamborghini”)

Jai Mummy Di Movie Budget

Jai Mummy Di Movie is made on a budget of Rs 8 Crores all inclusive.

Jai Mummy Di Movie Box Office Collection

Jai Mummy Di Movie Box Office Collection of Rs 3 cr.

Jai Mummy Di Movie Songs

1. Mummy Nu Pasand – Tanishk Bagchi, Sunanda Sharma

2. Lamborghini – Meet Bros, Jassi Gill

3. Dariyaganj – Arijit Singh, Dhvani Bhanushali

Jai Mummy Di Movie Awards

Jai Mummy Di Movie Hasn’t Get Any Award. (Till June 2020)

Jai Mummy Di Movie Review

Of Subhash. Jha rated the film as 3.5 / 5, describing the film as “a film with a deep insight into a corrupt soul.” DNA rated the film 3.5 / 5 and wrote Tubelight is about love, faith, magic.” believe. It like a tonic for tired souls. You will find yourself interacting with the film and the characters. India.com rated the film 3.5 / 5 and said” Check it out if you are a fan of Salman Khan. You don’t want to see Salman Khan doing some serious acting. Tushar Joshi of Bollywood Life also gave it a 3.5 / 5 rating,” Tubelight has a beautiful message of trust and goodness. Salman Khan’s honesty. And Hardik’s performance in the film will definitely propel you forward. “

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