7 New Ways to Get More Instagram Followers in 2020

7 New Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Today I will tell you 7 New Ways to Get More Instagram Followers in 2020. we all know that today, Instagram has become a platform that is used by many users in the world. Many celebrities also use Instagram. That’s why people use Instagram to follow their stars.

Now the Instagram platform is appearing as a business because if you have enough followers in it, then the company asks you to post a sponsor or an affiliate marketing program or any other program. By doing this, you can earn good money just by posting pictures; many Celebrities also use this method to makes crores of rupees for only one post or only one story.

Also, Instagram is an excellent social media platform that keeps you connected with your friends, family, and celebrities, and you can also make new friends by chatting them from Instagram.

Still, with the changing times, the whole competition on Instagram is focused on followers. Today, all the people who use it, all of them wish that they also become well followers. But it is not so easy for ordinary people, however, if you are available on any other platform with good numbers. So your fans will follow you here too, which increases the chances of your Instagram followers growing.

If You have a budget to get paid Instagram followers, then you can increase your Instagram followers with the paid methods, but I think it will not be much use because if people don’t know you, then there is no more guarantee that they will not unfollow you.

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Grow Instagram followers By Auto Followers App

There are also many Instagram followers auto apps. All you need to do is search on Google, but before installing an app, check its review to see if it increases the Instagram followers. In this, you can also take the help of Youtube Video, so information about how to use them is given below.

  • First, install the app and allow all permissions.
  • Now in these apps, you will need to enter your Instagram username and password.
  • Now enter as many followers as you want.
  • After that, following the instruction, you click on Get Followers.
  • After some time, your followings will start increasing.

Grow Instagram Followers By Auto Follower Website

If you are searching for a website to increase Instagram followers, then let me tell you that many such websites on the internet make your good followers in no time. If you need such a site, then you have to go to Google’s search box and search by writing Instagram followers increase website there, this will bring many websites to the result.

Some of these sites are fake, which may misuse your data. Whenever you log into these sites with your username and password, the complete control of the account goes to these websites. After this, you will not even know when someone was followed from your account, so stay away from using these sites.

Sometimes this trick works, sometimes it does not, so we will advise you that you should not use them at all. Because all these apps are Fraud, you should change your password after the number of Instagram followers increases.

But If you want to get real and original Instagram followers, then you should use the original method whose information given below.

Make Your picture better quality

The first and the most important thing is the quality of your photos; you have to upload a picture that looks impressive and interesting too. Your face must be there in a profile photo because most people follow by looking at your profile photo. And you also need to upload all the pictures of the account by editing them properly.

The photos you shared on Insta feed is automatically compressed by the algorithm of Instagram to suit Instagram on every Android device and iPhone device and for better upload speed.

If you don’t know which is the excellent photo editor for editing quality photos, then I will suggest you PicsArt. PicsArt is a photo editing, collage making app. and now also a social network. PicsArt has more than 500 million-plus downloads. PicsArt enables users to take and edit pictures, bring with so many layers, and share their images with social media like Facebook and Instagram. The app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.

Make your Instagram bio attractive

Whenever we go to an Instagram account, we see his profile photo and check his bio. So you have to make your bio interesting. If you have a link to your website or any YouTube channel, then put in your bio.

Use keywords in Instagram Username and Name

If you touch on “Edit Profile,” then you can see the option of username and name. If you see your username is different from your keyword, then change your username and profile name and make it similar to your keyword.

Because whenever any user searches on Instagram search, the words of your Name and username are explored by spells. That’s why if you want to rank on Instagram search, then you need to add a similar username and name by your keyword. This will improve your Instagram SEO.

Use keywords for the Username field.
Image Credit – Instagram

Write the bio That Looks Attractive

Writing a quality Instagram bio has to impress your audience, and it will also tell your audience that which types of your profile is.

On Instagram, you are allowed only 150 characters to add in your bio. There is also another one restriction that you are allowed only 30 characters on your Instagram name. This, not an easy task that you think because you need to add your full information in only 150 characters that attract Instagram users to follow you.

Now I will give you some better examples that you can understand how to write a good bio.

Good Bio Examples
Image Credit – technical guruji
Good Bio Examples
Image Credit – GoDaddy
Good Bio Examples
image credit – zomato
make your Instagram bio attractive
Image Credit – John Cena

Use hashtags On Instagram Bio

Adding your keyword hashtag to your bio is also one of the essential strategies in Instagram SEO. This will help to get many more engagements to grow your Instagram account.

image credit – Google Pixel

Put a link in your Instagram bio

Instagram allows you for only one link in your bio; Most Instagramers show their website’s main page URL or their youtube channel’s URL which makes some effect of getting more traffic to your other platform.

Create an IGTV Videos

IGTV is a video application by Instagram for Android and iOS users. IGTV allows you for longer videos compared to Instagram feeds. Then, the IGTV is also available on the Instagram app and Instagram website.

IGTV videos
Image Credit – Akshay Kumar

For uploading a video on IGTV user requires to login with an Instagram account. In Mobile devices, users can upload videos up to 15 minutes and file size of up to 650 MB. But on desktop web browsers you can upload a video up to 60 minutes and file size up to 3.6 GB.

IGTV starts playing as soon as you open the IGTV app. don’t need to search for videos. You can start watching videos from peoples that you already follow on Instagram. You can also swipe up to explore more videos. There are many options like comment and share IGTV video to other friends in instagram direct.

Reach a New Audience With IGTV Videos

IGTV allows users to reuse your available video content. You can use other videos that you have posted on your Youtube channel Or your Facebook page or other video platforms.

Every detail matters, from you have chosen your IGTV channel name to your video thumbnail picture; all are related to every detail you have added a video to your IGTV channel. Adding keywords that best reflect what your business is or what’s the topic about your videos, if you get this, then your IGTV channel will be much easier to find, and you can get soon as possible relevant users on your IGTV channel.

If you have a large following on social media, using the keywords in your videos can help you get a better audience reaching your IGTV videos.

Find out the Best Time to Publish Videos and upload New Content Constantly

Understand The period when your audience is most active. Viewers reside, and their age also plays an essential role in video uploading time to your IGTV channel.

Generally, the best time to upload IGTV video is from 7 p.m to 9 p.m from Friday to Saturday; you should also attempt to post at different times and see what leads the favorable results.

Sharing your IGTV video at the same time when you upload is more critical then Uploading regularly videos on IGTV. You need to upload IGTV videos at least twice a week. Choose your days when you upload your videos on IGTV because your followers can expect a day to see your new video.

Share Your IGTV Videos on Other Social Media

Now IGTV is a new platform from Instagram because that IGTV has not many users as alternatives of IGTV like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or many others. That’s why if you want to gain views, you need to share your videos in your other social media accounts to drive your other social media traffic on the IGTV.

Increase the Quality of your Content Constantly

If you are just starting to making IGTV videos, you should try to enhance the quality of your post. Because quality always matters. Buying a camera that can record HD or 4K videos is not necessary, especially you are starting an IGTV channel; there have a lot of phones that record in excellent picture quality. But, when you began to get views and follwers, you need to buy the camera or phone that can record in 4k video quality or hd video quality.

Choosing the topic of your IGTV video is also essential, and you need to write a good script for each IGTV video to make content that attracts your followers.

IGTV Monetization

And Now Instagram has also announced monetization for IGTV videos, IGTV adding new digital “badges” for IGTV live, which will give the option to creators to donate money from their viewers.

Instagram has been working to give monetization opportunities to its creators from the last few months. And now, Instagram is testing some of the creators by monetizing their content.

Work With micro-influencer

If you want to get new audiences on Instagram or IGTV, then you need to also work with micro-influencers.

How to Choose an Influencer

There are two types of influencers – one is micro-influencers, and the second one is macro-influencers. For micro-influencers, they need to recommend products for earning money, but macro-influencer can easily make money because of their fame.

Set a Connection With Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are always active in their niche audience. You need to choose the micro-influencers that fit with your niche. After finding them, you need to start adding a connection to you and the micro-influencers before working with them.

Sending the message of the offer write after you follow them is a terrible idea, and you should avoid this technique right now. You need to help them, then you will begin to gain their trust, and then you can see better results.

few steps help you to build a connection with a micro-influencer:

  • Follow them: It’s a way to show your respect to them.
  • Show your interest: Make sure you do this without promoting your products
  • Do not make an offer quickly, Take some time and then offer them.

So now, I think you must know 7 New Ways to Get More Instagram Followers in 2020 if you use these last 5 Genuine methods mentioned. So your followers will increase if you take the help of any third party app or website for this, then there are more chances of fraud in it. Also, Instagram can block you from using your Instagram account due to invalid activity. So if you want your Instagram account to be always safe, then you should use the Genuine method.