How To Install Snapchat On Pc (100% Working Method)

Among scores of social media apps, Snapchat is quite unique for its missing messages and funky content creation tools. Furthermore, you cannot take screenshots on Snapchat without notifying the sender which adds an extra layer of security. However, unlike Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat cannot be used on desktops, and is a major problem for its avid fans. Having said that running Snapchat on a PC can be difficult, but it is not impossible. So in this article, we take a look at all the different ways to install Snapchat on a PC. We have talked about Android emulator and other possible ways to use Snapchat on PC. So without further ado, let’s walk through the article and learn about the installation steps in detail.

Install and Use Snapchat on PC in 2020

Earlier, there was a surefire way to run Snapchat on PC using Bluestacks emulator. However, recently Snapchat updated its app to block the emulator and is now unable to run the Bluestacks app. Sure, you can successfully install the application, but you will not be able to log in after the app crashes. There is another emulator called Andy Android that somehow bypasses detection by Snapchat, but there are some major concerns with this emulator. Many reports suggest that the Andy Android emulator drops a bitcoin minor on your system that runs in the background and eats GPU resources. So clearly, I would not really recommend this emulator. However, if you are in urgent need of using Snapchat on your PC then you can try it, but follow with caution again.

1. Open this link and click on the “Download” button.

click on download button

2. Next, install the emulator on your computer. Next, open the Play Store and login to your Google account.

snapchat on pc

3. Now, download Snapchat from Play Store like any other app. After installation, sign in to your Snapchat account and you will be able to take it to the login screen.

Click To install

4. Now, you can use Snapchat on your PC, but there are some limitations. You cannot use the camera functionality and sometimes the app freezes. Anyway, head to our article and learn cool Snapchat tricks so that you stay on top of your Snapchat game.

5.Other ways to use Snapchat on PC

If you do not want to use Andy emulator then you can try on other Android emulator on your PC. We have curated a list of safe-to-use Android emulators to view LD Player, Nox, MEMU, etc. on your computer. The installation process is similar to the above method.

6. Enjoy Snapchat on PC With Some Restrictions

So those are some ways by which you can install Snapchat on PC. We have included a working method, but keep in mind, it comes with a major issue, and if you do not have the expertise to deal with such an application, you are not installing it. Having said that, you can try other Android emulator that I mentioned above. Anyway, all of that belongs to us. If you are facing any issues then comment below and let us know. We will definitely try to help you.