Elementor Pro Review (2020) – Is it worth your time and money?

Elementor Pro Review (2020)
Elementor Pro Review (2020)

Now Elementor pro is the most popular website page builder. Elementor has many features and also easy for use. You can even use Elementor full-featured free plan for your website page building. The developer of the Elementor also added a pro-add-on of Elementor with the additional features.

Now Elementor has over 5 million active users. Elementor has one of three who achieved this milestone. Elementor, Jetpack, and Yoast SEO are three plugins who reached the milestone of 5 million-plus downloads.

If you want a page builder plugin, you need one of the plugins that give you a quick response, and in Elementor, you can get this feature easily. You can create instant drag and drop page builder, instantaneous page load, and instant live edit.

If you compare the speed of elementor plugin with another page builder plugins, then without any doubt elementor free or paid is the fastest plugin then the other page builder plugins.

Today I will show you why Elementor is so popular on WordPress, and what is the difference between Elementor and Elementor Pro, then you need to decide which one is right for you?

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So let’s Get Started

How Elementor Plugin Works

Elementor is a live page builder without any limits. Elementor gives you high-quality page designs and advanced facilities that you never saw in any other WordPress page builder plugin. You can create a page by just drag and drop.

You can also create your custom designs without any code just need to drag the feature and drop on your page. When your making page with elementor you can see a live preview of your page you can see the sidebar in the left and on the right side you can see live preview.

Features Of Elementor Pro

Elementor is a free plugin, but if you want many features for your site, you can also buy the Elementor pro-add-on plugin. If you want to get the free version of the Elementor plugin, you can get it from wordpress.org or on your WordPress dashboard “add plugin” section

If you are a beginner, then Elementor free is suitable for you with basic level features, widgets, and style options. Both plugins have powerful features and the capacity to make the interface on different types of content.

In the Elementor free version, you can design your content from the WordPress editor. But there are two ways to create your page in the Elementor Pro version. First one is Popup Builder and the Second one is the theme builder.

  • Popup Builder – In the Popup Builder, You can design your custom popups by using your Elementor plugin. And you can show them anywhere you want to show on your site.
  • Theme Builder – In the Theme Builder, you can design your single pages, archives, footer, and header.if you have a woo-commerce site with a woo-commerce page builder, then you can also apply the theme builder with them.

If you want to insert dynamic content in your pages, then you can also get the ability to add your dynamic content. You can get dynamic content from your WordPress sites, just like the name of a registered user name. If you want to add a custom field, then you can add custom fields, just like Advanced Custom Fields or Pods.

Dynamic content and Popup Builder can create a custom welcome popup with a registered user name.

With these features, you can also get many more new widgets in Elementor Premim Plugin.

You can get these types of designs in Elementor Pro Plugin Add-On With over 300+ pro templates library. You can get access to this Elementor Pro Plugin ‘s Every single Feature with the price of $49 for a single site.

Pricing Of Elementor Pro Plugin
Pricing Of Elementor Pro Plugin

Elementor Theme Builder

In the Elementor Theme Builder, you can customize your website headers, Your Sites footers, and single posts or pages and archive pages and other areas of your site where you want it. This builder does not save only your time, but it also introduces a new drag and drop feature to build your sit

You can build your new website with these parts:

  • Dynamic Data: You can build your page’s frame by using dynamic content. In this way, your post can be filled dynamically with the content from your sites.
  • Template Type: You can choose the type of template that you want yo create. E.g. header, footer, archive, or single page/post.
  • Conditions: In this feature, You can set the conditions to determine your template, on your specific page, or any other where you like to do.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is one of the dominant features, and you can use it for Elementor designs and theme builder .

Dynamic content gives you dynamically inserted content to your WordPress site.

If you are going to create your custom profile page, then you should automatically insert logged-in users’ names in the text widget. If you are using the custom fields, then you can also add custom field data automatically in your widget

dynamic content interface
dynamic content interface

You can also use the Drag-Drop-Down to select which content you want to insert. You will be even able to see the custom field if you are using plugins like advanced custom fields, pods, toolset, or a meta box.

Elementor Popup Builder

Elementor Popup Builder is a powerful feature, and you can also eliminate the need for your use tools like optinmonster. Because of Elementor Popup Builder, you can add smoothness to your content on the WordPress site.

You can create unlimited pop-ups on your Elementor Pro Subscription. You dosen’t need any extra plugin to add it without additional cost without any restrictions.you can also use the regular interface of elementor.

Features In Elementor Pop Up builder

  • Flexible responsive layout & style controls
  • Cross-site design consistency
  • Unlimited Pageviews
  • 100+ Powerful Elementor Widgets
  • Unlimited Popups
  • Precise popups that are always on-brand
  • Unlimited Interactions
  • Included in Elementor Pro
  • Smooth entrance and exit animations

Elementor Free vs Pro

Elementor Free vs Pro
Elementor Free vs Pro

Differences between Elementor free vs pro

The free version of Elementor Pro doesn’t have many features. There are many differences between the Elementor Free vs. Elementor pro.

Elementor Premium Version. Can do everything that the free version of Elementor can do. You need to use the drag-and-drop builder tool just like in Elementor free. In the Elementor Pro’s theme builder you can use the plugin’s editor to edit the part of your site.

How to choose Elementor free vs pro for your website

In the free version of Elementor, you will get lots of features and customization options. But in the premium version of Elementor pro, you will get additional elements, blocks, and templates that make your site unique and quality.

Not everyone must need Elementor Pro. The free version is packed with lots of features and customization options. In the pro version of Elementor, you will get theme builder, and the features of Theme builder gives your site at a remarkable level.

Main differences between Elementor free vs. pro:

  • Elementor Free Version: In The Free Version Of Elementor, you can get access to plenty of templates, blocks, and elements, and you can also use a drag-and-drop page builder to create posts and pages.
  • Elementor Pro Version: In the paid version of elementor you can get a larger library of features, and you can customize the site by editing almost all part by using the theme builder.


If You are finding a WordPress page builder plugin, then you should go with elementor free or elementor paid both options are the best with you.

If you want to try the free version, then you can use the Elementor Free version. Still, if you’re going to try the premium, you can also try the premium version by utilizing the free-trial of elementor pro plugin.

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