6 ways to earn money from Instagram pages in 2020

earn money from Instagram pages

If you also want to earn money from Instagram in 2020, then read this full article, I will tell you how to make money from Instagram by sitting at home.

Do you know how to earn money from Instagram in 2020? If you want to know, then I think you are reading the right article. In today’s post, I will tell you in detail about how you can make money on Instagram.

On these days, social media is the platform where everyone is earning a lot of money by sitting at home, although many social media platforms can give you money and instagram is one of them.

Many people are making very good money today by working on Instagram for only 1-2 years. If you believe our belief, if you read our post well then you can also earn quite well. But you have to understand every thing very well. But before we know how to earn money from Instagram, let us know some of the steps given below, which are very beneficial.

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How to earn money on Instagram

On instagram, you will not get results until you grow your account, first of all, you need to build your followers your engagements well. You need at least 5k followers to start making money from Instagram. There are many ways to earn money from Instagram.

1. Choose A Right Niche

First, Choose A Niche as I told you above that you do not have to raise any mighty topic and create an account on it. Instead, you have to analyze your interest and choose the right niche. Niche means you have to select the smallest item in your interest. Just like my niche of this article is how to earn money from Instagram in 2020. You can also reduce your niche.

If you yet don’t know about the slot or you do not understand which one you choose below, then I know you with an example. Suppose your intrest is in tech then you can make your own Instagram page on tech in which you can explain about the tech details like Best Smartphones Under 20000 In 2020, or oneplus 8 review And Many More Like This.

2. Post Frequency

It is not enough to choose an only right niche; you have to select the name of your Instagram page like prime tech, Prime Reviews. You must post daily 2-3 to grow your account followers.

While your account becomes popular, then you can also do only one post everyday. But keep in mind that none of your days should be the day you don’t post.

Because doing so reduces the reach of the account. If you want, then you can schedule the posts in advance for the upcoming days. There are many apps like Hootsuite. This Types of apps you can use for auto-scheduling. And I will suggest you for Hootsuite because Hootsuite is one of the best Instagram tool app with over 5 million plus downloads.

Hootsuite To Schedule Posts
Hootsuite To Schedule Posts

3. Stories

You need to add a story along with every Instagram post. Because of the story, it will engage your followers more and more. And don’t forget to use Hashtags. The hashtag will increase the reach of stories. if u don’t know how to get a relevant hashtags, then I will suggest one of the best and free hashtag sites.

Step 1 – Go To The Link That I have Given Below.

Step 2 – Just put your topic of your photo or video on the search bar of the website I typed “Earn Money.”

Best free hashtags site
Type Your Niche And Get Relevant hashtags
Free Instagram hashtags
Now Copy The hashtags and paste.

4. Engagement

If you want Engagement on your Instagram page or Instagram account, then you must use Hashtags. Many people keep posting on Instagram without adding hashtags, and many of them use the same hashtags in every post.

This is their colossal mistake. You never have to repeat hashtags and add an every time different hashtags to every post or story. Hashtags should always be relevant to your post, importance you have to use the same hashtags that are related to your post only then; you can get quality and good numbers of followers.

5. Collaboration

Initially, you can grow your account by doing Collaboration. To understand Collaboration, for example, suppose you have a page that related to tech and then contact another page related to your niche, whose followers are also around the same number of followers as you.

The owner of other tech page tell them that you want to post there post on your account and then return he can also post it your post on his account; it is called cross-promotion or collaboration. Then by this method, both accounts grow because of both tag are same.


How to earn money from Instagram

If you want to earn money from Instagram, then follow the steps given below by us.

1. Make money by promoting someone’s account

Whenever you are a good number of followers on your account, then many peoples will contact you for promoting their account. You can also put in the Highlights section of your page to tell more and more people that you accept account promotion.

Image Credit – carryminati

2. Promote Brand

If you want to grow your account in the right niche, then many brands will give you money to promote their brand with you. For example, if you have a report related to any mobile review and you have grown it well, then you will get sponsor brands that will sell products like oppo, vivo, xiaomi mobiles or any other brand mobiles.

3. By selling photos

If you like to take photos, and you are also a good photographer, then you can earn money by selling your clicked pictures with the help of Instagram.

For this, you have to put your watermark above your image and give your contact information in the description of the post. So that if someone likes your photo, then they can contact you directly and buy that image.

4. Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t know about affiliate marketing, then we can understand by giving an example. Suppose you have a shop selling clothes, and for some reason, you do not want to go and sell clothes to the customer, or you are not selling clothes. So in such a situation, you hire a man and tell him that if you sell my clothes, I will give you so much money as commission. This is called affiliate marketing. The same happens in online affiliate marketing.

In this, a link is given to you by the company; if someone buys the same from that link, then you get money. To do affiliate maketing, you have to join the company’s affiliate programs. As Amazon’s affiliate program is famous in India, you can connect with amazon’s affiliate program.

And you can pick up any product related to your account and sell it on your page. For example, if you have an Instagram page for tech, then you can promote a mobile phone product link from amazon and promote it via the swipe up feature (which is unlocked after 10,000 followers) of the bio or stories on Instagram page.

5. By selling Instagram account

If you have good followers and engagement on your account and especially your account is on the right niche, which is accessible on Instagram. So you can earn a lot by selling such a statement. Note that your account should have good Engagement. Any account buyer first sees a screenshot of the Insights account on Instagram. So, in this case, you have to increase Engagement.

If you have a grown Instagram page, and you want to earn money by selling your Instagram page then dm me on Instagram I will buy your account or give you the best dealer.

6. By Managing Others Instagram Account

If you can manage Instagram accounts well, then you can earn money by managing Instagram accounts of other personalities or brands. For this, you will need to contact the brands or celebrities for which you can also message directly on their Instagram page, or you can also contact them and social media platforms.

Image Credit – celebistaan

So now, I think you must have known how to earn money from Instagram, and I also believe that I told in great detail as well as how you can prepare your account to make money.

I hope you like our article. If you have got to learn something from our report, then please share this article with your friends and relatives so that he can also know how to earn money from Instagram.